Christmas Night Tour 2019

A nighttime home tour filled with twinkle light and candlelight for Christmas and a little faith-filled chat about the power of anticipation.

It’s that time, friends!

The presents are wrapped, the tools are put away until January, and I am officially signing off to enjoy some unplugged time with family.

But before I do, I thought I’d share one of my absolute favorite things about this season: the quiet glow of twinkle lights and the hum of anticipation.

Christmas foyer and dining room at night with twinkle lights and candlelight

I’m joining in with my sweet bestie Rachel from Maison de Pax and a talented group of our blogger friends to share our homes all lit up at night for the annual Christmas Nights Tour.

If you’ve visiting from Rachel’s gorgeous home at Shades of Blue Interiors, welcome!

Chistmas Candlelight Home Tours

This view from our dining room is definitely one of my favorites.

Christmas foyer and staircase at night

It’s hard to believe that in just a few days, Regan and Olivia will be scampering down those stairs to see what Santa left them.

When I was a kid, that was always the BEST moment of the year.

But the older I get, the more I love savoring the days leading up to Christmas.

Christmas night vignette with candlelight

The excitement and anticipation to me is better than any present that could be sitting under that Christmas tree.

And really, the older I get, the more I realize that’s pretty much life in general… when the journey is the best part of the destination.

Christmas candlelight decor

I know that’s so completely cliche.

But it’s one of those things I think about in the quiet glow of our home when our babes are tucked in their beds, and the world finally seems to slow down enough for me to reflect on the day and the year.

Christmas tree at night

I’m so very thankful for our home, for my and Robert’s marriage, for our sweet girls, for our health, for our families nearby.

But I’m ever so grateful also for the journey that brought us here, for the two years we lived with my parents when Olivia was born and we couldn’t fully support ourselves…

Christmas dining room at night

…when Robert graduated from college, we both had steady jobs, and we were able to become first-time homeowners exactly 6 years ago, almost from this exact day in December.

Christmas tree at night

…when we made mistake after mistake and had more arguments over home improvement projects than we’ve probably ever had about anything else.

Christmas night dining room tablescape

…when we moved into this house to be closer to family and to have more room for growth and play.

Christmas dining room at night

…when we had our sweet little Regan, and she and I struggled with our health this last year.

Christmas playroom tree at night

…when Robert left his office job to run this blog alongside me.

All of it has been challenging.

But I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Looking back, those tough days and those hard years shaped us to be who we are, they prepared us for so much of what we have and what we do now.

Christmas night milk and cookies tic tac toe

And while there were days when I wished to fast-forward, when I prayed for what we have today, I can’t help but realize now that it was in the moments I least expected it that I found the greatest blessings.

Christmas playroom at night with fireplace and tree

So here we are, just a few days away from Christmas.

I know Olivia especially is ready to hit that fast-forward button just like I did when I was seven years-old.

But there is some kind of magic in those waiting days.

Christmas breakfast nook at night

This year, friend, wherever you are, whatever your struggles, I hope you know that there is SO much good in the waiting.

Christmas living room at night with fireplace and tree

That your “Christmas”, whatever that big day of anticipation might look like to you, will be so full of joy and relief and love.

But don’t for a second wish away these “before” days.

Before you find that spouse, before you have that baby, before you land that dream job, before you buy that big house… where you are right now is exactly what He planned.

And one day, you’ll look back and know you couldn’t have planned it better yourself.

Christmas candlelight coffee table vignette living room

It takes a little trust, a lot of believing, and digging deep to find the blessings in the waiting.

Christmas stockings at night

2020 is going to be SO good, friend, as long as you choose to find the good.

Christmas presents and tree at night

Christmas tree at night

I’m SO thankful for all of you.

I’m so thankful that this once tiny blog that only my mom used to read has now introduced me to so many of you who share the same passions that I do: to create a home that allows family to thrive, friends to gather, and love to be shared.

Because THAT is how you change the world.

Christmas night living room

“I have come into the world as light

so that no one who believes in me

should stay in darkness.”

– John 12:46

Wishing y’all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Next stop on the tour is Janet’s beautiful home at Shabbyfufu, and it definitely won’t disappoint.

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  1. Your beautiful home glows all the more because of your bright spirit. Thank you sharing all your talents but especially this message. Merry Christmas and very blessed New Year.