Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Him for All Budgets

29 thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for him for all budgets whether it’s for your husband, father, grandfather, brother, son, uncle, or boyfriend.

Considering I have a gift giving love language and Robert is the extrovert of our family who will voice what gifts he wants without a second thought, he’s super easy to shop for every Christmas.

But I love surprising him (and my dad, brother, and father-in-law) with gifts he has no idea exist but are absolutely perfect!

So this one’s for all of the guys of all ages who are easy and challenging to shop for. If you need some free or inexpensive gift ideas for under $25, you can find lots of them at the bottom of this gift guide.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

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Gift Ideas for Men Under $50

Cable Organizer

If your guy is a techie or gamer, this is a practical gift that he’ll definitely appreciate.

Yonanas Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Maker

It’s like a Ninja Creami but for a fraction of the price! If your man likes bananas and ice cream or wants to eat healthier in 2024, this is the best. It turns frozen fruit into a smooth “ice cream” treat in minutes.

Rocketbook Core Reusable Smart Notebook

If your guy prefers writing down notes but needs an easy way to organize them, this notebook is the answer. With this, he can digitize and save his handwritten notes to the cloud so he can access them forever from any device.

Guitar Pick Punch

A fun idea for any guitar-playing guy! He can create his own guitar picks out of recycled gift cards, plastic lids, and endless kinds of materials.

Fire Department Spirit-Infused Coffee

If your man loves bourbon and strong coffee, this is a winner. Bonus points: It supports a small business and first responders.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer & Shaver

One of the top rated electric razors out there right now.

Bevel Shaving Kit

If he needs a little love in the skincare and beard care department, especially in the harsh dryness of winter, this set is a good one to have.

RockSeed Laser Level

A handy little tool for any DIYer. This laser level can span 100 feet with 360 degree rotation to tackle all kinds of home improvement jobs.

Quadcopter Drone

Want to see your grown man husband turn into a little boy before your eyes? Give him this and he’ll be absolutely giddy. Ask me how I know.

Mercer Leather Belt

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic.

Callaway Chipping Net

This will help the golf-obsessed guy greatly improve his game. Works well for indoor or outdoor practice if he wants to work on his chip shots in the winter off-season.

US National Parks Scratch Off Poster

A great idea for the outdoorsy traveler guy!

The Men We Need Book

If the man in your life appreciates some quiet time for devotion each day, this is an excellent read.

Engraved Leather Picture Key Holder

Such a precious thoughtful keepsake that he can look at every day wherever he goes!

SwissCard 8 Function Pocket Tool

Like a way more intense Swiss Army knife you can hide in your wallet, this makes a great stocking stuffer too.

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Splurge-Worthy Gift Ideas for Men

Oversized Heated Rocking Camping Chair

An awesome gift for the avid camper or tailgater that makes all other camping chairs totally inferior.

Epson EqipVision Flex Full HD Smart Projector

We just got this projector for the media room after reading SO many tech reviews! If he wants to set up a big screen experience at home, this is definitely the one to pick.

Beats Studio Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones

I steal these from Robert all the time because they’re SO good! Great for workouts or when you need to block out your environment to concentrate.

Samsonite Classic Leather Slim Backpack

It’s like if a briefcase had a cooler better looking little brother. If your man has to work on-the-go often, this would come in handy for sure.

Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

If your guy loves coffee like mine does, this travel espresso maker will be a favorite for sure, especially if he has a long commute.

House of Marley Portable Speaker

The most handsome portable speaker in existence! Made of sustainable materials and the sound is impeccable.

Dango Tactical Wallet

Robert just got one of these last month and he swears he’s never going back to a traditional wallet again. For any minimalist, it’s a great solution.

Replica Jazz Club Cologne

This scent is majorly trending this year, and for good reason. It smells so comforting and luxurious!

StowCo Portable Cooler Bag

Sure beats the pants off of the traditional beer cooler! You no longer have to worry about filling a cooler full of ice to keep the brewskies cold when you have this little guy.

Heritage Lined Shirt Jac

Durable, warm, and a classic corduroy shirt jacked lined with fleece perfect for whether he loves trekking in the outdoors or not.

VivoBarefoot Desert Boots

Robert has several pairs of shoes from this brand because they feel (and look) amazing! These boots can easily be dressed up or down. Ever since Robert started wearing this shoe brand, his back has stopped causing him pain. He no longer needs to go to the chiropractor now because these shoes have helped him so much!

Custom Pet Portrait

This shop has the most gorgeous pet portraits I’ve ever seen! A photo of your pet is made to look like an oil painting on a ready-to-hang canvas. A great idea for a guy who loves his dog.

Hatch Restore 2 Sunrise Alarm Clock

It might seem kind of lame to give someone an alarm clock as a gift, but this is so much more than that. For anyone who struggles with good quality sleep or with waking up in the mornings, this cutting edge device has everything to make life easier.

I Wrote a Book About You

If you’re searching for an extra thoughtful gift, this is the one. This book with prompts is designed to be filled out by you and given to someone you love.

Free or Almost Free Christmas Gifts for Men

  • Make a video tribute of some of your favorite family videos. Apps like iMovie, Videoshop, and InShot are great ones to try.
  • Make a scrapbook with old special photos, ticket stubs, and anything else from your past together.
  • Grow a plant for him, maybe one to enjoy in his office, workshop, or man cave?
  • If you’re artistic, sketch or paint something special for him.
  • Give a service like babysitting, car washing, or pet sitting.
  • Compile a cookbook of your family’s favorite recipes.
  • Plan a day of fun – visiting a museum, going hiking, cooking together.
  • Write a series of letters to him in a notebook for him to read on bad days when he needs a boost.
  • Make a meat and cheese board from scrap wood in your garage.
cutting boards made from scrap wood

Alternative Gift Ideas for Him

Do you have any other gift ideas for him you would add to the list? What is the best gift you’ve ever given or received?

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