28 Creative DIY Wall Decor Ideas for Your Blank Walls

A round-up of 28 of the best DIY wall decor ideas plus tutorials and tips to pull off the look easily and get the designer look for less.

Decorator’s block. I swear it’s a real thing.

Like writer’s block when you stare at a blank screen and that blinking cursor just mocks you while you try to rattle around in your brain for words to spill out on a page?

But instead of a blank screen, it’s a large blank wall. And what’s worse is there are soooooo many blank walls in a house that it’s really easy to give up.

To heck with it! Call it minimalist style.

But what’s the fun in that? (I mean I like the idea of minimalist style, but I need something.)

28 creative diy wall decor ideas

28 Creative DIY Wall Decor Ideas for Your Blank Walls

Whenever I ask the question, “What is one thing about decorating that you struggle with?” I always get a flood of the exact same answer, “I need help decorating my bare wall!”

So just for fun, I rounded up 28 GREAT DIY wall decor ideas to get your creative juices flowing and discover a fun project so that you can fill those blank walls with tons of personality.

Yes, they’re still in. And no, they don’t have to look like a mish-mash of random clutter nailed to your sheetrock. There are so many possibilities for different arrangements of your frames. 

I love sticking to black and white photographs to keep it simple. Or hang art groupings with a similar color scheme. If you love being eclectic, vary your color palette to a wider array for visual interest. They’re perfect for a large empty wall in a stairway, hallway, or living room.

And if you need a few great hacks, this is my method for making it perfect every time. And this is my trick for putting the nail in the perfect spot every time without making a million small holes in your wall.

stairway gallery wall using black and white frames
grid gallery wall

Here are a few gallery wall decorating ideas for arranging layouts that could help. The general rule is keep your frames between 2-6 inches of each other so they look like an intentional grouping.

Choose multiple different sizes of frames on the entire wall for an eclectic look or hang same sized frames together for uniformity. 

gallery wall layout ideas

2. Mirrors

Make a gallery wall from several mirrors or hang/lean one large mirror to make a big statement in a room. It’s a great way to bounce light around in a small room to make it appear larger.

For a modern, funky look, apply acrylic paint your mirror frames in different colors for a pop. 

make a gallery wall using thrifted mirrors
lean an oversized mirror and bounce light from a blank wall

Source: Shabbyfufu

3. Oversized Map

Make it extra sentimental by choosing a map of where you live, the city/state you grew up in, the country of your heritage, etc. It’s a sweet, easy way to honor your past.

Etsy has tons of them or you can find free ones by Google searching public domain images.

Add a vintage map as large wall decor

4. Hats

I loooooove hats as wall decor ideas for adding texture and warmth to a space. Keep your eyes peeled at the thrift store and you’ll be able to pull it off for super cheap.

hats hanging on a wall for diy wall decor in a living room

Source – Wildflower Home

5. Wallpaper

No art is necessary when you have pretty wallpaper stealing the spotlight. Some of my favorite wallpaper patterns are here and here.

toile wallpaper in a powder room

6. Plates

Another great “thrift store hunt” kind of wall decor project, especially for a kitchen or dining room.

a corner plate gallery wall in a dining room as thrifty DIY art

Source: Design Sponge

7. Molding

When you have chunky molding with plenty of character, it’s beautiful all on its own. Wall decor optional. Find tutorials for several different wall moldings here:

using molding to add interest to walls

8. Floating Shelves

I love the way floating shelves can make an accent wall feel laid back and allows opportunity for lots of texture. Check out tips for styling shelves here.

shelves as living room wall decor for added storage

Source: McGee & Co.

9. An Oversized Painting

Sometimes just one simple but statement-making focal point piece of art is all you need. Bonus: It helps make a small space appear larger. Or you can DIY large scale art yourself using this trick and a poster / engineer print.

Tutorial: DIY Large Scale Art Using Engineer Prints

using oversized art as a large wall decor idea to make a room feel bigger
using oversized art as a large wall decor idea to make a room feel bigger

10. Brushstrokes

If you want to save a few bucks but still get a wallpaper effect, this project is so simple and inexpensive to do.

A simple DIY Wall Decor Idea to use brushstrokes as an interesting focal wall

Source: Curbly

11. Command Center

Might as well put your walls to work and make them functional for the day-to-day.

Tutorial: Easy Tips to Create an Organized Family Command Center

command center wall with calendar and memo board

12. Pressed Flowers & Feathers

Go foraging through your yard for flowers, leaves, and feathers you can press to put into a float frame. It’s totally free and a fun little project.

