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DIY Snow Globe Gumball Machine

Every now and then, I come across some inspiring idea that I get the urge to recreate right that second. And usually the question, “How did I not think of that?” pops into my head at some point.

This time, it hit me while surfing around on Instagram last week with this adorable post by Lolly Jane.

DIY Snow Globe Gumball Machine | blesserhouse.comSometimes when I’m out thrifting, I find cute things that I can’t pass up, and I vow to myself that I will make something amazing out of it when I get home. But then I get crafter’s block (that’s totally a thing, right?) and I shove it into a closet until inspiration strikes. Only…sometimes I forget about it.

Last summer I found this little red gumball machine at the thrift store for $3 that I had the idea to spray paint. But then I decided easy access to candy in Olivia’s room may not be the best plan.

3 year-olds on a sugar rush is no joke at nap time.

DIY Snow Globe Gumball Machine | blesserhouse.com

But last week, just minutes after seeing the snow globe idea, I was out in our backyard taking apart the forgotten gumball machine to give it a whimsical Christmasy facelift.

Here’s what I used:  (Affiliate links are provided below for convenience. For more info, see my full disclosure here.)

This was probably the fastest DIY I’ve ever done…right up there with our birdcage lamp and DIY mason jar light. The longest part is waiting for paint to dry.

I gave the red parts of the gumball machine a few coats of the spray paint. If I ever need the perfect blushy pink, Krylon Ballet Slipper is my favorite go-to. Use several thin coats though because I’ve found that Krylon tends to drip a bit more than other brands.

DIY Snow Globe Gumball Machine | blesserhouse.com

When the paint was dry, I put the gumball machine back together and used the tip of a pair of scissors to poke a hole in the bottom and top of the paper house ornament.

DIY Snow Globe Gumball Machine | blesserhouse.com

You could use the fake village snow that you can find in Christmas shops, but since I already had cotton balls on hand, I just pulled them apart, fluffed them up, and placed them in the bottom of the gumball machine. Olivia helped with this part too. Yay for mommy/daughter craft days!

DIY Snow Globe Gumball Machine | blesserhouse.com

I placed the cardboard house ornament on top of the “snow”, screwed the top on, and it was done! So easy and quick.

And now Olivia has this precious DIY snow globe gumball machine in her room. I’m sure one day she’ll absolutely loathe the color pink, so I’m taking full advantage of it right now. PINK ON ALL THE THINGS!

DIY Snow Globe Gumball Machine | blesserhouse.com

For the thrifted machine, spray paint, and ornament all together, it cost about $10.

DIY Snow Globe Gumball Machine | blesserhouse.com
It seems right at home on her wall shelf. If anything, it’s an improvement from its original residence hidden in a closet, right? Poor thing thought I’d forgotten all about it…cuz ya know gumball machines have feelings too.

DIY Snow Globe Gumball Machine | blesserhouse.com

And since it’s not too Christmasy, I can leave it up through the winter. Although, don’t be surprised if it’s still there in July because Olivia and I might not be able to part with it. 😉

If you didn’t see it already, you can check out the rest of Olivia’s bedroom decorated for Christmas from the Country Living Tour the other week.

So that’s the latest oozing-with-girliness craft in our neck of the woods. What Christmas crafts have you been making lately? Is anyone else having the best time ever just seeing all of these creative ideas floating around on Pinterest and Instagram lately? If we can’t find the time to make it all, we can at least live vicariously through each other, right?



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