New Mom Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I started to title this post “What New Moms Really Want” because that’s exactly what this is.

This week, I started feeling little popcorn kicks from this little sprout for the first time, and it brought back so many memories of when I had Olivia wiggling around nearly 6 years ago.

And then my slower-than-usual mom brain realized Mother’s Day is coming up FAST! So I thought it was the perfect time to share some of the things new moms want in that first groggy, sleepless baby stage. (I mean… besides a nap. Since that’s definitely at the tip top of the list.)

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20 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That New Moms REALLY Want:

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1. Cleaning Services – In that snuggly newborn stage, I don’t really want someone to come over and take care of the baby so I can clean the house. I’d rather someone else do the dirty work so I can bond as much as possible with my little bundle. (And it’s better if that someone is a complete stranger because having a close friend clean your house is rather awkward.)

2. Godiva chocolates–  Because Lawd ham mercy in those screaming baby days (and nights) bring chocolate. ALL the chocolate. Preferably the really good stuff.

3. Dry shampoo– The Batiste brand is my absolute favorite! Perfect for those hectic days when you’re mommin’ so hard that you can’t shower.

4. A pretty robe– After a while, you start to feel like a grungy teenage boy in your holey T-shirts and sweat pants during the cabin fever phase. This robe is feminine and comfy and breathable and nursing-friendly.

5. Gooooooood coffee– These K-cups are apparently the bomb-diggity. They have 20,000 5-star reviews! Definitely ordering some. Because I’m not messing around with a French press or an espresso machine for a midnight caffeine fix. Gimme the easy stuff that’s still gourmet.

6. Concealer for that postpartum skin– The months after giving birth, hormones go out of whack causing breakouts and redness and under-eye circles are out of control. This concealer is the best I’ve ever used to deal with it all.

7. A diaper bag that doesn’t scream “diaper bag”– Is it possible to have a sexy diaper bag? This one is the closest I’ve seen. Super chic but an organized mama’s dream with compartments for every piece of necessary baby gear.

8. A spa day– Please, just take the kid for an hour and let someone rub me down in a dark room. Snoring may occur. Don’t judge me.

9. Sentimental birthstone necklace– This one is so pretty yet understated. Fill it up with your kiddos’ birthstones alongside their engraved initials to keep them close to your heart. Awww.

10. Pretty diffuser– I have this one in gold and love how it doesn’t even look like a diffuser and more like a flickering candle. Put some relaxing essential oils in it and chill because you deserve it.

11. Bouqs or Farmgirl Flowers–  I’ve become a big fan of these two flower delivery companies the last couple of years. Their bouquets are gorgeous! And the ones I’ve had lasted much longer than grocery store bunches. Flowers = happiness.

 12. Butter gloss–  This is legit the silkiest, most natural looking lip gloss I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a lot. It’s not sticky so perfect for kissing sweet baby noggins while still feeling pretty.

13. Devotional–  Pressing Pause is my favorite for when you need a mama time-out with a literal come-to-Jesus meeting.

14. Soothing toner and facial mask– This rosewater spray and cucumber mask are fabulous for getting rid of redness and giving yourself a quick spa-like escape.

15. Lash growth enhancer–  I just ordered this and haven’t tried it yet, but I’m SO excited! It has 5,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and is only $6. I’ve tried the Rodan & Fields Lash Boost before and loved my results, but it was $130ish for one tube. Thinking this dupe will be a winner.

16. Journals to your children– I kept a notebook from the time I found out I was pregnant with Olivia and wrote letters to her throughout my pregnancy, all through her first year, and on her birthday every year after. I plan to give it to her when she turns 18, and I hope to do the same with this next little one. It’s therapeutic to get your thoughts out on paper too and remind yourself that you have so much to be thankful for.

17. Lactation tea– I’ve heard from several other mamas that this tea works really well for a supply boost if you’re nursing. It’s relaxing to sip on a hot cup of tea anyway.

18. Head wraps– The ponytail / “struggle bun” is a postpartum style staple, so these cute head wraps help you look a little more put together.

19. Audio books– Great for those cluster feeding days when you have no free hands but need to occupy your brain.

20. Personal stylist subscription– I loved getting some brand new clothes postpartum so I could start to feel human again, but it was tricky clothes shopping with a baby. Stitch Fix is a great solution to solve that. (Where was this magic 5-6 years ago?!)


Are you or have you been a new mama and have any items you would add to the list?

If you want any free ideas, here are some great ones:

  • If anything, babysit the bouncing bundle so mom can nap for an hour or two.
  • Wash and clean out her car.
  • Cook dinner or breakfast in bed for her.
  • Make a playlist with some of her favorite songs.

It takes a village, right?

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A gift guide with 20 gift ideas for new moms on Mother's Day or any day you feel like pampering her. #mothersdaygiftguide #mothersdaygift #mothersdaygiftideas #momgiftideas #momgiftguide #newmom #newmomgiftguide #newmomgiftideas #postpartumgiftideas #postpartumgiftguide

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