How to Redecorate a Room in Under an Hour + Guest Bedroom Decor Refresh

How to redecorate a room quickly to create big impact changes without the need for paint or time consuming home improvements.

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A couple of weeks ago, some of Robert’s cousins came to stay with us for a quick overnight visit.

I honestly hadn’t ventured into the guest bedroom since Christmas because that was the last time we’d had guests. And well…

guest bedroom with white faux fur bedding and green curtains in front of window

It was definitely still rockin’ faux fur bedding and winter vibes in April. Our guests probably died of heat stroke. Oops!

So a guest bedroom refresh came just in time for summer…

how to redecorate your room in under an hour

Doesn’t it have a whole new vibe?! It’s obviously not as dramatic as a completely repainted room would be, but considering it took less than an hour, this room really feels more fresh, calm, and cool now.

I grabbed a few things from the Joss & Main Summer Edit with curated summer style trends inspired by relaxation-ready resorts.

The curated collection in this year’s Summer Edit balances the culture and tradition of an Italian vacation with the effortless nature of West Coast living by mixing artesian textiles and oceanic blues.

So I used it as the jumping off point for recreating the feeling of a resort stay in our own guest bedroom.

Sometimes you only have an hour to get a room ready for guests in a hurry. Or sometimes you just don’t have the physical ability to handle the labor intensive improvements.

Whatever the case, if you crave a new look in your home and want to finish it quickly, here are some changes you can make for a big impact in very little time.

How to Redecorate a Room in Under an Hour

bedroom vanity in front of a window with blue curtains and vase of stems

1. Swap Your Window Treatments

If you can’t paint your walls a new color, swapping your curtains is the next best thing because they take up a large amount of surface area on your walls to result in a high impact update.

Changing the color of your curtains can create an entirely new mood in your room without much effort. (These are some of my favorite budget-friendly curtains.)

Hang them “high and wide” just below the crown and 12-18″ past either side of the window trim to create the illusion of larger windows and taller ceilings.

how to hang curtains infographic
bed in front of window off center

3. Add a Patterned Rug

Just like curtains, a rug can completely transform a room because of its large surface area for making a statement. Even in a room where you already have carpet, a patterned rug can add interest, texture, and “define” the space.

In a bedroom, it’s usually best to use no smaller than an 8×10 rug under a king bed and no smaller than a 6×9 rug under a queen bed, though larger is better depending on the size of the room itself. (Use this rug guide for extra guidance.)

This navy/beige tufted wool rug I added in our guest room is so thick and soft under foot to feel extra cozy and add a little pattern play.

how to choose an area rug for bedrooms infographic

3. Change Your Duvet

Changing a duvet cover or comforter takes 5 minutes and is one of the first items someone notices in a bedroom. Use it as an opportunity to give the room a punch of color or pattern.

The stripe on this linen duvet cover set adds a subtle little hint of pattern, and the 100% linen material layers in a feeling of rusticity.

linen bedding on a bed in front of window off center

4. Layer New Textures With Pillows

Pillows create so many opportunities for playing with prints and textures that collectively help set the mood in a space. See how to mix and match throw pillows here.

These gray cotton envelope shams add a little touch of modern against the more traditional furniture to help it feel less formal.

how to redecorate you room - bed in front of window off center

5. Add a Plant or Flowers

Every room needs a little bit of green, even if it’s the faux kind. It can instantly take a room from boring to lively! See all of my favorite realistic faux flowers here.

I added some faux lilac stems into this bronze vase as a little something organic and metallic on the nightstand.

nightstand decor with vase of flowers and lamp in a guest bedroom with cane headboard

6. Shop Your House

Walk through the other rooms in your house to find ways to repurpose any items you already own that could serve you better in a different place. It’s totally free and takes just a few minutes to add those final finishing touches your room needs.

I snagged a few things from around our house to place on this $25 thrifted desk I painted years ago. It works perfectly as a makeshift bedroom vanity for any of our guests who need to apply makeup.

(Framing our WiFi network name and password comes in handy here too.)

guest bedroom vanity in front of window
guest bedroom vanity toiletries

Not too shabby for getting a whole new vibe in this guest room in under an hour, huh? Curtains, a rug, some bedding, and a few flowers turned out to be the real MVP.

As much as I loved the green, I feel really charmed by this deep blue scheme.

how to redecorate your room in under an hour using curtains, a rug, and bedding

You can see the full Joss & Main Summer Edit here along with all of my own favorite curated picks below.

Joss & Main Summer Edit Favorites


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  1. Hi Lauren! Do you have a link to the curtains in this exact color. I’ve looked through your links and can’t find this color– it’s the perfect hue!

  2. Lauren this is so timely for me. My kids are recently officially grown and flown now so we’ve been in the process of renovating their bedrooms into guest rooms for the adults they now are. Re-doing those spaces has helped with the reality of the bittersweet transition. This blog post gave me the inspiration I needed for the last lap of pulling them together and breathing life into them beyond the paint. I can see the finish line! Thank you for your blog posts and for Facebook Bless’er House Budget Decorating Community.

    1. Wendy, I am so happy to have you here. Thank you for following along. It is nice to hear when followers are inspired by my posts. I am happy to help.

      1. I love your inspirations, I don’t have a lot of money but I’ll do take items from other parts of the house. I do love to buy quality sheets, pillows and comforter for guest bedroom. Also good quality towels.and a little basket of soaps shampoo, conditioner and a pc of chocolate on the pillow. I like finding throw pillows from around the house.