Our Home Office Makeover Plans!

Gahhhh! I’m absolutely bouncing with joy over here!

Because after three years, we are FINALLY taking on a huge project that we’ve desperately needed to do since Day 1 of moving into this house.

If you’ve been around since our very first tour on move-in day, this big room right beside our front door was the place we always envisioned for a home office.

UPDATE: Want to see the final home office reveal? See it here. 

And then it became our junky storage room ever since.

After all of that, it’s been very obvious to us that we need some good storage in this space since it will become the place where Robert and I both will work on our computers, and hopefully, one day soon, start designing for others.

Buuuut this is the current situation until then along with the big vision to make it both beautiful and functional. We kicked around a few home office mood board ideas until we finally landed on the perfect in-between, thanks to y’all’s help.

The Before:

The Plan:

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We definitely want to make this space light and bright but throw in plenty of that moody contrast we love like we do in pretty much all of our rooms. It’s definitely the thing that helps all of our rooms flow together cohesively.

Tall Cabinets – We plan on painting these cabinets ourselves from IKEA and saving a few hundred bucks from the pricier versions we considered. They’ll be great for hiding small decor items and office supplies like a printer and routers behind closed doors.

Desk Drawers – We’ll have a desk against the wall to be our “computer spot” and also serve as extra storage for any filing or craft supply organization we might need.

Desk Top – This butcher block top might end up with a darker stain, but the wood tones will add some cozy warmth.

Work Table – This was at the top of the must-have list since I often sprawl out big projects to paint or glue or get messy with. I couldn’t believe how well-priced this table is. It’s unfinished, so we will have to stain it, but that let’s us customize it further.

Rug – I keep coming back to this beauty that has the perfect balance of blue and warm neutrals. And it’s so inexpensive!

Chairs – These rolling armchairs are so comfy and perfect for rolling back and forth between the work table and wall desk as needed. I bought them all the way back at Christmas because I was determined to use them.

Pendant Light – I love how this light blends modern and traditional styles so well. And it will provide much-needed light over our work table. (I’m holding out for a good sale on this one though.)

Art – I’m a sucker for swirly painted landscapes at this point.

The Before:

The Plan:

Building a pair of closets in here is a definite must! By putting a closet and closing off the opening to this room with doors, it technically makes this former dining room turned office into a technical 5th bedroom. That will add value to our house in the long run if we ever decide to sell one day (if ever).

I love the idea of making closet doors look like bookcases with faux book spines! My brain is still trying to figure out a way to DIY that one though. (Inspiration via House Beautiful.)

The Before:

The Plan:

I keep envisioning picture frame molding in here since I love it so much in Regan’s nursery and feel like it adds so much for so little. These sconces will add some much needed light too.

The Before:

The Plan:

We will be tying in the black door motif from the rest of the house by adding double French doors with frosted glass to help hide the stuff in our office while still allowing light to pour in to our foyer on the other side.

That’s the plan! Now to actually make it all happen!

What do you think of the vision? I’m ready to go pick up a paint roller and a power tool right this second.

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  1. Love your ideas and your style! My birthday also fell on Mother’s Day this year! Happy belated birthday! 🎂🎊

  2. I love the colors and plan for the room. I have never seen the book spine idea before, it’s very cool! Can’t wait to see the finished project. I am with you in watching for sales for must have items. I have been watching a barn door for over a year…still not on sale:(

  3. Your well thought out design is beautiful. This will be such a nice space you and your husband to pursue your dreams!

  4. I love your plan and look forward to watching you pull together another incredible space. I have no doubt you’ll figure out a clever way to do the book spines on the closet! Thanks for sharing and I’ll be watching!

  5. I can’t wait to see this come together. I found some great white book spine wallpapers by doing a Google search. That might work for the closet doors.