Gift Ideas for Teens and Pre-Teens

30+ gift ideas for teens and pre-teens for crafters, athletes, gamers, fashionistas, makeup artists, room decor enthusiasts, creators, and musicians.

My oldest is juuuuust getting into the pre-teen years, and it is, to sum it up in one word, emotional.

If you have a pre-teen or teen yourself, you probably know this to be true, plus the fact that they can be really tricky to shop for when it comes to Christmas presents.

I scoured every resource possible and discovered 30 gift ideas for teen and preteen guys and girls.

Some ideas are a little more grown-up than others and some are on the slightly childish side, depending on your child’s maturity level. But they would all be big hits with kiddos age 10-18.

Some great ideas for teens are also in the Gift Ideas for Her and Gift Ideas for Him guides.

Gift Ideas for Teens and Pre-Teens Ages 10-18

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Gift Ideas for Teens and Pre-Teens Under $50

Ticket Stub Diary

Such a fun idea for teens or tweens who love going to concerts, movies, festivals, sporting events, and plays! (I gave one to my oldest last Christmas, and now she loves saving her theater playbills.)

Electric Drum Set

The benefit of your teen being able to practice strumming without the entire neighborhood having to hear it.

Juicy Couture DIY Bracelet Kit

The gift that keeps on giving to all of your teen’s friends after Christmas (or she can just keep them for herself if she wants).

Buckle Pillow Slides

Big ol’ shoes and Birkenstocks are a thing again apparently. This 90s girl in me is distraught. But anyways, these are the “it” slipper so there ya go, teeny bopper. Enjoy your wacky but oh so comfy shoes. 😂

Fresh-Faced Glossier Set

Nothing too extreme, just a great starter kit with simple, light skincare for a glowy look.

Laser Projection Keyboard

This wireless Bluetooth powered keyboard can connect to a mobile phone or iPad so your teen can type on a cool laser display.

Knit Loungewear Set

A super cute sweater knit set any teen girl would love.

The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook

If your teen likes TikTok or cooking or snacking, this will definitely come in handy. (And maybe teach them some culinary skills in the process.)

1989 Taylor Swift Vinyl Album

A super sweet Swiftie gift idea, especially if your teen has a record player. The sound quality is so much better on vinyl.

EXIT: The Game – The Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes

Perfect for escape room lovers! There are lots of different versions of EXIT: The Game, but this Sherlock Holmes theme is the latest release.

Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder

Makes for easier phone watching in bed if your teen likes to watch videos or FaceTime with friends.

Personalized AirPod Pro Case

A cute way to help your teen keep up with those pricey AirPods.

Lightning Reaction Reloaded Game

A total blast of a “shocking” experience that’s good for playing with friends or the whole family.


Practical but perfect for any teen who has a bunk bed.

CK One Unisex Fragrance

With all things 90s making a comeback lately, this fragrance fit for guys or girls is popular again too. When your teen walks by in a cologne cloud, it just might give you flashbacks to the hallways of your high school.

Harry Potter Watercolor Art Book

Really fun for any Harry Potter loving artist. I gave this to my preteen this year, and she did the watercolor art in the entire book at record speed. Instant hit! She loves these watercolor pens.

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Splurge-Worthy Gift Ideas for Teens and Pre-Teens

Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Classic outerwear for guys that also happens to be trending.

Abercrombie & Fitch Mini Puffer Jacket

The “it” girl’s jacket of the season. Plus, it’s practical for winter anyway.

This smartphone printer blows all of the others out of the water! The quality is so much better.

Nike AKJO 1 Low Sneakers

A throwback to Michael Jordan’s old school look perfect for any sneakerhead.

Disc Drop Wall Piggy Bank

It’s art for a teen’s room, a game, and also encourages them to save a little dough. Practical but also fun!

JB Skrub Ultimate Face Care Set

An excellent skincare line to treat breakout-prone skin without irritation.

Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller

This device can turn any iPhone into a PlayStation gaming console (an Android version is available too). Easily portable wherever your teen goes.

Segway Ninebot GoKart

Way cooler than your average GoKart with drift racing capability, 3 different riding modes, and electric powered so you never have to worry about fuel.

Kanken Backpack

For the backpack obsessed. I love the vintage look of this one with clean, modern lines.

PowerUp Smartphone Controlled RC Airplane

Like a remote control car, drone, and paper airplane all in one.

Classic Ultra Mini Uggs

The super trending boots with teen girls everywhere right now.

Disco Ball Diffuser

Perfect for the pre-teen / teen girl who loves decorating her room with a little glam + the benefits of aromatherapy.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

It’s majorly “in” with the teen girl crowd, but it helps that it’s also really practical.

Frigidaire Mini Refrigerator

Because it’s just next-level cool to have a tabletop fridge in your room for snacks (or skincare if that’s the priority).

Free or Almost Free Teen Gift Ideas

  • Write a series of “Just In Case” letters to your teen. Write at the top “Read This When You’re Feeling Blue” or “Read This When You Need a Confidence Boost”, etc.
  • Make a scrapbook or keepsake box with some sweet artifacts from the teen’s past like favorite items from him/her as a baby, tickets stubs, past sports/club memorabilia, travel mementos, etc.
  • Make a playlist just for them on Spotify of songs you know they’ll love.
  • Raid your craft stash and assemble together a “Craft Kit” with paint, slime making supplies, friendship bracelet making supplies, etc.
  • Plan a day of semi-free fun together to visit a festival in your town, hike a nature trail, stop into a museum, or see a free concert in the park. Just Google “Free things to do in [your town]”.

See more DIY gift ideas here and cheap gift ideas here.

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