100 Best Cheap Gift Ideas for Christmas Under $25

A huge gift guide of the best, highly rated, inexpensive cheap gift ideas under $25 for everyone on your Christmas shopping list or any time of year.

Whew! This was a BEAST of a gift guide to put together… mainly because it had a very tall order involved.

I wanted to provide y’all with tons of cheap gift ideas for the trickiest people on your list with items they will ACTUALLY use and love!

100 Cheap Gift Ideas for Christmas for everyone

(*All items are $25 at the time of this post publishing.)

Like I said… a very tall, tricky task.

But I got so carried away with finding lots of affordable gifting inspiration that I ended up with a list of 100 cheap gift ideas! They’re all under $25 (some even as low as just $2) and come highly rated.

So many of these would be great as stocking stuffers too, and they’re proof you don’t have to spend a ton to find the perfect gift for someone. 

If this has been a tricky year for you financially, I hope this helps you stay within a reasonable budget this holiday season without making you feel like you had to skimp.

100 Best Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

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inexpensive gift ideas for foodies

Cheap Gift Ideas for the Foodie Cook

If you have a family member or best friend who absolutely loves to cook, bake, entertain (or is just a major coffee lover) these spices, sauces, and kitchen tools, will definitely come in handy. Plus, they look like something on the pricier side that came right out of Williams-Sonoma.

  1. Cookbook  
  2. Oven Mitts  
  3. Hot sauce set  
  4. Spice rub set  
  5. French press 
  6. Cutting Board  
  7. Kitchen towels  
  8. Batter bowl  
  9. Salt cellar
  10. Meat thermometer  
inexpensive home gift ideas

Cheap Gift Ideas for the Homebody

If you have a friend or neighbor who could use a little rest, these are all big hits. Especially if that someone just moved into a new house, these can double as housewarming gifts.

Gift it in a basket rather than a bag or box so they can reuse the basket in their new home. (I find great gift-giving baskets at the thrift store for around $3-5 all the time.)

  1. Coffee table book  
  2. Pajamas  
  3. Luxurious hand soap  
  4. Candle  
  5. Diffuser 
  6. Cozy blanket  
  7. Soft sheets  
  8. Picture frame  
  9. Slippers
  10. Coffee mug
inexpensive spa gift ideas

Cheap Gift Ideas for the Spa Lover

Every girl (or guy) needs a little pampering every now and then, so these are some highly rated top favorites to promote relaxation and self-care. Some of these inexpensive Christmas gifts are only around $10.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid   
  2. Bath salts  
  3. Shower speaker  
  4. Scalp massager  
  5. Hand salve  
  6. Under eye patches  
  7. Hair mask  
  8. Lip balm sleeping mask  
  9. Silky robe
  10. Manicure dip starter kit
inexpensive gift ideas for DIYers

Cheap Gift Ideas for the Handy DIYer

If you have a handy guy or gal in your life, these will most definitely get a lot of use.

We are constantly using and losing tape measures, utility knives, work gloves, and safety glasses around here, so those are always big hits to give as stocking stuffers in our DIYing family.

  1. DIYer tee  
  2. Multi tool  
  3. Safety glasses  
  4. Work gloves  
  5. Laser measuring tool
  6. Portable Bluetooth speaker  
  7. Hammer  
  8. Headlamp  
  9. Utility knife 
  10. Cordless rotary tool 
inexpensive fashion gifts under $25

Cheap Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

It might be challenging to shop for actual clothes for someone you love who enjoys fashion, but accessories like scarves, bags, and jewelry are usually a safe bet. These are all “on trend” but still classic enough to work for a variety of personal styles.

  1. Felt hat 
  2. Scarf  
  3. Tote bag  
  4. Earrings  
  5. Hair clips  
  6. Jewelry dish  
  7. Phone cover & case  
  8. Sunglasses  
  9. Watch 
  10. Blouse
Christmas gift ideas under $25 for the beauty lover

Cheap Gift Ideas for the MakeUp Artist

If you have an aunt, sister, or cousin who loves getting creative with makeup products, a good set of makeup brushes are always a necessity. Others like this super stay lipgloss, foundation primer, and eye shadow palette can work for all complexion types.

