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Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal

This post is sponsored by GLI Pool Products.

Just in time for the hot Southern summer sunshine, the pool liner makeover is done!!!

We might have already had three pool parties to celebrate. 😉 (Not even exaggerating.)

UPDATE: See the final pool reveal here!

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | vinyl pool liner using GLI Pool Products's TrueStone Collection

Remember that whole backyard tour from a few weeks ago when the pool situation was a tad bleak?

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | the before

It looks a million times better now!

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | vinyl pool liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection - Obsidian

When we first moved into this house, maintaining a swimming pool was a very foreign idea to us.

Neither Robert nor I had grown up with pools in our backyards before, and even though a pool wasn’t even on our wish list during the house hunting process, it was definitely a huge perk for us when we found our 1960 colonial.

The scary part was the unknown cost of upkeep, and since then, we’ve discovered what an (almost literal) money pit a pool can be.

So when we found out the existing 10+ year old pool liner was on its last legs, we went to researching all of the different ways we could update it without going totally broke while still making it look beautiful and modern.

The Before

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | before

And then I found this TrueStone Collection at GLI Pool Products that looks so much more high end than basic vinyl liners and would allow us to customize our pool while keeping the price at a reasonable amount.

We are SO happy with how it turned out!

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | TrueStone Collection - Obsidian from GLI Pool Products and charcoal gray painted coping strip

We considered several of their different designs, but the Obsidian liner was the one Robert and I fell head over heels for.

It’s hard to tell in photos, but under water, the liner has a shimmer effect that makes it look like real mosaic tile.

You can see more of their pool liner designs here.

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection - Obsidian

Pool Draining

We have a pool guy who regularly maintains our pool once a week because it’s still such a learning process for us, and it’s so much cheaper for him to handle the job with his tools and wholesale cost on supplies. We skipped our usual DIY spirit on this one.

So this was the pool once it was all drained.

Yeah, that old liner was totally done.

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | before

DIY Painted Coping Strip

GLI Pool Products told us that to keep the cost even lower and use what we already had, we could just paint the coping strip to blend in with the new liner.

We’re always game for a DIY project anyway, so we took one of the dark gray eyeball fittings to Sherwin Williams to get color matched for a gallon of flat exterior paint.

Robert spent a day brushing it on as the water drained before the next liner installation step.

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | DIY painted coping strip


If you’re a local to the Charlotte/York County area, we love Edwin’s Pool Service (you can find local pool contractors for your area here). They handled the entire job within a matter of a week.

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | vinyl pool liner installation

Look how pretty!!!

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | Obsidian pool liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection

With Edwin’s permission, Olivia did cartwheels in her pajamas in the shallow end because this little mermaid was READY!

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | Obsidian pool liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection


We used ColorMagic fixtures for the eyeball fittings, skimmer, and drain covers too so that the entire pool would look custom blended.

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | ColorMagic eyeball fittings to blend with Obsidian pool liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection

During the process, we were able to install a second drain so that the pool would be up to code too.

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | ColorMagic drain covers to blend with Obsidian pool liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection

It is such a relief to finally have this big job completed so that we can enjoy it for the rest of the season.

Can you believe this before and after?!!!

This was our view when we first toured the house.

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | Backyard before

And here we are after just over two years later and a lot of hard work.

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | Obsidian pool liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection and limewashed brick

Robert got a drone at Christmas, so he had way too much fun photographing the progress of this entire project. 😉

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | before

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | pool liner replacement

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | vinyl liner replacement

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | Obsidian liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection

We still have a few more outdoor projects for this backyard in the next couple of months like patching and painting the concrete with a non-skid surface, giving a facelift to the exterior of our pool shed, building a fire pit from leftover bricks we found, and installing an outdoor fireplace on our back porch in the fall.

Challenge accepted!

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | Obsidian pool liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection and limewashed brick

With the girls’ birthdays coming up in September/October, we’re hoping we can squeeze in one last pool party before the season is over (perks of living in South Carolina).

Once fall hits and it’s time to close it up, we’ll have a safety cover to protect the girls in the off-season as well.

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | Obsidian pool liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection

This is certainly not the last you’ll see of this backyard since we have even more planned ahead for years in the future with a fence update, a full concrete resurfacing, and landscaping changes, but this was a big first step for us.

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | Obsidian pool liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection

Swimming Pool Liner Makeover Reveal | Obsidian pool liner from GLI Pool Products TrueStone Collection

We’re so excited about this huge transformation, but more than anything, we’re so thankful for this fun-filled outdoor space for its provision of fellowship with family and friends.

There’s nothing better than splashing around with friends and seeing our kids all grow up together away from screens and enjoying being in the sunshine and fresh air.

We feel so blessed to live closeby to lots of family, and this backyard has given us so many great memories with them already that we can’t wait for even more memorable holidays, weekends, and lazy summer days to come.

Do y’all have anymore big backyard plans you’re tackling soon? We’re only just getting started over here.

