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High End Bathroom Art for a Tiny Budget

Upscale looking bathroom prints and bathroom art ideas for under $100 to create a high end looking space for less.

Bathroom art is a fickle thing.

Unlike choosing art for all of the other rooms of the house, bathrooms and powder rooms are the one tricky place where you think, “I really don’t want a picture of a person staring at me from my walls while I pee.” Haha! You know what I mean? It’s a decorating conundrum on bathroom walls. 

tightrope walker art above the toilet in a kids' bathroom

That tightrope walker art I hung above in our girls’ bathroom really just barely skirted that line of my approved bathroom artwork and “weird people staring at me” art.

Where to Buy Vintage Prints and Artwork for Bathrooms

I’ve shared before where to buy vintage fine art online and how to print digital art, but I thought it would help to round up all of my favorite bathroom wall art ideas to take out the decorating guesswork. 

It’s the finishing touches like artwork that really can make the space by creating a focal point. 

high end bathroom art ideas for a small budget
black and white photograph bathroom art featuring a flower market on flower wallpaper

What Artwork Subjects to Hang in Bathrooms

  • Linear figures
  • Architectural sketches
  • Black and white architectural photographs
  • Vintage advertisements with people looking away from the frame
  • Landscapes
  • Waterscapes or seascapes
  • Skyscapes
  • Abstract paintings or other mediums
  • Botanical prints
  • Animal/bird/sealife prints
DIY silhouette leaf bathroom art using spray paint and faux leaves

DIY Bathroom Art Ideas

And as usual, we like to look like we’re fancy around here without actually shelling out big bucks for real upscale luxury artwork. So here are a few DIY wall art ideas you can try if you want to create rather than buy.

Have you DIYed a piece of art for a bathroom in your house? Or do you have any other bathroom artwork ideas you’d include in the list?

As long as I don’t have faces staring at me or words on signs saying “Brush Your Teeth” to boss me around, I’m happy. 😉

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  1. Haha I laughed out loud at your comment about the bathroom being “bossy.” I know exactly what you mean! I’m always saying that I don’t want my house telling me how to live my life; that’s what mothers are for! ;D
    That said, I love the seascapes for a bathroom. I’ve used some in my home.

  2. You always pick a winner! I would be drawn to adding some color….the Blue/green “Pebbles” and the abstract beneath it are interesting…Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  3. Very nice, Lauren. You know what else would match your cabinet nicely?
    Van Gogh’s ” Almond Blossom” print. Check out the beautiful color.

  4. My mother-in-law had a “fancy-schmancy” half bath downstairs, complete with custom-painted wallpaper and a huge chandelier. It was all very French-inspired. She had some framed French nudes (all from the backside) and a framed poem. The poem was written in French and was all about doing one’s business (#2 style) in the bathroom. Everyone thought it was pretty but never knew what it meant. 🙂