Secret Toy Storage in the Playroom + the Chicest Amazon Storage Furniture

How we packed our playroom with tons of toy storage and seating flexibility, plus 30 of the most stylish Amazon storage furniture pieces for all over the house.

Our playroom has been holding out on a little secret, and ever since its quickie update last fall, I don’t think I’ve ever actually shown all of the cool toy storage furniture we packed into this place.

I mean… I get way too nerdy and excited about multifunctional furniture really.

playroom with cabinets, tapestry, rug, round coffee table, and four chairs

Isn’t it just every mom’s dream?! Fill a room with massively functional storage furniture, and I’m THE happiest mama on earth.

playroom toy storage furniture from Amazon with hidden compartments
Modular Chairs with Hidden Compartments | Nesting Coffee Table with Lift Top and Drawer Base | Washable Rug | DIY Built-In Cabinets (tutorial linked – painted Romabio Carolina Sky) | Tapestry 1 | Tapestry 2 | Tapestry 3 | DIY Sunburst Light | Rattan Lamps

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Playroom Toy Storage Furniture from Amazon

This playroom is far from organized (and probably never will be), but if everything can be shoved out of sight within 5 minutes, that’s all I could ever hope for.

We hauled in this nesting coffee table with lift top and spinning drawer base underneath so that our girls could have an art storage station that doubles as a slide-out puzzle/game table or to prop up feet for TV time.

playroom toy storage coffee table with drawers and nesting for playing games

These modular chairs have hidden compartments underneath for more concealed toy storage too.

All of those Amazon storage furniture pieces alongside the Billy bookcase built in shelving we installed a few years ago provide so much storage in our house that it’s easy to toss rogue toys right out of sight in minutes.

gray lift seat armchair playroom toy storage furniture from Amazon with stuffed animals inside

Toy Storage Tips to Help You Reclaim Your House

If you need some ideas to get a game plan together for some functional toy storage furniture and management of all of the kiddos’ playthings everywhere, here are some that have worked for us over the years.

1. Edit Often

About once every 3-6 months, especially before summer, birthdays, and Christmas, pick through the toys in your house and be brutally honest about what your kids actually play with. Toss what’s broken, donate what they’ve outgrown or lost interest in (I often do a swap at kids’ consignment sales).

2. Do a Toy Rotation

If kids have too many choices, they feel overwhelmed. Put half of their toys in a storage bin out of sight then rotate them out every month or so when they start to lose interest in their other half of the toys. It creates half the mess and it’s like getting a “new” toy when the rotation bin comes out.

basket with toys hidden inside and a pillow on top to conceal toys

3. Ditch the Retail Boxes

Get rid of the cardboard and group toys into bins with dimensions that fit on shelves instead so you waste no space. Put puzzle pieces, games, and sets with small pieces inside of Ziploc bags to cut down on box clutter.

4. Use Labels with Pictures

If you want to label your bins, include pictures of toy types along with the words so for any who can’t quite read (or are tidying in a hurry) a kid can easily know exactly where items belong. You can get my free toy label printable set here.

laminated toy storage bin label printables with pictures

My Top Amazon Toy Storage Favorites

Tip: If I can help it, I try my best to choose toy storage furniture that is not children-specific to allow longevity in our furnishings. So instead of buying a “toy chest”, I like to search for a “storage ottoman” or “wicker trunk” to use instead.

Not only does that give us more bang for our buck long after the kids have outgrown the toy phase, but it helps to elevate spaces for a more upscale look without sacrificing necessary storage.

These are some of my top Amazon toy storage picks.

The Chicest Amazon Storage Furniture

If you don’t have kids or are out of the playroom / toy storage phase, but desperately need some pretty storage solutions, I love all of these furniture pieces for other rooms in the house.

So many of these can maximize space with double duty home office, entryway, bedroom, or living room furniture.

Flexible Playroom Seating with Storage

One of the COOLEST things in the playroom that I geek out about is the endless choice of seating configurations.

Sectional Style

Because these modular chairs with hidden storage are designed to fit together as a sectional sofa, they can be moved around to make one large seating area for watching movies.

playroom with sectional sofa using modular chairs, cabinet, and round coffee table

Facing Loveseats

They can be separated into two loveseats for “teams” when playing two-on-two games.

playroom modular chairs arranged into loveseats for functional toy storage furniture

Encircled Chairs

Or they can be completely separated into four individual chairs encircled around the nesting coffee table for optimal jigsaw puzzle solving / Monopoly board playing.

Amazon storage coffee table with nesting, lift top, and spinning base with drawers to store art supplies in a playroom
Modular Chairs with Hidden Compartments | Nesting Coffee Table with Lift Top and Drawer Base | Washable Rug | DIY Built-In Cabinets (tutorial linked – painted Romabio Carolina Sky) | Tapestry 1 | Tapestry 2 | Tapestry 3 | DIY Sunburst Light | Rattan Lamps

I’ve walked into the playroom before to find Olivia and Regan have pushed all four of the chairs together in a grid as a makeshift bed for sister snuggles and reading time.

They turn the backs of the chairs facing into the center of the room to make epic blanket forts too.

Basically, this playroom furniture has turned out to be THE most flexible, functional solution ever, and I could not be happier with our little setup.

One day, if stock issues allow later this year, we hope to pick up where we left off on our playroom refresh to finish the other two walls in the room. Until IKEA shelving comes back though, we’re thoroughly enjoying our game nights and Disney movies right here.

More Kids Storage and Home Decor Ideas for Little Ones


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  1. Hi Lauren, a beautiful room creation as usual! What is the name of the color you used for the built-in? It looks different than the original one you chose in the tutorial. Thanks

    1. Hi!! Thank you so much! The color is new from the original color. This color is called Carolina Sky. It is the BlesserHouse line from Romabio Interior Paint.

  2. Looks great! How did you put doors on the billy bookcases? I don’t see them in the tutorial you link to.

  3. Lots of great ideas! Love the modular chairs!

    For those who may be overwhelmed with organizing, hiring a professional organizer like @resetyournest can get you to a good place where things easily be maintained.

  4. Good morning Lauren, Where did you get the curtains? I have small high windows that they would look amazing over say, above a bed creating a tranquil feel. My grandchildren are grown and your room is amazing. So, that’s why the curtains caught my eye!

      1. I’m sorry, I was referring to the tapestries . I figured it out. I didn’t look far enough in the fine print.