Girls Bathroom Decor Details and Sources

A full list of paint colors, decorating sources, home improvement details, and DIY projects for a girly, classic bathroom renovation.

The kids’ bathroom is so nice, I’m writing about it twice.

Well, really it just had SO MUCH in it that it was impossible to cram it all in one post. And also rhyming is fun.

If you missed it, I shared the big reveal of all of the massive changes in this post. It’s so dang cute I still can’t get over it!

But I’m a sucker for all of the pretty little details that go into a space because I really do think it’s that last 5% of a room that gives it personality.

And this bathroom has a ton of spunk!

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | Console table converted into a vanity with vessel sinks

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | Console table converted into a vanity with vessel sinks and retro flower floor tile

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Vanity Table

There were a lot of people who didn’t have faith in this vanity table, but I gotta tell ya, I’m 100% happy we went with this decision instead of traditional cabinets.

We adapted a console table by cutting out the backs of the drawers, cutting holes in the top for the sinks, and adding stained, super-sealed butcher block to add some warmth in this otherwise cold, black & white space.

It helps that the large linen closet in here provides tons of storage, but having this narrow bathroom feel so open now has been a major perk. The drawers are still functional and there’s room for the precious step stools that I painted for the girls.

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | Console table converted into a vanity with vessel sinks and personalized step stools

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | Console table converted into a vanity with vessel sinks


I thought a long time about the tile we wanted in this space and had three criteria:

1. It had to be classic.

2. It had to be slightly retro. (Our house was built in 1960, hello!)

3. It had to be slightly feminine.

I narrowed it down to three choices, and Olivia chose this hexagon flower floor tile. Of course. 😉

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | Retro flower floor tile

For the walls, I discovered this handmade look wavy subway tile and I’m absolutely obsessed with how it catches the light and makes the whole room sparkle. It adds so much texture and depth to this space and feels more vintage than the perfectly smooth kind.

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | handmade vintage style subway tile


We’re rather attached to the movie The Greatest Showman. (So much that even our Halloween costumes last year was inspired by it.)

When I found this pink tutu tightrope walker art, I was SO excited since it was whimsical but sophisticated and had the perfect color palette.

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | Self cleaning toilet, retro flower floor tile, handmade subway wall tile, and vintage tightrope walker art

There’s something about it that conveys the message “be brave”, and I just love it. That’s as deep as my art critiquing goes really. 😉

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | vintage tightrope walker art

For a little art beside their sinks, Robert had the idea to find some prints in honor of the girls’ stuffed animal lovies. Olivia sleeps with a stuffed tiger named Hobbsie, and Regan sleeps with a stuffed elephant named Babar, so these prints I found of a tiger and an elephant blowing bubbles was too perfect.

And it somehow accidentally gave this bathroom a subtle circus theme. Totally not on purpose but it works! I stuck them in these white float frames so that they would blend with the wall color.

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | tiger and elephant blowing bubbles art


I found these sconces for not too pricey on Amazon and thought the shades added a great traditional touch. They distribute the light well in here too by having three surrounding the mirrors.

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | traditional style shaded sconce


I searched high and low for mirrors that looked like beaded necklaces that were skinny enough for this tight fit and these mirrors were the perfect color and size!

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | brushed nickel beaded mirrors and shaded sconces

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Since the linen closet worked so well for us before, we really didn’t change a thing about it and just put everything right back where it was.

The hamper rolls out for easy access. The lidded baskets on the top shelf hold our two sizes of sheet sets. And the basket beside the hamper holds extra quilts. Wire baskets hold extra toilet paper and rolled up wash cloths beside a bin of bath toys. This caddy keeps all of our cleaning supplies organized. A lidded canister holds hair clips and ponytail holders. And these hocking jars hold extra soaps and bath bombs.

I always stick with plain white bath towels for our entire house so I don’t have to worry about mixing up colors and patterns between bathrooms, and I can bleach them to keep them extra clean.

If we make this closet pretty, we’re more likely to keep it organized.

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | organized bathroom linen closet

We thankfully, still have plenty of countertop space, so I snagged this blush toothbrush holder, marble soap dispenser, and lotus soap dish (and yes, pink toothbrushes and pink soap because I’m totally ridiculous).

I predict a lot of Barbie sink pool parties on this countertop in the near future.

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | bathroom accessories, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, handmade subway tile, butcher block countertop

And this basket underneath the vanity keeps a few towels in easy reach.

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | basket of towels underneath an open vanity table

Window Shade

I sprung for this custom shade in Capri Maple because it was cordless (to account for safety for little Regan), had a privacy liner, had a touch of black edging to tie in the floor tile, white stripe stitching to tie in the white in the rest of the room, and was the perfect wood shade to balance the wood tone on the vanity countertop.

Totally worth it. No regrets.

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | woven window shade, faux marble shower walls


I like to play with colors and patterns in hand towels instead of bath towels since they’re usually the ones on display.

I went with towel hooks instead of rings to make it easier for the kiddos to hang back up. (Wishful thinking on my part? Maybe. I’m banking on probability of hooks vs. rings here.)

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | hand towel hook, beaded mirror, vessel sink on butcher block countertop

Shower Curtain

I didn’t want a ton of color in here, but this blushy shower curtain was the perfect punch. The raised polka dots added just enough texture and echoed the mirrors and floor tile.

If the girls decide they’re sick of blush pink one day, it’s an easier fix to swap out the shower curtain and hand towels than changing the color of tile and wall paint. Thinking ahead over here!

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | Faux marble shower walls from American Standard Passage Collection

Paint Color

We painted the walls Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray since it was the perfect neutral, medium gray to balance out all of the black and white. (We used it on Regan’s nursery doors last year too.)

I wanted a neutral to keep this bathroom feeling calm against the floor pattern. And it will grow well with the girls as they get older.

The doors are the same as they are in the rest of the house, Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron. I’m still a fan of how they dress up and class up every room (and they hide dirty smudges from little kid hands).

Girls' Bathroom Decor Details & Sources | Console table converted into a vanity with vessel sinks and retro flower floor tile | Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray walls and Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron doors

That’s the skinny on the bathroom details!

Here’s the full list of everything here:

Whew! I think that’s everything. Obligatory silly mirror selfie and we’re done. 😉

This certainly wasn’t our first rodeo with a bathroom makeover, but I think this was the toughest handling the job while juggling a baby. It was completely worth it though, and now we officially have a bathroom that is 100% done!

Seriously, mark my words, we’re not touching this bathroom ever again until the girls are off to college, whether they like it or not. 😉  They get a new shower curtain maybe in 10 years and that’s it. Haha!

Only one bathroom to go (the master bath needs a full reno one day) and our entire house will be totally set on bathroom updates. Woot woot!

I’ll require a lot of bubble baths to recover from this one before that happens.

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  1. I love everything you do and this is another exceptional space! You encourage me when you have a vision for a space or something you’re working on and someone else can’t quite see it but you persevere. That’s my MO and my husband has finally said “I’ll never doubt you again, just do it!”. Makes things so much easier. 😊

  2. This is beautiful! I just want to spray paint the silver pipes and toilet handle to brushed nickel.

  3. I adore this bathroom!!!! Reminds me of mine. My floor is black hex tile with cream hex flowers and my subway tile is cream. Wish I had a wood countertop like you, instead of my old marble countertop though. It brings in so much warmth. Maybe someday. You did such a beautiful job!