New House Interior Before Tour

The day is FINALLY here, y’all!!! It’s only been something like a 3 month wait, but it’s felt like eternity.

I know there are some bloggers who wait to share the news of their moves until they’ve officially closed on their new houses, but sharing every up and down of this emotional roller coaster since Day 1 of listing our old house has made me realize just how blessed we are to have so many people who are there to support us through the rocky times.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

Robert and I have been SO thankful for every loving comment, message, and email you guys have sent us throughout this little journey.

Yesterday, right after returning home from the Lowe’s Spring Makeover in Texas, we were handed the keys to our next chapter, our brick Colonial.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

We haven’t figured out a pretty name for “her” just yet. Yeah, our house is a “her”. She’s a lady. Her front door already looks like she’s wearing Celtic jewelry, so why not?

There are hundreds of ideas swirling around in our heads right now, some we’ll be tackling right away and others we’ll be holding out for in a Phase 2 reno of sorts. But by golly, she has beautiful bones.

We’re very lucky to have a house that has thankfully been well kept over the years and has had updates along the way since being built in 1960. I can’t wait to see what even a coat of paint will do to transform these rooms.

So here’s the grand “before” tour…

The Foyer

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

Can we talk about that crown molding, ceiling medallion, and those hardwood floors? I mean, I don’t even know what to do with myself right now since not an ounce of that kind of character existed in our last house.

It’ll be interesting to see how our style changes in this house. I’m sure we’ll stick to a farmhouse vibe, but this isn’t a house where we’ll be slapping shiplap on the walls. We’re hoping we can marry our old style while complimenting the style that this house already has to create something new for ourselves, more modern traditional, if that makes any sense at all. We want to embrace this house’s beauty, not cover it up.

Right off the bat, we’re thinking of a lighter neutral paint, finding a great little entry table, and changing out that chandelier for a semi-flush mount since it feels a little too low when we walk in the front door.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

I would love to knock out a portion of this stairway wall to open it up into the dining room one day, but that’s definitely a down-the-road Phase 2 kind of project.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

Can you just imagine how much natural light would be gained by opening up that wall there? Total magic, I tell ya.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Dining Room

For this space, I’m hoping to do something completely different from anything I’ve done before. I’d love to paint the walls a deep charcoal gray, white below the chair rail, paint the chandelier or replace it, and replace the curtains with some that are more casual.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Kitchen

Can I get a hallelujah for already white cabinets?! Oh my gracious alive. There are still some changes I’d want to make in here like remove the valance to replace with a textured shade (or leave entirely open), remove the arch/shamrock cut-outs on the built-in shelves, change the lighting, change the backsplash, and maybe one day I’ll want to paint the lowers a different color and change the flooring. The jury’s still out. I’m so thankful this space is already very renovated though. Sigh.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Breakfast Nook

I’m still feeling a little stumped on this space, but I found the cutest little antique farm table that will be great for in here. And I’m thinking I’ll trade out that light for a lantern pendant. I would love to switch out that back door and laundry room door for matching antique wood ones to add some character too.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Laundry Room

This space has TONS more storage than our last house! I might try to reconfigure things in here at some point to pretty it up and still keep it super functional.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Living Room

This room is what sold me on this house because it’s French doors for dayyyyyyyys! So much gorgeous sunlight streams in through these windows in the mornings.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

This will most likely be the first room we renovate here. We’re thinking very light walls, black or wood finished doors, switching out the ceiling fan for one more our style, white washing or German smearing the brick fireplace, and eventually adding a couple of wood beams to the ceiling.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Playroom

It’s going to be interesting having a fireplace in a playroom, but this was the best room to corral Olivia’s toys since it’s smack in the middle of our lower level and I can see/hear her from the kitchen, living room, and my office.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

We hope to remove those no longer functioning doors on either side of the fireplace to replace with tall windows, remove the floating cabinet from the wall, and install some built-in shelving for toy and book storage.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Powder Room

I love me some Clemson, but the orange is gonna go. It might be crazy, but I think a patterned wallpaper would look great in here.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Office

Robert and I have decided it’s high time I have an office, so this space will officially be the room where I write this little ol’ blog. Or parked on the couch while Netflix binging. Whatever. πŸ˜‰

We’ll be painting the walls, painting the chandelier (because I already love its shape), changing the curtains for more flowy ones, and figuring out some great storage.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

Olivia’s Bedroom

This girl is already set on the idea that she’s keeping her room purple, so I’m sure it’ll stay just like this for a while. We might switch out the light fixture for now, add curtains, and that’s about it. The child knows what she wants. I can’t argue with that.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

Guest Bedroom / Man Cave

Honestly, I have no idea what this room is going to be. It’s sort of a wild card right now. Robert wants a space to be his “man cave”, but we also need a guest bedroom, and, who knows, maybe it’ll be a nursery one day if we get to that point.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Upstairs Bathroom

This will be Olivia’s bathroom, so I’m sure we’ll decorate it to be a tad feminine but still appropriate for guests similarly to how we did in our last house. With all of the beige in here though, I definitely want some color and contrast to break it up.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

Guest Bedroom

We’re already thinking this room would be the perfect candidate for a murphy bed with built-in shelving on that far wall for guests if we decide to put Robert’s man cave office in here instead to serve as double duty.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Master Bedroom

This room is going to take some configuring since it’s a bit smaller than our last master bedroom, but we’re certainly switching that light fixture for a ceiling fan ’cause that’s how we roll. I’d love to do some sort of charming detail on the ceiling too, but we’re still mulling over that idea.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

The Master Bathroom

This space is really my least favorite room in the house, but I’m hoping down the road we can move things around a bit to make it more functional. For now, I’d love to switch out that shower door, paint the cabinets, and freshen up the floors.