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  1. Lauren, I have already ordered it and have started using “Your Blog” as my “To Do List for Our Pool Renovation”. I’m taking it step by step to redo our concrete & coping with “Sherwin Williams Paint”.
    It’s easy when you have tons of $ to do what you want & have others do it for you. It’s another thing to work hard together little by little and see the transformation & laugh at your mistakes along the way😉 It’s also so much more rewarding in the end to see what you’ve accomplished together! “You are Blessed”& we thank you again for taking the time to “Share Your Blessing”♥️

  2. Lauren, We live in the Matthews, NC area & I love your GLI Obsidian! Because we do live in the woods & we do on occasion get a random snake in our skimmer. Were you able to see with the Obsidian Pattern when something is in the water? It doesn’t seem that dark? Is it? Can you see the bottom of the pool(deep end) when you’re in it? “Fantastic Job” on it & your pool yard! You two inspire me to redo ours for our grandchildren!

    1. Hi Marybeth! We have a creek behind our house that can attract snakes too, and I have a HUGE phobia, so I was right there with you in that concern. We get our yard professionally sprayed (we use Killingsworth and they’re great) for snake repellent, and that has helped a ton. We’ve only seen 3-4 snakes, but we can definitely see them. In person, the water just looks bright blue, not black like the images in the catalog appear. Frogs and leaves and things are visible to us all the way down to the bottom of the 8 foot deep end, so we haven’t had any regrets.

  3. Hi, we recently had that same liner installed. We had considered painting the coping as well. Is the paint still holding up well? Thanks

  4. Just beautiful. We having our liner installed next week, I wan’t to know if you can really see the shimmering effect with sunshine. Anna from Montreal

    1. Yes! There’s definitely a shimmer effect to it that looks like mosaic tile once the water is in.

      1. Hi Lauren,

        My husband and I are replacing our pool liner and yours is beautiful! We are also considering the obsidian color from gli. I was wondering if you’ve noticed any temperature differences with the darker liner?
        Thanks for any feedback!

        1. Hi Erian! Yes, I will say the pool gets warmer than our previous liner did. Which is a GREAT thing in spring and fall, but the water is warmer than usual in July/August. If you live in a hot climate, I’d go with a lighter liner. If you live where the heat isn’t extreme for months on end, I’d go dark. We’re still very happy with our decision.

  5. Just beautiful! I am having mine installed this month. Do you really see the shimmer with the sun?

  6. Hi Lauren! We love your pool. The sample I have from GLI seems darker than yours and I really want our pool to look like yours. I just wanted to cofirm that your entire pool was done in GLI Obsidian. The liner sample we have has black on the back. Did yours? Or is there a way to lighten it up that I am missing?

    1. Hi Cara! Yes, the entire pool is done in the GLI Obsidian. It only comes in the one color so that should be the exact one we have.

  7. Just ordered a new liner myself! What pump did you use to drain the pool? I’ve gone through 2 pumps so far.

  8. Lovely transformations…. your home and pool area are beautiful… Your husband is wonderful to work beside you in getting things done! Have a wonderful summertime season!

  9. We built a pool in 1982. Our pool costs were kept low because we had a fiber cassette filter system. The cassette was about 30 inches tall and as long as we washed the cassette every time after we vacuumed the pool, it lasted a couple years. The most severe paid for a new cassette was $56. Our pool was not at all a money pit. Our church didn’t have a baptismal at that time and many picnics were held by it with baptisms. Unfortunately, when Virginia had its first earthquake, we lost our pool. Now it’s a big pit on the side of the yard that has grown up. We are retired and couldn’t afford to fix it.

  10. This Yank – lol – didn’t even realize pools had liners – I thought they were always tiled or whatever. Your new liner is amazing and what I would do to grab my towel and head on over for a nice cool dip! It’s gorgeous.

    Love all your plans – and the drone show, how neat to have that all documented.

    Well done, guys.

  11. Everything…pool (LOVE the liner!), house, patios, decking…everything is looking so amazing!! I can’t wait to see what else you are going to do! But, it looks amazing NOW! Enjoy!

  12. Just love your new pool, Lauren! It’s just beautiful! It will be so nice to spend time with your girls out there! Just enjoy it now that it is all finished and make loads of precious memories with your family! So happy for you and Robert — and those two precious little gals!

  13. It looks AWESOME, Lauren! How wonderful for y’all to be creating such a great space to make memories with your girls. And here in the Carolinas, we can all use a way to beat the Southern heat, right? Bless you!

    You are so smart to go with a pool service. That way you can concentrate on enjoying the pool!

  14. What a fantastic job, looks beautiful. Those overhead photos are excellent, Robert did a great job! Keep up the good work but enjoy your summer!

  15. Looks wonderful. My parents have had the same liner in their pool for years…and I love it. I may need to replace mine shortly. Painting the coping strip..is a ‘new’ process to me. Would love to know the brand name of paint that you used. I would love to see the white go away! Everything you have done to that house is amazing! Can not wait to see what you have next up your sleeve. Enjoy that pool with the little ones…and family too of coarse. Happy Summer.

  16. Lauren it really looks stunning! I think you are going to be so happy you went with this liner. It gives you a darker rich blue without being too dark. I remember looking at SOOO many liner samples with my daughter when she was changing hers. It was a hard decision. Wishing all of you many happy summers in your beautiful new pool and backyard.

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