Vintage Christmas Decor Favorites That Never Go Out of Style

The most realistic Christmas garland, trees, wreaths, and stems and vintage Christmas decor favorites for a timeless, old fashioned holiday home.

The most realistic Christmas garland, trees, wreaths, and stems and vintage Christmas decor staples for a timeless, old fashioned holiday home.

Today marks the day when Robert and I pull ALL of our vintage Christmas decor from the attic, crank up the Bing Crosby, and get to work!

Bloggers are weirdly earlier than normal for holiday decorating, so if you’re still firmly in the Team Fall club, don’t be alarmed.

vintage christmas decor tree at night

With supply chain delays happening the last couple of years, Christmas items selling out, and restocks likely not happening until after the holidays are over, suppliers have urged an earlier than normal start on holiday prep this year to combat those issues, and I’ve had messages from some of you asking for resources.

Plus, it is kind of nice to have all of the planning and preparations out of the way by December 1st so that you can simply enjoy the season with those you love.

So I thought it would be helpful to share my favorite classic Christmas decorations that are still in stock, if you’re in prep mode. (You can see tons of Christmas decorating ideas here from years’ past too.)

Before diving in though, I have to say… Christmas has started to feel extra commercialized in recent years, but I’m here to remind you that all of the “stuff” doesn’t deserve the spotlight. Quality time with loved ones, moments of peace, and time for reflection are all we really need.

Take heart knowing whatever you do, however you decorate, whoever you shop for if anyone at all, it is enough and you are enough. No amount of material possessions could ever replace what Christmas really means.

This old fashioned Christmas decor can help us feel that warmth and light, but it is just one small part of the greater whole.

Christmas living room decor with wreaths on windows and red and green pillows

Reasons for Sticking with Classic Vintage Christmas Decor

I say “vintage” but really I just mean vintage inspired home decor.

It’s easy to get caught up in the trendy stuff, but I like sticking to the same “capsule” of Christmas decor every year and just swapping out gift wrap and ribbon to make it look like a new color scheme without reinventing the wheel.

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realistic garland on a staircase banister

Best Vintage Style Christmas Decor

I pulled together a bunch of the best realistic looking Christmas garland, artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, stems, and all of the best vintage style Christmas decor staples to simplify the “holiday decor capsule”.

All of these pieces are my favorites for making home feel nostalgic and timeless this time of year. I hope it helps!

Just click the images in the galleries below to shop them online.

(Affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure.)

realistic Christmas garland

Realistic Christmas Garland

TIP: One of my favorite tricks for making cheaper, fake looking Christmas garland look more realistic is by cutting and preserving leaves from the yard and drying fruit to mix in with the fake stuff.

It ends up having the sweetest, colonial Williamsburg-esque sort of charm.

traditional christmas tree in a living room with Scandinavian style ornaments
realistic artificial Christmas trees

The Best Realistic Artificial Christmas Trees

You can get a more detailed look at our favorite realistic Christmas trees here with advice on how to make cheaper trees look more upscale.

I love the look of a scruffy rustic tree in our living room where the space is more casual, but I prefer a more traditional, full tree in our formal dining room.

TIP: If you prefer real Christmas trees, you can see all of the tips to care for and decorate a real tree here.

realistic artificial Christmas wreath
realistic artificial Christmas wreath

Classic Christmas Door Wreaths

TIP: If you want to hang wreaths on your windows too, you can see this method for extra help. I love adding a different color ribbon each Christmas to give my wreaths a whole new look without having to spend much.

Just be aware that dried/preserved wreaths will last longer indoors.

It’s usually best to wait to order a fresh wreath for your front door until December 1st. Spray fresh greenery with Wilt Stop to make it last a week or two longer.

These are some of my favorite vintage style artificial, dried, and fresh Christmas wreaths.

vintage Christmas decor on tree with battery operated candle lights
Christmas tree basket collars

Christmas Tree Basket Collars

TIP: If you already have a large basket or crate hanging around, you can make this DIY tree collar instead.

realistic Christmas stems on dining table
realistic Christmas stems

Realistic Christmas Stems

TIP: I love incorporating stems that can stretch on into other seasons such as magnolia branches and eucalyptus.

Realistic vintage Christmas decor with cable knit stockings and dried orange slices
vintage christmas decor knit stockings

Vintage Style Christmas Stockings

TIP: If you want to personalize your stockings, you can snag these free printable Christmas stocking name labels here.

vintage christmas decor trimmings on a flocked tree with tartan plaid ribbon
classic Christmas tree trimmings

Classic Christmas Tree Decorations

TIP: You can see a few step-by-step tricks for decorating your tree like a professional here.

You can never go wrong with neutral vintage ornaments and a pop of colored ribbon. I like using mercury glass ornaments because they add so much sparkle when reflecting the Christmas tree lights. We go colorful with homemade crafts and bright retro Christmas balls on our playroom tree for the kids.

Unique Christmas tree toppers

Classic Christmas Tree Toppers

cream resin vintage nativity set
unique nativity sets

Nativity Sets

TIP: One of my favorite places for finding unique, interesting nativity sets is at antique stores. But in case you don’t have any luck there, I really love these…

Christmas gift wrap ideas using sheet music paper and plaid ribbon
vintage style christmas wrapping

Vintage Style Gift Wrap and Ribbon

TIP: If you need gift ideas to put inside the pretty gift wrap, you can see all of my gift guides here.

Are you already starting to decorate for Christmas around your house for some early holiday cheer? Have you started your gift shopping?

Do you have any requests for holiday season posts that would help you prepare better?

I need to get on the ball with the present thing, I guess. But all in all, no matter what the decor looks like or what gifts end up under the tree, I’m just looking forward to time cozied up with family. That’s what counts most of all.

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  1. It’s far too early for me to decorate. First Halloween! Around mid November I get the urge to bring out my decorations, put on some Christmas music, and make everything festive. I do like to change up my theme but always keep the same garland, wreaths & candles. One year I may use deer, another snowman, or snowflakes…It makes it more exciting (for me) to change things up. But, I never spend a crazy amount of money.
    I love that you put on Bing. He’s an oldie but a goodie. Always our Christmas morning tune.

  2. Thank you so much for speaking out on this subject. I sometimes feel bad I don’t have a new scheme every year like we’re lead to believe we should. I switch or rotate decor in and out but if I leave something packed away I often get a “where is your cute little Santa, I miss him” lol. Looking at the shear cost of a new “theme “ every year, the waste and the lack of tradition, the use of vintage…is smart! But if we do need to replace an item, good to know they have already past your keen eye!

    1. I know exactly what you mean, Marci! And I think now that social media is around with bloggers and designers sharing new decor everywhere you look, it’s easy to get that FOMO feeling now more than years’ past. We’re our own toughest critics sometimes. The best part about Christmas isn’t material at all. <3

    2. I adore classic vintage looking Christmas decor! In appreciate you sharing as you never know who may need to update/replace things. I often get the impression from social media that many feel the need to get new Christmas decor every year to stay “current”. I can’t imagine doing that, as many of my Christmas ornaments and other decor are special and sentimental. If I do buy new, I try to stay with classic things like you have shared here that will last for years. The older I get, the more I need to keep it simple! I did find some great things on sale last year at end of season that I’m looking forward to pulling out this year. My goal is to not buy anything new in the way of Christmas decor this year. Thanks for the emphasizing what’s truly important about celebrating Christmas!