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The Best Boob Light Replacement Fixtures for All Budgets

A round up of the best flush mount boob light replacement fixtures with splurge designer options and their budget-friendly dupes.

We’ve been on a boob light replacement kick lately what with the hallway refresh, foyer reno, and DIY playroom light swap all within the past month.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “boob light”, it’s one of those round basic flush mount light fixtures that, for lack of a better word, have a “nipple” in the middle that looks straight up look a boob stuck to the ceiling. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Ever since I heard the “boob light” term about 6 years ago, I’ve been on a mission to replace every single one I come into contact with.

DIY playroom sunburst light fixture boob light replacement
DIY Light Fixture | Mirror | Art | Bust Planter | Limewashed Fireplace

And yet they seem to be EVERYWHERE! Hallways, laundry rooms, kitchens, pantries, closets, entryways, mud rooms, those flush mount lights are the workhorses thrown all over the house.

pendant light with a semi flush mount light fixture
Vinyl Floor Tiles | Flush Mount Light | Art Prints

I’ve been digging through the plethora of transitional flush mount ceiling light fixtures all over countless online shops lately that work beautifully for traditional or modern decorating styles, so I thought I’d pull together all of my favorites in my ongoing mission to banish the boob.

bell lantern flush mount light in hallway
Art | Flush Mount Light

Some of the flush mount and semi flush mount lights in this list are super pricey designer fixtures upwards of $800, but I mainly use those as a reference point for inspiration to find the cheaper designer dupes to achieve a similar luxe look for less…

Splurge vs Save: Flush Mount Boob Light Replacement Fixtures

boob light replacement flush mount light fixtures over $300

Splurge: Flush Mount Lights Over $300

  1. Gilded Leslie Light – $609
  2. Havasu Falls Light – $518
  3. Aerin Rosehill Light – $659
  4. Conical Drum Light – $499
  5. Radiance Light – $309
  6. Kelly Wearstler Melange Light – $339
  7. Feiss Light – $348
  8. Carved Marble Ruffle Light – $525
  9. Old World Charm Light – $430
  10. Robert Abbey Arial Light – $367
  11. Global Views Light – $747
  12. Windsor Smith Hera Light – $760
  13. Aidan Gray Light – $404
  14. Sleek Minimalist Light – $399
  15. Sophisticated Sophie Light – $398
  16. Soleil Light – $779
  17. Lettie Light – $585
  18. Claw Shade Light – $349
  19. Morris Light – $660
  20. Intergalactic Ring Light – $450
boob light replacement flush mount light fixtures under $300

Save: Flush Mount Lights Under $300

  1. Gold Leaf Round Light – $285
  2. Mitzi Ellis Light – $210
  3. Whitecap Mottled Light – $169
  4. Magnificence Light – $299
  5. Transitional Textured Light – $144
  6. Classic Bell Lantern Light – $225
  7. Minka Lavery Light – $209
  8. Wigburga Light – $207
  9. White Opal Globe Light – $125
  10. Possini Euro Milne Light – $249
  11. Heenan Light – $107
  12. Regina Light – $299
  13. Moravian Star Light – $199
  14. Kimbo Light – $245
  15. Geneva Light – $244
  16. Stiffel Light – $249
  17. Abel Light – $209
  18. Gavar Convertible Light – $180
  19. Plains Lantern Light – $107
  20. Dirigo Light – $73

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  1. I actually read about a baby that saw a boob light and start signing to his mom he wanted to nurse. May be an urban myth, maybe not?

  2. You know the real problem is that the majority of these lights have covers that are meant to “diffuse” the light so the bulb/light isn’t as intrusive. The point is for me, I have to put in a higher watt bulb to account for the diffused wattage and thereby cost myself more in electricity. I guess it is “shame on me” for actually wanting to see something what I am doing!

  3. Listen, girl, I never heard of a boob light till I read it on your blog last year. You’ve ruined me!! I had already purchased and installed 3 or 4 of those things. Now I’m having to replace them. You’re right, once you see it, you can’t unsee it 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Thanks for these new options. Ban the boobs! 😂

  4. Thank you, Lauren. As soon as I saw your post I thought “Thank you! I’m not the only one who refuses to use ‘boob’ lights!!” I have never bought them and settled for things I didn’t really like. This is a really helpful post for me.

    1. I’m so glad it helped! Our builder used them all over our last house because we just went with the most basic stuff knowing we could swap them out as we improved everything. Drove me TOTALLY crazy until we were able to replace them all.

  5. We have two boob lights RIGHT NEXT TO EACH other in the kitchen and I’ve just been hoping for over a year now that my friends don’t notice! 😂😂😂