The Best Modern Traditional Christmas Decor on Amazon

A round-up of the best modern traditional Christmas decor that combines clean lines with timeless style on a budget.

Pretty please don’t strangle me.

I love appreciating the season I’m in, I swear, buuuuut the thing with bloggers is we have to start early on the holly jolly stuff so that YOU have access to all of the resources you need when it’s officially time to start decorating for Christmas.

I’m never early for anything. Ask my mom or my husband. If you want me to be somewhere on time, you better tell me it starts 15 minutes earlier. Buuuuuut…

The Best Modern Traditional Christmas Decor on Amazon

(Some affiliate links are provided below. Full disclosure here.)

I’m determined to get my butt in gear on the Christmas stuff so that when the post-Thanksgiving frenzy begins, I’ll have everything checked off of my list so I can just enjoy the season with family as the way it should be.

So I scoured all over Amazon, read tons of reviews, researched everything I could find, thought a LOT about all of the timeless-meets-modern pieces that I swear will never go out of style, and compiled it all into one list of the absolute best modern traditional Christmas decor finds that will last for seasons to come.

You can visit my Amazon storefront here that I’ll continue to update with my favorites.

Most of these things we use ourselves in our Christmas decor (and others I’ve ordered for this year).

I hope it is a wealth of resources to get you prepped at your house, if you need to fill the gaps! In the meantime, I’ll be over here sitting in the glow of my fall candles while pinning ALL the Christmas ideas for the next few weeks.

Got any Christmas-related posts you want to see? Planning mode is officially on!

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing how you freshen up your Christmas decor with just a few new items. While I could totally get on board with a whole new look/theme every year 1) who spends that kind of money on totally new decor every year?! 2) isn’t it incredibly wasteful and “first world” of us, especially during this pandemic and with 20 millions Americans on unemployment? and 3) as a kid, and even now, I love seeing my parents’ house decorated with the same Christmas decorations and ornaments we had when i was growing up. Every year it was so much fun to rediscover the things that went together to make it Christmas for our family. I want my family to have that same feeling 🙂