Bedroom Decor Ideas That Feel Like a Spa Retreat

How to decorate a bedroom in 9 simple ways as a peaceful, relaxing retreat to awaken the senses and promote well-being.

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New Year, new projects!

I’ve been ITCHING to dive into a big room makeover the last couple of weeks, so for this one, Robert and I pulled it off in a single day! (New record, for sure.)

And we managed to stay within a fairly reasonable budget to gift a master bedroom makeover to a very sweet friend of ours.

This year I’m giving myself grace in my usual resolutions. My attempts to get organized and live a healthier lifestyle are my usual go-to goals every January. Yes, I’m going to sometimes fail, but I will always keep trying at those, New Years or not.

For this year’s resolution, what I’ve really had on my heart is to love on others through acts of service. After the year we’ve had, I think that’s a pretty good resolution, to simply show people you care about them through action. So we partnered with Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart to make it happen.

Back in August, we gifted our friend Kristina a powder room makeover, but while we were at her house doing that makeover, she showed me this pretty teal color she had just painted her bedroom.

I knew right then I wanted to give that room a quick makeover too because it was such a great space, and there is seriously no one more deserving.

Kristina was Regan’s preschool teacher last year before the pandemic hit. And since then, she’s become the sweetest friend who is also a cancer survivor, single mom, and gives so much to our kids’ school and our community.

She FOR SURE deserves her own little bedroom oasis that feels like a spa retreat.

In about 5 hours and for under $1,400, we turned it into this:

Bedroom Decor Ideas That Feel Like a Spa Retreat

(Taking these before photos with the blinds closed really didn’t do the room any justice. Oops. Bad photographer award on my part.)

Opt for light, airy textiles

Just by replacing the blinds with woven shades and hanging these gauzy curtain panels, this room already felt so much larger! I couldn’t do my usual hanging curtains “high and wide” because the window butted up the neighboring wall on the left side. But hanging them high made the window feel more like a statement.

I love light curtains against a dark wall color to keep a room feeling airy and bright.

Kristina already had a good bed and dresser, so we thankfully had a good starting point for furniture.

Hang Up Nature-Inspired Art

I hung up a couple pieces of abstract waterscapes I already had (saved from the McNay makeover where the art didn’t quite fit) to add some interest to the space.

Go for the Super Soft Bedding

I used my inexpensive fluffy bedding tricks to make the bed feel extra comfy.

This comforter set and sheets are so soft. I just paired them with these neutral gray throw pillows and this striped lumbar pillow.

Place Mirrors on Windowless Walls to Reflect Light

This gold mirror created a simple focal point above the bed and bounced light from the window to brighten the darker side of the room.

Incorporate Textured Wood and Woven Baskets for an Earthy Vibe

We brought in these two wooden nightstands to add a little bit of earthiness and warmth and to give Kristina some extra storage with the drawers and these baskets.

Don’t Forget Cozy Lighting

I loved these marble and gold lamps for a little bit of glam. 2700-3000 lumens (soft white) is the best light bulb temperature to use for ambient light to create that cozy feeling because it has that slightly yellow hue to add warmth to a room.

Diffuse Essential Oils to Awaken Senses

I’m a big believer in placing essential oil diffusers on nightstands (especially during the winter months when fighting a cold), so this rattan diffuser was perfect. This trio of oils is a great starter set. I like using eucalyptus to open up airways, lavender to relieve anxiety and insomnia, and peppermint for an energy boost.

This little marble tray is handy for corralling jewelry, remotes, and any other trinkets. And this gold float frame is so pretty that I bought one for our house too.

Place Photos That Tug at Your Heartstrings

Whatever brings you joy, frame it. This black marble picture frame added some interest added some interest on the nightstand along with a little potted plant and candle.

Add Botanicals

If you really want a spa-like space, opt for no TV in the bedroom. But if you love having it, frame art like botanical prints behind it so that it’s not the main focus.

To add some height and distract from the TV, I hung up 6 of these matted frames. They’re my favorite frames that I’ve used in lots of different spaces for creating groupings of art. I found this set of six floral prints in an art shop to pull in more blush tones.

Add botanicals in the form of potted plants and flowers to bring nature indoors too.

I addedย potted succulents, a candle, and a couple of baskets for more warmth and texture.

teal and blush bedroom

We are SO thrilled how it all came together! And it makes me even happier to know it will be a peaceful escape for Kristina.

If you want to know about any of the sources we used, you can find them all here:

And just for fun, I think it deserves one more before and after. Ya think? ๐Ÿ˜‰

teal and blush bedroom

I’ll be sharing more details and sources for the rest of this space in my Instagram Stories today too (and I’ll make it a highlight on my Instagram feed as well), if you want to know more about it.

Cheers to peace, renewal, and ALL THE GOOD STUFF for 2021!

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9 Bedroom Decor Ideas That Feel Like a Spa Retreat

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  1. Itโ€™s beautiful! What a lovely retreat! Just curious I didnโ€™t see a source for the blinds. Iโ€™ve been looking to replace mine and love the texture and color of yours!

  2. Itโ€™s beautiful! Thank you for doing that for her – most single moms are left to struggle on their own. What a great gift! Do you have a source for the pink folded up blanket on the bed? Thanks!

  3. This looks JUST like the bedroom layout we had when we lived in Greenville SC, just flipped! I love how bright and airy it looks, we ended up going dark on the walls to do more of an art deco look with framed mirrors by the bed. I love seeing your perspective and how you ‘problem solve.’ Gorgeous work!

    1. The room is so beautiful! Thise small changes add up to a huge impact!

      Is there a cost breakdown somewhere that I missed? I’m also wondering how your friend likes her polyester sheets after almost a year.

  4. Love it! Can you share the paint color she used and also where you found that fan please? I am loving that you are able to use Better Homes and Gardens things that look so nice and are affordable. Thank you

  5. I love it and what a doll you are for doing this for your friend. Gifts of service is a wonderful goal for the year. That mirror is a fooler – I would never have been interested it based on the pictures in the link but it looks so good in your pics! The one thing I don’t see a link to is the quilt at the end of the bed – am I just not seeing it?

  6. The room looks great. Calming and peaceful. Just a side note:
    When photographing blinds on windows make sure they align with the mullions.
    Gives a more professional look.

  7. Loved the room and all the textures! Did you mention where you purchased the rug and tall floor mirror?

  8. This is perfect! The base was a good start off point and you brought in the warmth, style and comfort this room needed. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact. I love your resolve to spend more time in service of others. This is an excellent example of that and Iโ€™m sure has inspired others. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Where is the pink velvet comforter from? No mention I could see in the post. Of course it is my favorite thing in the bedroom.

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