Best Battery Operated Christmas Lights from Amazon

5 favorite battery operated Christmas lights and candles from Amazon to use on garlands, wreaths, Christmas trees, windows, and mantels.

5 best wireless Amazon Christmas Lights

I don’t know how my parents handled decorating our house for Christmas back in the 80s/90s, but I do remember there being way more electrical cords involved than we have nowadays. The job has gotten a WHOLE lot easier since wireless Christmas lights came long.

We have so many Amazon fairy lights, battery operated candles, and automated Christmas lighting sprinkled around our house that all add up to pure magic in the evenings with our home all aglow in the twinkle.

I’ve mentioned my favorite wireless lights from Amazon for our year-round lighting in the past, so I thought it might help to round up my favorite Christmas ones too.

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5 Best Battery Operated Amazon Christmas Lights

Tip: For all battery operated wireless lights, I highly suggest using rechargeable lithium ion batteries to reduce waste and decrease overall cost.

1. Battery Fairy Lights

I hardly ever buy pre-lit garland anymore because I love the flexibility of being able to change the look of our regular non-lit garland with these battery operated fairy lights from Amazon instead.

Just weave the wire strands of LED lights through garland branches and wreath stems.

Use longer strands of lights and weave wires close together for a dramatic twinkle effect or use shorter strands of lights with wires spread out within garlands/wreaths for a subtle glow. Or add multiple strands if you want that overloaded look.

Source – See more realistic Christmas garlands I recommend here.

adding fairy lights to unlit garland

To hang fairy light strands from garland displayed on walls or mantels, I adhere a Command hanging strip on the back of the battery pack and attach it to wall. Just hide the battery pack underneath the garland.

I love these Amazon fairy lights most of all because of the handy button I can push instead of fumbling with a switch, and it has different settings that allow you to change from twinkle effect to continuous.

It has the option to use it on a timer setting so you can set the fairy lights all around your house to turn on at dusk automatically. They’re fun to display mixed into any Christmas decorations all by themselves: on shelves, under cloches, woven through tiny house figurines in Christmas villages, anywhere.

mounting battery operated Christmas lights with a Command hanging strip

The battery pack in this photo below is attached to the wall on the right hidden by a few garland branches.

Christmas garland around doorway mixed with battery operated fairy lights

3. Wireless Pre-Lit Wreaths

I got these battery operated pre-lit wreaths last year after reading a ton of reviews, and we couldn’t be happier with them. You can set them on a timer to turn on automatically at dusk.

The lights lasted all through December and just past New Year’s before the batteries started to dim, so that’s definitely a win in my book.

Tip: Use these suction cup hooks to keep outdoor window wreaths in place.

Source – See how to hang wreaths from windows indoors here.

pre-lit Christmas wreath on exterior window
pre-lit Christmas wreaths on exterior windows of house

3. Battery Operated Wax Candles

Lighting real candles on mantels and tabletops makes me nervous for fire hazards, so I’ve loved switching to battery candles instead to set the mood.

I’ve tried several different types of battery candles, and these flameless candles are the clear winners made of real wax, with a realistic flame. I love the ones with the twisted detail for a vintage look. Just set them on a timer with the remote so you don’t have to think about turning them on each evening.

These battery operated pillar candles are very realistic looking too.

wax battery operated candles on a Christmas mantel
mantel garland with battery operated Christmas lights and battery operated wax candles

4. Wireless Christmas Tree Candles

I got these battery operated Christmas tree candles three years ago, and they are still going strong! I added these brass clips to make them look like the antique style candles.

They add a beautiful extra layer of glow alongside Christmas tree lights.

antique style clip-on Christmas tree candle
antique style battery operated candles on a Christmas tree

5. Wireless Christmas Window Candles

I’ve tried a few different Christmas window candles over the years, and these window candles are by far the best.

They have a sensor to detect the lighting outside, so as soon as the sun sets, the candles turn on automatically and shut off at dawn. The LED bulbs have a realistic candle glow too; I love that they’re a warm tone like a real flame.

flameless Christmas window candle
Christmas window candle on a kitchen sink window sill with wreath

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect solar Christmas lights outside on our front porch (since we don’t have an electrical outlet there), but the few I’ve tried have been a fail. Any recommendations out there?

If I ever find a clear “winner” in the solar outdoor Christmas lights department, I’ll definitely update this post to share them too.

Bring on all of the cozy glow!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do battery powered Christmas lights last?

This will depend entirely on how long and how often you turn on your Christmas lights each day. We have found our battery Christmas lights and candles last on average about 2 weeks when set on a timer for 6 hours per night.

Are battery Christmas lights worth it?

Yes, battery operated Christmas LED lights are safer than plug-in incandescent lights because they pose less risk of fire hazards and are more energy efficient. It’s a good idea to use rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to spend any extra money over time.

Can you get battery operated outdoor Christmas lights?

Yes! These battery outdoor Christmas lights are great for stringing through outdoor Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands without the need of an extension cord. You can also consider solar powered Christmas light options as long as sunlight will hit the lights for the majority of the day (like north or south facing). Solar lights will automatically turn on at sunset do you don’t have to worry about a timer.

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  1. Can you recommend a battery charger, and what brand of rechargeable batteries do you use? You always seem to have already found the best deals on everything. And hopefully from Amazon 😜.


  2. Question regarding the window candles – With these candles being sensored, do you find that rooms with lamps/lights don’t come? My problem with sensors in the past has been that half the house will be lit, while the rest are off due to inside lights. Some so much that the outdoor Christmas lights on the porch tend to even shut them off…

  3. Ugh- started a message and think it disappeared before sending. Sorry if it’s a duplication. Are used regular AA batteries in my outdoor wreath lights before seeing this post. Do the ones that you use stay fairly bright? Mind seem to already be dimming. I just got my batteries from dollar tree, maybe that makes a difference? Trying to figure out how much the rechargeable batteries might save? Did you also purchase a battery recharger from Amazon?