Modern Traditional Christmas Home Tour

A classic Christmas home tour with a modern edge for the 2020 Jennifer Rizzo Holiday Housewalk featuring 30 bloggers’ styled homes.

This post is sponsored by Bed Bath and Beyond. 

Help yourself to some hot cocoa and come on in because it’s Holiday Housewalk day!

If you’re new around these parts or haven’t hung around the “blogosphere” that often, each year the talented Jennifer Rizzo pulls together an incredible group of bloggers to share their homes all decked out for Christmas. If you’ve missed all the fun this week, you can start the tour here from Day 1 to see the full line-up.

I am truly honored that ours is among so many beautiful homes for our third year in a row. (You can visit my past Holiday Housewalks here.)

Today is Day 3 of the tour, and I am the first stop. If you’re visiting from Duke Manor Farm yesterday, welcome! And if you want to see the tour from the very beginning, you can start here.

The Foyer

Whew. Inhale, exhale. Walking through our home all decked out in twinkle lights always makes me reflect on the year. I turn on Michael Buble and take a moment to just absorb- the stress, the lessons, the blessings. All of it.

This year, more than ever, I am so thankful for home and for family.

I wanted to spread every bit of joy I could throughout these rooms using decor from Bed Bath and Beyond in celebration of that.

To avoid contact with any big shopping crowds and eliminate any shipping hiccups, I picked out a few things on the Bed Bath and Beyond website and just used their curbside pickup service instead.

Then, Robert, Olivia, and I had a blast decking out the trees and stringing up the garlands while Regan napped.

Our foyer is one of the rooms that made me fall in love with this house 3+ years ago when we moved in, and I decided to keep it simple this year with just a bowl of preserved boxwood clippings, a candle on our secondhand Eastlake chest, and classic mixed pine garland with burgundy velvet ribbon on the railing.

I think this one might be my favorite look ever in this space. No fuss. Just minimal and timeless.

The Breakfast Nook

Our little kitchen table we call “the breakfast nook” is always the most challenging for me to decorate. It gets the most traffic than any other room and is also the smallest.

So I kept the table decor on the minimal side with a round tray, a burgundy vase with 1 little pine branch, and a couple of candle holders.

I found this modern light-up Christmas tree terrarium that ended up being so cute on our console table!

And I just flanked it with some simple wood beads, a bowl full of bells (that our 2 year-old loves to play with), a pair of dollar store mini houses I already had, and this mini tree that looks so real in its basket base.

Christmas brunch is a big deal for us, so I can’t wait to plop our pajama-clad selves around this little table to stuff our faces with cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

The Living Room

This space is by far where we spend the most time as a family, sprawled out on the floor with blankets or curled up on the couch together to watch Elf for the thousandth time. So I went completely crazy in here, Buddy style. Haha!

This artificial tree is the most realistic looking one we’ve ever owned.

Olivia helped me make these cinnamon salt dough ornaments the other week to look like gingerbread, and I dried orange slices to make it feel extra nostalgic.

I crumpled up some burgundy velvet ribbon to make it look antique, and these wood bead garlands almost have an antique popcorn garland effect. A few of these will definitely be staying out of the Christmas storage bins permanently so I can use them year-round on tabletops and with spring/summer/fall greenery.

For the rest of the tree, I used these burgundy and gold shatterproof ornaments (life with a toddler) and these black and gold ornaments for a little touch of modern.

Those Dala horse prints I found on clearance last year were the jumping off point for our entire house this season with its modern/traditional/Scandinavian vibes.

For the mantel, I hung up this garland and added bits of preserved clippings with more dried orange slices, burgundy ribbon, and fairy lights.

It is so totally NOT minimalist, and I absolutely love it!

I reused my DIY stocking tags from last year and strung up more wood bead garland.

And even though I did the TV art trick for pictures, I don’t really leave it on all the time since the image looks so bright on our non-Frame TV. (That thing is definitely on the wish list though.)

I topped it off with a cozy basket full of throws.

For some extra glow, I incorporated this pretty mauve candle…

…and this black tobacco & amber candle that makes the entire room smell amazing!

These candles are totally battery operated, but they are the most realistic fake candles I’ve ever seen. The flame flickers and you can set them on a timer, so as soon as it gets dark outside, our candles turn on like clockwork.

On our window seat and on all of our seating, I didn’t hold back at all with pillows. These moss green velvet ones are SO squishy and soft. And they will be perfect to leave out all winter long and even reuse in the fall.

This cream block pillow will be a good year-round one too, and this corduroy pillow brought out the exact rusty/burgundy tones in our rug.

Olivia has already claimed this faux fur throw and has dubbed it the cloud blanket because it’s so heavenly soft.

I tossed on a couple of these gray and cream check pillows that I fully plan to keep out all winter too.

I know I say this every year, but I really do think this is my favorite Christmas decor ever!

If you want to know any of the sources, you can find them all here:

***Room Makeover Sources & Paint Colors

I’m so impressed with the quality of all of our decor from Bed Bath and Beyond and how convenient it was for us in the midst of everything right now.