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

On the exterior, we plan on making a lot of big changes too (like possibly painting the brick), but we have other not-so-fun biggies like replacing a water heater and HVAC first. Boooo-rrrring. (If you missed the full exterior tour, you can catch it here.)

New House Interior Before Tour | blesserhouse.com

For the next few weeks, we’ll be painting like crazy and doing as many renovations as possible before we officially move-in. We’re so thankful for parents who are willing to put up with us while we invade their house. πŸ˜‰

We’ll be sharing all of the changes every step of the way along with sneak peeks on Instagram. If it turns out even half as beautiful as I see it in my head, it’ll be amazing.

Onward to new adventures!

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  1. Very interested to see how you configure the furniture in your master bedroom! I am closing on a house in a few weeks looks almost identical – a window nook between two closets on the wall where I would normally put the bed. And the nook isn’t wide enough for a queen bed to get in there, so it needs to go on a side wall, and I’m going back and forth on which one! You’re my inspiration for decorating my new house anyway, so I’ll use your bedroom layout as a cheat sheet for sure!! Best wishes as you begin your journey with your new home!

    1. I’m running into the same issue, but I think the best option for our bed placement will be on the wall beside the door when you walk in. The window on that flat side wall is off center, so it will look strange with a bed in front of it. And I’d rather wake up with the window in front of me anyway. πŸ™‚ We’ll have a better idea once we start pulling in furniture in a couple of weeks.

      1. Same. My wall by the door has no window, and the opposite wall (on the right if looking at the closets) has a window that looks out on the front yard. Seems strange to sleep with my front yard behind me, so the other one it is!!

        Very excited to see what you do with your nook! I’m sure it will be adorable!

  2. what a beautiful home to be able to move into with your family. it is an open pallet for you and your family to choose what color goes where. What fun! hope you have many happy years here and lots of memories to share with us, your readers and follower’s .

  3. Your front door knocker is in the form of an Irish Claddagh ring. The Claddagh is a fishing village in Co. Galway and the traditional wedding ring there was a gold band with two hands holding a heart, exactly like your knocker. The ring is no longer worn as a wedding ring but many people have them. It is worn with the heart pointing up the arm if one’s heart is taken and other way round if one is free.

    1. My husband’s family has lots of Irish roots, so we’re very excited about the knocker. We have a cead mile failte plaque our family picked up in Ireland last year that we’ll probably place above it. πŸ™‚

  4. Yoy have geat plans! As the owner of a painted fireplace that I would dearly love to strip and can’t, I’m sort of not a fan of painting brick. But–it’s not my house and you do great work!

    1. I’m holding out on doing anything to the brick until the rest of the room is painted and I can get a better feel for it. I’m leaning toward keeping the brick natural and doing a smear. πŸ™‚

  5. Gorgeous and Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. We have chair rail throughout a large portion of our home and I have been debating on taking it down, so I will be interested to see what you decide to do.
    Any ideas on that yet or leaving it up?

    1. I’m stuck on that too, but I think we’ll end up leaving most of it and adding beadboard beneath it in some of the rooms.

    1. We used to have that one in our last house above our kitchen table and I loved it! I’m thinking I might go with one more traditional this time around. “The one” hasn’t jumped out at me yet.

  6. Wow, this house is gorgeous!
    I cannot wait to see how you and your DH make it “yours”.

    This house looks to be an amazing blessing!

    My family and I went through the process of gaining our own but the deal fell through and we kind of gave up for now. Seeing this makes me want to start pursuing that again…even if I am a little scared of possibly going through that heartbreak again.

    Nonetheless congrats! I’m very happy for you even if I am a tad bit jealous as well! πŸ˜‰

    1. Aw it’ll all work out exactly like it’s supposed to. πŸ™‚ The One is out there somewhere and the timing will be perfect, I’m sure.

  7. Now I’m really depressed. Spent all afternoon on property websites and there was absolutely nothing of interest in my price range (or even above) then I see your new house – WOW! Its gorgeous!

    1. We had a REALLY hard time finding one with this many updates and this much character. The ones in our price range were either old but needing way more work than we were comfortable with or were new builds with absolutely no character and crammed into small lots in cramped neighborhoods. It’s taken a lot of scouting and holding out. But now that the weather is getting warmer and school is getting out for summer, I’m sure the real estate market will be kicking up quite a bit in the coming weeks.

  8. Congratulations on your new digs! Talk about good bones! I CANNOT WAIT to see you work your magic in this new space.. Prayers for many happy, healthy years here.

  9. Congratulations on your new home! There are so many beautiful elements to it and the yard…I’m excited about your new adventure. I can’t wait to follow along on your journey of making it your own!!

  10. So much potential in this house and already so many great things! Congratulations on this new journey of making this house into a home. It’s going to be beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Angela! I didn’t find out until last week that it’s a North facing house. A photographer’s DREAM!!!! Ahhhhh! Gorgeous light all the time.

  11. You bought beautiful bones, Lauren! This new home looks like a great adventure for you guys πŸ™‚ I love how their is character, but is still a great option for updating without worrying about removing too much from it.

    PS. Jordan added bright white wainscoting in our dining room and we painted the top SW Peppercorn. Its a pretty dark gray, but we always receive comments on it πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Brittany! That’s definitely what sold me. It’s not a crazy dumpy fixer upper by any means, but certainly a place where we can make some big impact cosmetic changes. Glad to know your dining room turned out well! Makes me feel better about that dramatic charcoal idea. πŸ™‚

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