Inexpensive DIY Wall Decor Ideas | pressed flower art


13. Hooks

They don’t seem like much but hooks totally count as wall decor. Their functionality is a perk. 😉

a diy wall decor idea to add hooks to a laundry room for organization

14. Stencil

If wallpaper intimidates you, stencils are a great alternative. Can you believe this is from a stencil?!

adding a wall stencil as an inexpensive alternative to wallpaper on bathroom walls

Source – In My Own Style

15. Engineer Typography Prints

Type up your favorite song lyrics, quotes, or lines from literature, print on engineering paper, and make a statement on bare walls.

Tutorial: DIY Storybook Art

engineer prints of storybook pages as diy wall decor ideas

16. Chalkboard

You don’t even have to write anything on it, unless you just want to.

chalkboard as dining room wall decor

Source: Amber Interiors

17. Old Windows

This one is so clever for a window-less room to take the feeling of having a window.

windows leaning on a brick wall for office wall decor

Source: Kate Marker Interiors

18. Baskets

Another good one to add texture and pull off wall hangings on empty walls for just a few bucks from thrift store finds.

baskets hanging on a bedroom wall above a bed


19. Cutting Boards

This is so perfect for a kitchen!

cutting boards hung as a kitchen gallery wall


20. Framed Recipes & Letters

If you have any handwritten treasures from loved ones or ancestors, preserve them using a UV film method and stick them in a frame to remember always.

Tutorial: How to Preserve and Frame Letters and Handwritten Recipes

framed handwritten recipes hung on a kitchen wall

21. Peel and Stick Mural

If you’re not that great of an artist, try a peel-and-stick mural. For extra pizzaz and a feeling of formality, add box molding around it.

Resource: Scenic Wall Mural Wallpaper

peel and stick scenic mural behind a dining room sideboard

22. Tapestry

There are all kinds of beautiful vintage tapestry out there on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Etsy, and other secondhand spots. They might need a little bit of TLC, but they add such gorgeous texture to a room.

If you need to add a focal point to a big blank wall, a tapestry can add a lot of personality.

Tutorial: How to Hang a Wall Tapestry Easily 7 Easy Ways

wall tapestry in a home office

23. Textile Art

If you have an old rug, cut it up and frame it in a shadowbox to create easy, repurposed textile art!

Tutorial: DIY Designer Knock-Off Textile Art from a Recycled Rug

shadow box with cut up rug inside to make textile art

24. DIY TV Art

You don’t have to own a Samsung Frame TV specifically designed to display art in order to recreate the look on your basic smart TV.

Tutorial: Follow these steps to turn any basic smart television into a piece of art.

art on a smart tv in a living room

25. Magnetic Art Memo Board

The best kind of art is functional art! Make this DIY wall art yourself on a metal sheet so that it doubles as a memo board your entire family can use. When it’s not in use, it simply looks like framed art.

Tutorial: DIY Large Wall Art Magnetic Memo Board

diy magnetic memo board wall art

26. Shower Curtain Art

Make an oversized piece of wall art by using a shower curtain stretched over a wooden frame. It’s super inexpensive to make and creates a huge statement in any room.

Tutorial: DIY Large Scale Wall Art from a Shower Curtain

diy art made from a shower curtain

27. DIY House Portraits

Upload a photo of your home into a painting app like Brushstroke or Waterlogue to create a portrait with a painted look. It’s an extra special way to capture your home and frame it on your wall.

Tutorial: How to Turn Photos Into Paintings

paintings of houses made from photos

28. Framed Sheet Music

If you have a book of sheet music, tear out a few pages to frame into a gallery wall. It’s a simple but sophisticated look. I created this gallery wall using Christmas sheet music for the holidays, but it works well for any season as well.

Tutorial: Sheet Music Art Gallery Wall

sheet music gallery wall

Whew! That’s all I can come up with. I’m sure there’s more.

But if that’s not a great starting point to fight some wall decorating woes in interior design, I don’t know what is. 😉

Hope it helps anyway! Be gone, decorator’s block.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should you hang a picture on a wall?

The general “rule” is to hang pictures at eye level approximately 60″ to 63″ above the floor to the center of the picture. Use that measurement as a starting point to adjust as needed for your ceiling height or if the picture needs to hang above a piece of furniture.

How far apart should picture frames hang in a gallery wall or grouping?

When hanging two or more artworks together in a grouping, it’s best to position them 3″ to 6″ apart.

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20 Creative DIY Wall Decor Ideas | A round-up of 20 of the best DIY wall decor ideas plus tutorials and tips to pull off the look easily and get the designer look for less.
20 Creative DIY Wall Decor Ideas | A round-up of 20 of the best DIY wall decor ideas plus tutorials and tips to pull off the look easily and get the designer look for less.

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