No matter where you are or how different this season looks for you right now, I hope you know you are so loved and wish you the happiest Christmas. I’m so SO hopeful for what’s to come next year. Good things are just around the corner.

The next stop on the Holiday Housewalk is my sweet friend Lucy at Craftberry Bush. If you’ve never visited her before, you are in for the most gorgeous tour ever!

Merry Christmas, y’all!

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  1. Hi Lauren…Everything is beautiful! The pops of cranberry are dazzling and the living room tree is gorgeous. Can you clarify if it’s from Home Depot or Bed,Bath,and Beyond…

    1. It can be bought from both. They both carry this particular tree. Ours came from Bed Bath and Beyond that I got on sale and with a coupon. I usually try to link it from wherever it’s cheaper at the time, but the price always changes on it.

  2. Hi Lauren..First of all it’s beautiful! From the entryway to the breakfast nook..my question is this..where is your living room tree from. An earlier blog said Home Depot but this newest blog takes me to BB&B (and
    significantly higher in price).Can you just clarify that for me? Lauren I’m old enough
    to be your mom😉 and am in awe of your energy and style. Keep me inspired!! I love it when your posts show up in my email!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family🎄

    1. Hi Diane! Thank you so much! The tree is the same one I linked from both. Sometimes it goes on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond, and when it’s not on sale there it’s sometimes cheaper at Home Depot, so I link there when it is. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond when it was on sale. There’s pretty much always a 20% off coupon available too, so that can make it cheaper there.

      1. Thanks Lauren for the follow up! I’m a coupon girl for sure!!😉 I’m on my way to get it now! Keep your beautiful posts coming!

  3. I think that you have outdone yourself this year. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, Lauren, for inviting us into your home. Merry Christmas to you and your precious family.

  4. Wow, you have such a well-decorated home- it’s so cozy and classy! When my kids were younger they always wanted to put up our old, tacky Christmas decorations. Now that most of them are moved out of the house, I can decorate minimally!! I think it will make decorating a less overwhelming task. My favorite part of decorating during the holiday season is getting my upholstery cleaned, fluffing up the holiday pillows on the couch, and taking a nap after all of the decorating is complete!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! We still have the tacky stuff too. Haha! But I put it all on the kids’ tree in the playroom. It’s lots of homemade ornaments from school, so it’s very fitting there with a rainbow of ornament colors. I’m SO ready for that nap you’re talking about too… I don’t see that happening for another 10 years for me. 😉

  5. Lauren, your home is just so beautiful and cozy with all its Christmas items! Your tree is so “real” looking. I love it. Your velvet ribbon is so pretty! I love velvet ribbon anytime of the year but, at Christmas it just adds so much to a garland. Now you can just sit and relax as a family and enjoy Christmas in your beautiful home. Well done — and gorgeous!

  6. Lauren I too am all about not being minimal during the holidays. I love your choice of colors and how you packed all the ornaments onto the tree. Your home feels truly cozy and perfect for your wonderful family. Merry Christmas my friend.

  7. I have been trying to decide how to put garland on my mantle without the electric cord for the lights showing. I see that your garland goes all the way down both sides of the mantle. This would solve my problem for reaching the electric outlet. Did you make the garland? If so, would you please explain how you made it or if you bought the garland will you please share where you found it. Thanks so much

    1. Yes! I used three of these garlands and just twisted the wire ends together so they would extend all the way down the sides. https://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/7733572/type/dlg/https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/bee-willow-trade-home-6-foot-pinecone-berry-mixed-faux-pine-garland-in-green/5491720?keyword=willow-bee-garland I added sprigs of preserved leaves and orange slices I dried in my oven. And I used these fairy lights split so that the “stick” piece sat in the middle of the mantel with the strands woven down the garland on either side. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Bulbrite-LED-STAR-SIL-M-27K-Indoor-LED-Starry-String-Lights-Multi-10-10-Copper-Wire-Strands-Plug-In/48678847?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=1967&&adid=22222222227036237017&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=77875454434&wl4=aud-1028050746378:pla-179362043314&wl5=9010687&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=113136832&wl11=online&wl12=48678847&veh=sem&gclid=Cj0KCQiA5bz-BRD-ARIsABjT4ngVAR0ji7mG4wqNRhi3rW3JUTXFHu8snhvr-9Ngx6H-_lL99djiZQ0aAmgmEALw_wcB I’ve used battery powered fairy lights from Michael’s before too and then you don’t have to worry about a cord at all.

  8. Love the burgundy velvet ribbon. It looks so rich. I grew up in a Swedish town and there was a store that sold wooden Dala horses. I always wanted one but my mom would never buy them because they were too expensive. The store is still in business today – I should go buy one! LOL. Love your home – your living room is my fave and I love the breakfast nook too!

  9. Lauren,
    Your house is gorgeous. I love the welcoming warmth you brought to it. Your tree is amazing! You are incredibly talented. Thank you for being part of the Holiday Housewalk 2020.

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