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DIY Antique Style Christmas Tree Candles

How to make antique style Christmas tree candles in minutes (and without the traditional German real candle look’s fire hazard).

Just call me Clark Griswold because when it comes to Christmas lights, more is MORE in my book!

I’m like Oprah talking to all of our garlands, wreaths, and mini trees in our house this year. You get fairy lights and YOU get fairy lights and YOU ALL GET FAIRY LIGHTS!

Anyways… you get it.

This year I wanted to add, you guessed it, more lights to our Christmas tree. And I wanted to do it in an antique-y sort of way to go along with this year’s rustic Swedish Christmas.

DIY Antique Style Christmas Tree Candles

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Supplies Used

The Steps

So I found these battery powered remote controlled candle lights with these plastic clips I could put on its branches. But the clips were plastic and not pretty at all.

1. Put batteries in the candles first (one less step you have to do later) and test them to make sure they all work.

2. Take one of the metal candle clips and bend the prongs so they are flat. (They’re so pliable that I was able to use just my fingers. No tools necessary.)

3. Use your hot glue gun (set on high) to fill the inside space between the prongs with hot glue.

4. Place and hold the end of a battery powered candle into the hot glue, making sure it’s standing upright in the holder. Hold it for about a minute until the glue is slightly cooler and dried.

Repeat for however many candles you want. And that’s it!

Honestly, this hardly could merit a tutorial but there ya go.

Our Christmas tree has a little bit of antique style nostalgia now without the fire hazard of real traditional German candles.

So pretty, right?! I think I need to do this to other wreaths and trees in our house. But there I go Griswolding/Oprah-ing again. 😉

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  1. I’m with you …never enough lights! I actually just got these candles and put them on last night! love the antiqued ones tho” Where can I get those?

  2. Girl, I was just wondering how I could add candles to our tree after watching Rudolph with the kids and watching a family light candles while theu were on the tree. Can you imagine how many tree fries there were back in the day… 😮. Anyway, thanks fo much for this!!! Merry Christmas. 🎅🎄