Best Boob Light Replacement Fixtures for All Budgets

A round up of the best flush mount boob light replacement fixtures with splurge designer options and their budget-friendly dupes.

Boob lights. Nearly every basic builder grade house has them. You know the dome shaped ceiling lights with a finial in the middle? Once you see your light fixture as a body part, you can’t unsee it. 

boob light replacement light fixtures

We’ve been on a boob light replacement kick lately with a hallway refresh, foyer reno, and DIY playroom light swap. 

Ever since I heard the “boob light” term about 6 years ago, I’ve been on a mission to replace every single one I come into contact with. 

If you have semi-flush mount or flush mount light fixtures that are the same type of light, this blog post provides great options to replace them. Along with new ceiling light options, you can find DIY lighting ideas to replace your lighting fixtures too. 

Ever since I heard the “boob light” term about 6 years ago, I’ve been on a mission to replace every single one I come into contact with.

DIY playroom sunburst light fixture boob light replacement
DIY Light Fixture | Mirror | Art | Bust Planter | Limewashed Fireplace

How to Customize Builder Grade Light Fixtures

The “boob light” seems to be EVERYWHERE! Hallways, laundry rooms, kitchens, pantries, closets, entryways, mud rooms, living room, those flush mount lights are the workhorses thrown all over the house. 

One of the easiest ways to customize a new house is to swap each new fixture with boob light alternatives.

After moving in, start by replacing flush-mount fixtures in your larger rooms. Work your way down to the lower profile lights in each small space.

After moving into our new builder grade house, changing the basic lighting was our first order of business. 

glass flush mount light fixture in a foyer

What Size Light Fixture for Ceiling Heights

Light Fixture Heights for 8 Foot Ceilings

For 8 foot ceilings, you should choose a light fixtures that is 6 inches tall or less, but that doesn’t mean it has to lack in style with builder-grade boob lights. 

For rooms with lower ceiling heights of 8 feet, you will most likely be limited to flush mount overhead light fixtures. 

Light Fixture Heights for 9 Foot Ceilings

If you have rooms with higher ceilings 9 feet and above, go for chandeliers or pendant lights for a big impact.

Interior designers will rarely use a flush fixture if there is room for statement making ceiling fixtures. However, you do have to keep scale in mind. 

How to Calculate Light Fixture Diameter

​To choose the right size light fixture for a room, add the room’s length and width in feet to find the ideal light fixture diameter in inches. 

For example, in a room that is 8 feet by 8 feet, a light fixture that is 16 inches wide is ideal. 

Correct Light Fixture Height

In a room with 9 foot ceilings where people will walk underneath a light fixture, the ideal amount of clearance from the bottom of the fixture to the floor is 7 feet, 6 inches (90 inches total).

So for 9 foot ceilings, the height of the fixture should be approximately 18 inches tall without a chain or down rod. 

I’ve been digging through tons of options for transitional flush mount ceiling light fixtures all over countless online shops lately that work beautifully for traditional or modern decorating styles on low ceilings, so I thought I’d pull together all of my favorites in my ongoing mission to banish the old boob light. 

bell lantern flush mount light in hallway
Art | Flush Mount Light

Splurge vs Save: Flush Mount Boob Light Replacement Fixtures

Some of the flush mount and semi flush light options in this list are super pricey designer fixtures upwards of $800.

But I mainly use those as a reference point for alternative options to find the cheaper designer dupes to achieve a similar luxe look for less.

These are the perfect alternative to get the best bang for your buck to create a designer style focal point without the high price tag. 

DIY Boob Light Alternatives

DIY Light Fixture Made from a Repurposed Sunburst Mirror

Use an existing fixture and frame it with a medallion made from a sunburst mirror to create the look of this Ballard Designs light fixture for less.

Antique Gold Frosted Crystal Light Fixture Makeover

This semi-DIY project creates the look of a Pottery Barn frosted crystal semi-flush mount light for less than the retail version. 

More Budget Lighting Ideas for Your Home 

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  1. These are beautiful lights but I’m looking for something to use in two boys’ bedrooms. I love many of these but I think they lean feminine. Really struggling to find something chic that won’t look out of place in a masculine setting. Any ideas?

    1. Hi! I think 04, 10, 14, 17 and 18 would work in a boy’s room. If you these do not appeal to you, you can click on the closest one that is your liking and then go to the bottom and you will find “similar items”.

  2. I kind of… actually…. um (sheepishly ducking my head,,,,) like boob lights. And I have also recently embarked on a mission to let my freak flag fly, so here goes: I LIKE boob lights! I really like ’em! I don’t like seeing the bare bulb, and they hide it. I like the way they softly diffuse the light. They come in several finishes, so I can match the other hardware in the room if I wish. And they’re affordable. When I remodeled my last house, I put ’em everywhere. Some poor soul in that house has read your blog and is now spending a ton of money getting rid of all the boob lights I inundated her with! But that’s ok. Everyone out there who hates them, just send them my way. I’ll adopt them, take them in, and give those lovely little unwanted & unloved boobs an appreciative new home! Long live the boob light!

    1. Toni! I have smiled while reading through this! I love it! I love that you love them. I love that you are comfortable with your enjoyment in them. Thank you for sharing!! I am sending virtual hugs and thanking you for stoping in. 🤗🤗