How to Change the Look of Your Christmas Decor Each Year Inexpensively

8 tips and tricks to change your Christmas decor theme and color scheme each year using mostly what you already have.

We definitely need a heap of cheer this week, don’t you think?

Apparently, I get bored easily when it comes to our Christmas decor. Because every year around October, I start brainstorming what our “theme” will be for the season.

How to Change Your Christmas Decor Each Year Inexpensively | 8 tips and tricks to change your Christmas decor theme and color scheme each year using mostly what you already have.

Before starting this blog 7ish years ago, I used to think having a new look for Christmas every year was something only millionaires with live-in maids and nannies could do. Like… who does that?

How on earth can anyone afford to have a new color scheme every Christmas year after year?

But then over time, I’ve found little tweaks here and there using our existing decor that add up to a brand new look without spending too much. It just takes a little thinking outside the box and repurposing in smart ways.

How to Change the Look of Your Christmas Decor Each Year Inexpensively

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1. Change Your Ribbon

For about $20-30, I can usually change the color scheme of our entire house just by using new spools of ribbon. Use ribbon woven into your Christmas trees, on gift wrap, wreaths, and garlands. It’s one simple swap that makes a big impact.

If you take care of the ribbon from the previous year, you can even resell it on eBay or Mercari to get money back for purchasing the new one. My favorite resources for Christmas ribbon are Michael’s, Amazon, and Etsy

2. Rotate Trees and Garlands Between Rooms

If you have two or more Christmas trees, swap them the following year. If you hang garland on your mantel one year, place it on your dining room table the following year or over a doorway or on your stair railing. It doesn’t cost a dime to simply move an item to a different spot in your house.

3. Stick to Neutrals but Swap One or Two Pillow Covers or Blankets with an Accent Color

I’ve mentioned before that I prefer using pillow covers instead of entire pillows because they’re usually cheaper and easier to store. I often find pillow covers for just $5 on Amazon or at H&M. Use ones that aren’t Christmas-specific (that don’t have “Jingle Bells” wording or a Santa Claus face on them). Then you can repurpose those colorful pillows on into other seasons.

4. Look at What Non-Seasonal Decor Items You Can Repurpose

Bowls, vases, cake stands, and lanterns are some of my favorite non-Christmasy items that can look more festive with evergreen branches and ornament fillers.

Keep your eyes peeled at thrift stores for items like this too. So many of mine have come from Goodwill. (You can see more thrifty Christmas decor ideas here.)

5. Paint What You Already Own

Got an old Christmas village set? Spray paint it white to modernize it. Ornaments, candle holders, or a nativity set you don’t love the color of anymore? Paint is a quick fix.

6. Craft Your Own

One of my favorite things is getting crafty with the kids to DIY ornaments each year. Decoupage glass balls or make salt dough ornaments. While you’re at it, maybe turn some into gifts for teachers and neighbors.

7. Have Fun with Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper has to be replaced pretty much every year anyway, so it’s fun to carry the color scheme onto the gifts under the tree.

8. Take Advantage of Free Printables

There are SO many great Christmas printables out there for art, gift tags, banners, etc. And lots of them are totally free. Print them at home, stick them in frames, and you have festive art.

You can snag my Christmas printables here. Ella Claire Inspired has a great Christmas printable tour every year with lots of great resources too.

Got any other tips you’d add to the list?

You can see all of our past Christmas home tours here to get more ideas.

We’re starting all of our Christmas decorating today and I cannot WAIT to spread cheer all throughout these rooms!

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  1. So so inspiring …love your designs always! I am wondering if the Christmas tree wall art are free printables…couldnt find them attached to your link…would be just what our den needs!!!!

  2. One year when my daughter was so sick I did not want to leave her side I cut, folded, and crafted scrap paper into stars and snowflake ornaments to put on a “Charlie brown” tree. Along with some white lights and a couple of dollar store boas used as garlands, it turned out to be the most charming (and almost free) Christmas tree ever.

  3. So beautiful! I am wondering where you bought or how you made your name tags for the stockings? Thanks so much!!

  4. Beautiful ideas! Don’t forget FREE stuff from nature! Visit your own yard or your neighbors’ yards if they will let you and pick up pinecones, acorns, branches of holly, cedar, magnolia leaves (depending on where you live). You can embellish them with frost spray or glitter or leave them au natural. Put them in a shiny vase, bowl, or basket and add some ribbon, battery operated tea lights and metallic ornaments (easily found at the a discount store or spray paint some old beat-up ornaments). Happy hunting!