  1. Makeup tricks book  
  2. Perfume roller  
  3. Lip stain  
  4. Brush set  
  5. Ring light  
  6. Nail polish  
  7. Face primer & setting spray   
  8. Highlight & contour kit  
  9. Eyeshadow palette
  10. Concealer
best cheap Christmas gift ideas for athletes under $25

Cheap Gift Ideas for the Athlete

There’s always that friend or cousin you know who loves hitting the gym, so having new workout clothes, water bottle, or smart watch band can give them a little extra pep in their step.

  1. Foam roller  
  2. Yoga mat  
  3. Yoga pants  
  4. Athletic shorts  
  5. Resistance bands  
  6. Water bottle  
  7. Smart watch band  
  8. Headphones  
  9. Gym bag 
  10. Keto cookbook 
best cheap Christmas gifts for grandparents under $25

Cheap Gift Ideas for the Grandparent

Grandparents are notoriously challenging to shop for when it comes to Christmas gifts, but it’s hard to go wrong with Godiva chocolates, cozy socks, and a fun puzzle.

The best and most inexpensive Christmas gift of all though is quality time, so maybe include a coupon book with “Grandma date” ideas to do at her house together.

Honestly, at the age of 35, I’d want all of these things on this list too even if I’m not a grandparent myself.

  1. Soft blanket  
  2. Cozy slippers  
  3. Amazon Fire Stick  
  4. Puzzle  
  5. Chocolates  
  6. Family tree photo ornaments  
  7. Comfy socks  
  8. Parcheesi
  9. Clue Downton Abbey edition   
  10. Popcorn sampler 
  11. Photo book  
best cheap gift ideas for office executives under $25

Cheap Gift Ideas for the Office Executive

If you know of someone who spends a lot of time at the office (or in their home office), a new laptop case or personalized stationery can feel like a luxury without actually costing the price of luxury.

  1. Laptop sleeve  
  2. Planner  
  3. Personalized stationery  
  4. Putting green  
  5. Kickstand phone case (for Zoom meetings)  
  6. Desk organizer  
  7. Monitor riser  
  8. Plant & planter pot  
  9. Wallet 
  10. Stainless steel fidget cube 
best cheap gift ideas for teachers under $25

Cheap Gift Ideas for the Teacher

Being a teacher myself for 5 years, I got my fair share of thoughtful Christmas gifts. To be honest, my favorite gifts were handwritten heartfelt letters and drawings from my students.

But I very much appreciated a simple $10 Amazon gift card to help me pay for classroom supplies or good smelling hand sanitizer to keep the winter germs at bay.

My favorite store bought cheap Christmas gift idea though is a cute personalized stamp! I wish I’d had one of those back when I graded papers.

  1. Coffee  
  2. Essential oil set  
  3. Stress-relief hand sanitizer  
  4. Personalized mask lanyard  
  5. Key ring  
  6. Smart plugs 
  7. Personalized stamp  
  8. Amazon gift card  
  9. Peppermint bark 
  10. Day-by-day calendar 

I’m wondering if maybe I should put together a gigantic “cheap gift ideas” guide for babies/kids/teens next. What do you think? Would that be helpful?

No matter what is under your tree though, I hope you know quality time (like spending an unplugged weekend together) or acts of service (like cleaning the house for a grandparent) is so much more valuable, and those are totally free.

It’s been a tough year, y’all. But we can do hard things. And love is simply priceless anyway, especially at Christmas.

Got any other budget friendly gifts you’d add to the holiday shopping list?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some free gift ideas?

You don’t have to spend a dime to give a great gift! Look around your home at what you already have and regift wisely (like maybe a beautiful vase you don’t really use but it’s too nice to actually get rid of).

Cook or bake a treat for someone.
Provide an act of service like wash their car or babysit their kids.
Give the gift of time like a movie night or day at the park.
Propagate one of your houseplants and replant it in a nice planter you might already have.
Write down your family’s secret recipes and print it as a gifted cookbook.

What are some DIY gift ideas?

You can see over 100 DIY gift ideas here related to homemade toys, home decor, fashion, beauty, food, and crafts.

What to buy for Christmas on a tight budget?

Anything edible is always a hit when you want to give gifts to friends and neighbors. Try making a mason jar gift with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

What is a realistic Christmas budget?

In 2022, the average American planned to spend $826 on Christmas gifts, food, and decorations, according to the National Retail Federation.

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