Wood Bathroom Vanities For Every Budget

48 of the best readymade wood bathroom vanities ranging from $420 and up for a classic bathroom renovation that lasts.

Robert and I are in the beginning stages of a powder room refresh, and I am so totally in LOVE with how the makeover plans are coming together! (More on that soon though.)

We still have the old bathroom vanity painted to look like wood in the space, but I keep debating if I should replace it entirely with a wood vanity I like better.

Two years ago, we used a classic vanity made of wood in our en suite bathroom, and it’s one of my favorite features.

Natural Beauty

Back when this blog started in 2013 and modern farmhouse was at its peak, painting bathroom vanities was all the rage. But wood bathroom vanities have made a big comeback!

Wood exudes warmth, character, and a natural charm that no other material can replicate. Each wood species boasts its unique grain patterns, color variations, and textures, allowing you to select a vanity that suits your style and preferences.

Durability and Longevity

When properly sealed and maintained, wood vanities can withstand the humid and sometimes harsh conditions of the bathroom environment.

Unlike some other materials that may show signs of wear and tear over time, wood bathroom vanities often develop a beautiful patina that enhances their character as they age, adding to their charm and uniqueness.

Remember this wood vanity we put in our friend Kristina’s California casual powder room? Those wood tones brought so much depth to the space against that soothing gray vertical shiplap.

wood bathroom vanity in powder room

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a wood bathroom vanity is often simpler than painted vanities without the need for touching up chipped paint. Regular cleaning and occasional resealing are typically all that’s needed.

Timeless Appeal

While design trends come and go, wood remains a classic choice that can adapt to changing styles. A well-crafted wood vanity can last for generations, making it an investment in both the present and future of a home.

With modern classic interior design surging thanks to the likes of designers Jean Stoffer, Kate Marker, and Heidi Caillier who often mix ornate, traditional details in with clean, modern lines, vanities that look like wooden antique furniture are having a big moment in bathroom renovations.

Best Wood Bathroom Vanities for All Budgets

While I was searching through wood bathroom vanities to find one for our own powder room makeover, I rounded up 48 of my favorites from high-end brands with their more budget-friendly look-a-likes.

If you’re ever planning for a bathroom remodel yourself, I hope this roundup comes in handy.

(Click the links in the numbered list below each collage to shop.)

single wood bathroom vanities under $1000

Single Wood Bathroom Vanities – Budget

  1. Lancaster Vanity
  2. Aberdeen Vanity
  3. Montaigne Vanity
  4. Grandstaff Vanity
  5. Binne Vanity
  6. Deina Vanity
  7. Metcalfe Vanity
  8. Cherie Vanity
  9. Serena Vanity
  10. Tribecca Vanity
  11. Mid-Century Floating Vanity
  12. Acorn Vanity

DIY Faux Wood Bathroom Vanity Makeover

If you ever want to mimic the look of wood but can’t do a full bathroom vanity replacement, you can use this faux wood paint technique I used on our existing powder room vanity.

painted bathroom vanity to look like wood

How to Convert a Console Table Into a Bathroom Vanity

Or if you ever have a small bathroom that can’t fit a standard sized vanity, this tutorial for how to turn a console table into a bathroom vanity using vessel sinks is a great alternative.

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