Antique Painting Mural Wallpaper in the Dining Room!

Adding traditional style to a moody navy dining room using scenic antique style landscape paintings on peel and stick mural wallpaper.

I finally got up the nerve to put the antique painting peel and stick mural wallpaper in the dining room!

Do you ever talk yourself out of a project but then keep coming back to it because you really want to see that gorgeous finished product only to lose courage all over again when faced with the enormous task of actually making that finished product with your own two hands?

That was the story in the dining room…

antique style landscape painting peel and stick mural wallpaper

Wallpapering makes me nervous every single time before I start.

Honestly, if I hadn’t ordered these peel and stick wall murals over the summer and already had them in my possession, I probably would have chickened out on this.

I have no idea why wallpaper intimidates me UNTIL I work up enough nerve to just do it. It happens every single time, and I’ve wallpapered a dozen different ways by now.

What the Dining Room Looked Like Before

Do you remember how the dining room looked 4 years ago?

dining room before

Dining Room Progress

Then it looked like this last month after adding molding to the walls, painting the room Romabio Blue Ridge Parkway, hanging the shaded chandelier I scored on Facebook Marketplace, putting up pleated curtains, and adding the furniture.

navy blue dining room

Dining Room After Adding Mural Wallpaper

And now… those murals just pop!

navy blue dining room with antique painting peel and stick mural wallpaper

Where to Buy and How to Hang Peel and Stick Murals

I rounded up a ton of my favorite scenic mural wallpapers for all budgets here.

You can see how to hang wallpaper inside of picture frame molding in this tutorial. It really is so much easier to hang wallpaper inside of molding rather than wallpapering the entire wall.

This is the view beside our foyer right as we walk through our front door.

navy blue dining room with antique painting peel and stick mural wallpaper

What I love most about the scenic mural wallpaper we chose is it reminds me so much of the marshes near Charleston and Saint Simon’s Island where we love taking family vacations in the summer.

Doesn’t it look hand painted? You can’t even tell they’re peel and stick wall murals unless you get really close and start looking for seams.

modern classic dining room with scenic peel and stick mural wallpaper
scenic antique painting mural wallpaper with picture frame molding and navy blue paint

Decorating Around the Wall Murals

I decided to keep the decor on top of the DIY grasscloth buffet a minimum without a mirror or anything so that the main focus would be that huge mural.

white buffet table with scenic murals

Since it’s officially fall, I brought my dried hydrangeas from last year in here, and that’s basically all the fall decor it’s getting right now. Minimal fall.

No fall decor could compete with this mural wallpaper anyway.

shaded chandelier and dining room murals
navy blue dining room with scenic peel and stick mural wallpaper

So now, it’s official. The dining room is 100% finished.

It might be the first time ever I’ve stuck with a room design from start to finish without any changes. That never happens.

It finally feels like home in here to me.

I have no idea how you would describe it really. Is it traditional? Modern? Scandinavian? French? Coastal? No clue. All I know is it feels like us.

dining room mood board
modern classic dining room

Dining Room Sources

modern traditional dining room with navy blue paint, murals, and shaded chandelier

Le sigh. Having several half finished rooms around here makes me appreciate this completed dining room even more than I already did.

To have it ready just in time for upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings is the cherry on top.


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  1. I really love the mural. And the whole room. It is gorgeous. Have you considered painting the light switch and cover so it will blend in with the mural? Why did you decide to put the 2 lamps on the side table? From the photos, it takes away from the mural, but it might look fine if I was able to take the whole room in view. Photo shots can’t give the whole view, and I am terrible at being able to visualize.
    It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Cathy! Thank you for reaching out. I like the light switch to stand out so guests can find it. The lamps allow lighting and the mural is on each wall so it is full through the other spaces. We are really enjoying the details to the room.

  2. Love it and the styling on top is perfect. The clear lamps allow the mural to show through, and the colors of the crocks repeat colors found in the murals. And it’s still hard to believe that chandelier was a Marketplace find! So good!

  3. Lauren, This is absolutely SPECTACULAR!. You really outdid yourselves! All the colors and styles came together so nicely! And thanks for the links! I pray you have many happy family memories in that room!

  4. So pretty! You have such good taste! Would different table lamps be less obtrusive in front of the beautiful mural? Saw these & thought they might provide light without hiding your art. Alcazar Brass and Mercury Glass 12″ High Accent Light At Lamps Plus. Or something similar….

  5. This is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!! I love the dining room before with the moulding and dark paint color, but now…..that mural just added such a level of beauty to that space.
    Thanks so much for sharing this project:) and all your projects!!!!