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Christmas Sheet Music Gallery Wall

Thrifty Christmas art idea to repurpose a secondhand sheet music book to create an inexpensive gallery wall for $1.

Today seems like a good day for a thrift store decorating project, don’t ya think?

COVID has really cramped my thrifting abilities this year, and I’ve missed it!

Remember when I pressed a bunch of fall leaves collected from the yard and framed them to stick in our entryway?

(Some affiliate links are provided in this post. Full disclosure here.)

The other day, I found this book of Christmas sheet music for $1 and thought it would be PERFECT to swap out those fall leaves!

Less than 7 cents per frame for art? Sign me up!

30 minutes later… look how pretty!

Here are a few books of sheet music that would work beautifully for gallery wall art (though not as cheap as $1 like mine were unfortunately):

I added this neutral block pillow, green velvet pillow, and faux fur blanket to make it extra festive and cozy over here.

And I snagged this paper white planter on clearance a couple months ago. I had no idea how massive it was when I ordered it but it works here.

Our dressed up IKEA wreaths are still going strong too.

So now I’m thinking I’ll have to keep an eye out for some year-round sheet music that won’t be so Christmas specific. You think anyone will notice if I decide to keep this up after Christmas? 😉 Kidding. Kind of.

I keep trying to brainstorm what other cheapie “art” could go in these frames in the future.

Botanical prints? Silhouettes? Maps? Black and white family photos? Vintage portraits? Antique postcards? So many ideas.

If you want to know about any of the sources, you can find them all here:

  • Wall color: Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
  • Trim color: Benjamin Moore Simply White
  • Door color: Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

If you missed the rest of this space, you can see our Christmas living room from last week here.

Got any other frame-able ideas we could add to the list? I sense a round-up of wall decor collections in our future.

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  1. Good morning and happy pre-Christmas from PEI in Canada!! I am so inspired by the simplicity of your frames and being able to change the contents whenever it strikes the fancy! Perhaps I will do some in our stair well ascending. I just wanted to share that your paper whites are actually amaryllis. We have had these types of bulbs for years, and it is a family tradition to gift a bulb each year to loved ones. They are great for blooming right in the dead of winter, when you need that lift of growth so much. I have a red one. Our winter home in Florida has neighbours that are able to grow them outside in the garden annually. I enjoy seeing a delivery of your subscription. I know I can count on something inspirational and in good taste. Thank you, Pamela

  2. Great idea! And I like the idea of also using hymns. I’m not sure if you referred to the flower pot itself or the flowers but those flowers are not paper whites. Those are amaryllis. I love the white ones.

  3. I love how you are able to switch out the art yet the frames remain the same. Great way to change things up seasonally or on a whim…and the wreaths are lovely.

  4. Love the frames and a perfect example of right place-right time! And a good eye! That pop of green from the pillow is lovely…when do you sleep?😉

  5. Love your entryway! The sheet music is a great idea. FYI the flowers are actually a white amaryllis. Red amaryllis are the most common but they can be white too.

  6. These are so cute! i actually used the sheet music sung at our wedding and had a photo of us at our wedding printed on top of the music. so many ideas and yours are always lovely! Happy Holidays Lauren! And thanks for all your ideas!

  7. Such a clever idea! Fills the space so nicely and adds such a festive touch. Do you have a tutorial on how to hang a gallery wall? Your frames are perfectly in line. How do you do that?

    1. Thanks, Susan! I used a level to mark the placement on the wall with a pencil and hung up the frame with Command Hanging Strips.

  8. This is a gorgeous idea!!! For the rest of the year, what about samples of vintage wallpaper in your frames? Coordinating colors that go with your home, sort of like a muted patchwork quilt in frames. I saw a book of old, almost regal wallpaper samples at a flea market once, and thought if my style was more classic I would have bought it to do this!!

  9. I love it. What about using sheet music as the background and a simple object or image in front of them, similar to the fall leaves. I am thinking a letters, easter eggs, etc…Can’t wait to see where you take this.

  10. I’ve taken some of my favorite holiday cards I’ve received through the years and put them in frames as a festive decorative piece of art. The frames I use are smaller, but I’m sure you could do something similar with larger frames.

  11. Very lovely! (P.S. The plant is actually an amaryllis – love this planter – going to get it for
    my daughter’s new house.) Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Lauren how are your (adorable) wreaths hung? It looks like one ribbon it attached on the back of the door, but then the other looks like it is hung from above the door frame….I am curious…And I love the frames!

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