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Affordable Christmas Bedding Combinations for a Silent Night

3 inexpensive Christmas bedding combinations perfect for making bedrooms feel warm and cozy during the cold winter months.

With all of the guests coming into town soon, I thought it would be fun to make all of the beds in our house extra festive with some Christmas bedding.

I have no idea if it’s a regional thing or what, but winter bedding doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal here in the South as it is in other parts of the U.S. Maybe because it doesn’t get as cold here?

But because I think it’s fun for adding some cozy Christmas cheer to bedrooms, I’m making it a thing at our house.

neutral winter bedding with green curtains

In any case, I loooove a cozy, warm bed, and since all of our bedding was looking a little worse for wear, I pulled together 3 affordable Christmas bedding combinations in our guest bedroom.

3 Cozy Christmas Bedding Combinations to Try

Christmas Bedding Combination 1: Earthy Winter

green and white Christmas bedding in a cozy winter bedroom

Faux Fur Comforter Set

This faux fur comforter is like a dream! It’s so plush and warm. We used this same comforter set in our friend Kristina’s bedroom makeover earlier this year.

It’s that perfect winter white with just enough of a creamy undertone to make a bedroom feel inviting.

green and white Christmas bedding

Plush Animal Print Throw Blanket

This blanket is so luxurious that I’m planning to buy more to wrap up as Christmas gifts this year. This faux deer print is neutral enough to stretch all throughout winter.

It reminds me a lot of the pricier designer animal print throw blankets I’ve seen. I just wanna curl up in it by a fire, seriously.

Green Sherpa Pillows

I love using green at Christmas because I can get away with using it on into winter and other seasons. These sherpa pillows are really plushy. Fair warning, they’re not zippered and just have polyfill without an insert. But for the price, they’re hard to beat.

Textured Neutral Oblong Pillow

I wish I’d seen this textured pillow earlier to use it for fall! But it works year-round for an earthy vibe.

faux fur throw blanket and green sherpa pillows

Christmas Bedding Combination 2: Nostalgic Red

red and white stitched quilt with sweater knit pillows and green curtains

Red Stitched Quilt

I swear I’ve seen a stitched quilt so similar to this one in an antique shop before. It definitely has that days-of-old feel, and the red stitching adds a festive detail.

I totally goofed and didn’t realize the shams have to be purchased separately, so those haven’t arrived yet for me. But I’ll have them on standby for our guests this year.

red and white stitched quilt with sweater knit pillows and green curtains

Cream Knit Throw Blanket

You can’t go wrong with a simple creamy white knit throw blanket. I have these in gray on the ends of the beds in Regan’s room that we curl up with for story time each night. The chenille material is so soft.

Sweater Knit Throw Pillows

The texture of these off-white sweater knit pillows are perfect for winter and add just enough pattern play without competing with the quilt.

Red Oblong Pillow

This red pillow I used was an old one I already had (since this red oblong pillow hit a shipping delay), but having that little punch of color makes the bed feel extra Christmasy.

red and white Christmas bedding

Christmas Bedding Combination 3: Cozy Neutral

3 inexpensive Christmas bedding combinations perfect for making bedrooms feel warm and cozy during the cold winter months.

Reversible Windowpane / Buffalo Check Quilt

The great thing about windowpane check is it can work in modern or rustic/farmhouse styles. This quilt is reversible too, so you have the flexibility to choose which pattern you like.

Waffle Sherpa Throw Blanket

It’s a toss up between this sherpa throw blanket and the animal print blanket which I like best because this one is so warm and plush! It comes in several other colors too, but I prefer the flexibility of a neutral.

neutral Christmas bedding

Faux Fur Throw Pillows

These super soft faux fur pillows are much bigger than I thought they’d be and supportive enough to sit up against reading in bed. They come in gray and brown too, if you wanted more contrast against the white.

Sherpa Oblong Pillow

The little leather and brass zipper on this sherpa pillow is so charming. And the texture is perfect for winter.

cozy Christmas bedding with windowpane quilt and sherpa pillows

After all of this talk about comfy, warm Christmas bedding combinations and making a cozy bedroom, I had to get the REAL cozy shot.

If it has to be cold and crappy outside, I’ll just hibernate in here until spring. Deal?

cozy winter bedroom at night


So now we are guest ready! Well, at least the bedding stash is.

The rest of this place, not so much, but we’ll get there.

If you have guests coming to your house for the holidays this year, you can see this huge post with lots of guest bedroom amenities ideas here.

Are you a Christmas bedding person at your house? Is winter bedding a “thing” where you live? Curious minds want to know.


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