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DIY Silhouette Leaf Art Using Leaves and Paint

How to create high-end looking DIY silhouette leaf art using spray paint and leaves from your yard for a modern boho style designer knock-off.

Creating art has been my “thing” the last couple of months apparently.

I’m over here playing with watercolor apps to make house portraits. Googling how to turn our regular smart TV into a makeshift Samsung Frame.

And now I’m gathering up leaves to spray paint in the driveway. Who needs jigsaw puzzles and knitting when you have DIY art ideas filling up your head?

DIY Leaf Silhouette Art | How to create high-end looking DIY art using spray paint and leaves from your yard for a modern boho style designer knock-off.

If you’ve been following along at all on my Instagram, I started on a little master bathroom perk up last week to help make it a little more cohesive beside our modern-ish master bedroom.

The thrifty coastal art wall I threw together last year started to feel a little clutter-y to me, so I decided to simplify that corner of the bathroom with this leaf silhouette art I’ve been seeing everywhere lately (that of course is more expensive than I’m willing to pay).

I have to tell you this one was kind of a fail at first, but it had a happy ending. And this tutorial had a bit of trial and error. 😉

DIY Silhouette Leaf Art

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Supplies Used:

spray painting leaves for silhouette art

The Steps:

1. Lay your paper on the drop cloth outside in a well-ventilated area and place your leaves upside-down and stems in a design you choose. (I made the mistake of placing my leaves right-side-up and I think that’s where I went wrong on the next step.)

spray painting leaves for diy art

2. Once you’re happy with your design, spray the leaves with temporary adhesive or stick the leaves to the paper with painter’s tape.

DIY leaf art using leaves and spray paint

3. Spray the paper with the leaves with spray paint and let dry.

4. Remove the leaves to reveal the silhouette underneath the paint. (This is where I realized I should have turned my leaves upside-down and used spray adhesive instead of painter’s tape. Buuuuut this next step remedied the situation. If you don’t have spray adhesive, you can just do this next step to finish it.)

diy silhouette art using leaves and paint

5. If your leaf shapes aren’t defined enough, outline and fill them in with an artist brush dipped in a little paint.

DIY silhouette art using leaves and paint

6. Once dry, frame them and you’re done! Ta da! Easy leaf art.

bathroom diy art using spray paint and leaves

I’m so surprised this leaf art turned out so well! And I swear I’ve seen silhouette art like this for $300 each, which is totally nuts.

I can’t wait to try this with other leaves eventually like ferns, palm fronds, and magnolia blooms.

DIY leaf art in a bathroom

If you want more simple art ideas, you can see lots more here.

And if you want some handy wall decor hanging tips and my absolute favorite trick for getting it right every time, you can see it all on my Instagram here. Not that I’m an expert… I’ve just learned things the hard way over the years. 😉

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DIY Leaf Silhouette Art | How to create high-end looking DIY art using spray paint and leaves from your yard for a modern boho style designer knock-off.


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  1. Hi Lauren … I love them! Can you please tell me what type of store would carry the black sketch paper? Also, I love your matte & frames … where would I find these as well. I look forward to your posts … very inspiring … Although it’s a year since you posted this, I am going to attempt the lavender framed art … I told my girlfriends that if it comes out ok, I will make one for each of them!

    Diana in Massachusetts

  2. Mary, I love the idea and the basics are great. I was offering what I hope is constructive criticism.

  3. The stems look so artificial. No real stems would turn in those wonky directions. I think it would be best to use real leaves.