Best Luxury for Less Amazon Curtains & Window Shades in 2024

A round up of the best Amazon curtains and window shades with tips for how to hang curtains and choose the right length for a room.

There are three magical little things that can make a room feel polished and put together: a great rug, amazing lighting, and the right window treatments.

My favorite Amazon curtains hung all over our home’s windows do exactly that.

faux linen curtains from Amazon in dining room with navy blue walls

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Any time we need a window dressed up around here, Amazon is typically our go-to. So I thought it would help to pull together all of the best designer look Amazon curtains for less, many of which we own ourselves.

Top Rated Amazon Curtain Brands

I have bought all of our Amazon curtain with my own money and have not been sponsored by any of these brands (not that that ever prevents me from sharing my real opinion about things anyway).

So this is my personal experience with some of Amazon’s well-known curtain brands.

faux linen curtains from Two Pages Curtains in a dining room

Two Pages Curtains

If you follow home decorating accounts on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the “famous” Amazon drapes brand called Two Pages Curtains that look exactly like high-end custom designer linen curtains from Pottery Barn for way less than the real thing. 

When I was on the lookout for luxury looking curtains for less than the high-end kind for our dining room, I stumbled upon these gorgeous lined faux linen pinch pleat curtains and they instantly made the room feel bigger and brighter! 

Be aware that with the classic pinch pleat drapery style, you do have to order curtain rings to work with the drapery hooks. 

faux linen Amazon curtains from Two Pages Curtains in a dining room

Tip: You can order fabric swatches to see samples in person, if you need help choosing the right color and texture. 

You can also customize designs with liners (blackout / privacy), header types (pinch pleat / grommet / rod pocket / back tab), and exact width and length measurements. 

Mine are longer so that they softly puddle, and I chose beige white faux linen with a room darkening liner that darkens the dining room about 70% of the way (not blackout) when closed. 

Con: They still are on the pricey side if you’re used to buying $30 curtains from Target, but for the customizations, liners, and tailoring, it is still cheaper than most custom curtains out there.

velvet curtains from Half Price Drapes and Roman shade in bedroom with black walls

Half Price Drapes

The quality is so good for the price that I’ve even gotten the same brand Blackforest Green velvet curtains and in our guest bedroom and London Blue velvet curtains a couple years later to change up the color scheme.

Even though we chose room darkening, they don’t let in much light at all, which is great! The velvet offers a little noise reduction as well since it helps absorb sound, resulting in a good night’s sleep.

We have multiple sets of Amazon window curtains from Half Price Drapes in several rooms of our house. Various sizes are available including extra wide width if you have large windows.

We’ve used these white velvet pleated curtains in our primary bedroom and home office for about 3 years, and we still absolutely love them!

velvet white curtains from Half Price Drapes in a home office
white velvet drapes in an office

Con: One of our white curtain panels did arrive with a little smudge of dirt on it, which was disappointing, but it wasn’t super noticeable or a dealbreaker for me. We’ve ordered 20 curtain panels from them total over the years, and that one smudged panel seems to have been a fluke.

faux velvet Amazon bedroom curtains in green from Half Price Drapes on window behind headboard

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faux velvet Amazon bedroom curtains in blue from Half Price Drapes on window behind headboard

There aren’t quite as many customization options as Two Pages Curtains, but HPD’s broad range of colors is gorgeous!

We have the faux linen curtains from Half Price Drapes in our living room, and while I do like them, I would buy the faux linen curtains from the Two Pages brand, if I could do it over again.

The faux linen fabric from Half Price Drapes is stiff and doesn’t have as nice of a weight to it as Two Pages.

faux linen amazon curtains from Half Price Drapes in a living room on French doors

How to Hang Curtains

When hanging curtains, it’s best to hang them “high and wide”.

Usually for me, that means hanging curtains about 12″ from each side of window trim and 2-3″ below the crown molding so windows feel open and ceilings feel taller.

how to hang curtains

How Long Should Curtains Be?

For a polished look: Curtain panels should be no shorter than 1/2″ above the floor.

For a casual look: Curtain panels should kiss the floor at just 2 inches longer than the distance to the floor.

For a dramatic, romantic look: Curtain panels can puddle at the floor at 6-10″ more than the length to the floor.

I always gravitate toward curtains with pleated tops versus rod pockets or tab topped curtains. You can also cut curtain tabs off and hang them using ring clips for a more polished, high-end look.

These are all of highest rated Amazon curtains, curtain rods, and window shades that could definitely pass as their designer look-a-likes.

Amazon window shades

Best Amazon Window Shades

If you need help pairing curtains with window shades, I love the look of combining both. If Amazon bedroom curtains you love don’t come with a blackout liner option, window shades can be a way around that.

  1. Ivory Cordless Roman Shade
  2. Light Filtering Bamboo Shade
  3. Cordless Bamboo Shade in Gray/Brown
  4. Bamboo Shades in Fox
  5. Cordless Bamboo Shade in Driftwood
  6. Blue Thermal Insulated Roman Shade
  7. Natural Linen Roman Shade
  8. Gray Linen Roman Shade
  9. Cordless Bamboo Shades in Whitewash
  10. Cordless Bamboo Shades in Tuscan
  11. Light Filtering Bamboo Shade
  12. Bamboo Shades in Squirrel

Do you have any Amazon curtains in your house that you rave about? We’re always needing recommendations for future room makeovers!

You can see more ideas for dressing up your windows below.

Window Decor Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

Do curtains make a room look bigger or smaller?

Curtains are a key element to making a room look bigger. By hanging curtains 12-18″ wider than a window and hanging curtains slightly taller than the top of the window height, you create the illusion of a larger room. Hanging curtains “high and wide” makes windows look bigger too.

How much wider should curtains be than the window?

Curtains should be at least 2 times the width of your window. If your window is 30″ wide, your curtain panels should be at least 60″ wide. If your curtain panels are too narrow, hang two or three curtain panels side by side on each side of the curtain rod to fake the look of one wide panel.

Should all rooms in a house have the same curtains?

That is totally up to your personal preference, but there is no rule that says you should have the same curtains in every room of your house. In fact, most interior designers recommend different colors, patterns, and window treatment types in every room that complement each other but not necessarily match.

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  1. I have tall pediments above my windows and I don’t know where to hang curtains. What are your thoughts. Also I tried to attach a picture here but can’t figure out how to do it. 🙁

    1. Hi, Julie. You could hang the curtains at the base of the pediments as you would if it was molding. I wish I could answer more specific and in detail but I just get too many decorating questions to get to them all. I have to step away to spend time with family. But I have a Bless’er House Decorating Group you’re welcome to join to submit questions and get input from the lots of helpful people in this community. I try to pop in there too when I can. I do these Decorating SOS submissions about once a month and will announce it on social media for the next one.

  2. This post is everything. Thanks for sharing active Amazon links and sharing your decorating style, enabling me to transform our home during these pandemic times. I so appreciate your design esthetic and tips!

  3. I love your master bedroom! The dark paint is such a stunning look. Also, a great location for the mirror to maximize the light from your french doors. Beautiful!