Organized Paint Storage Closet Ideas

How to create an organized paint storage system in a utility closet using DIY shelving, pegboard, and a basic organizing kit.

Praise be! We have an organized paint storage closet all thanks to Robert because he knows literally the best gift he could ever give me is an organized space.

Well, I mean I guess our kids are ranked up there too… minor exception, right?

garage storage closet before

Ever since our unexpected renovation started after water damage, our garage has completely imploded with chaos. And the biggest culprit was our paint storage cabinet system. Meaning basically, there was no system at all.

paint storage closet before

But we had this storage closet in our garage and Robert had the idea to make it our Paint Central since we are always painting something and have supplies coming out of our ears.

So here are some paint storage ideas you can replicate yourself while working within a small budget.

Organized Paint Storage Closet

Supplies Used

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Note: Our closet already had pegboard in it from the previous owners that we reinforced with construction adhesive and painted, but you can get pegboard here.

organized paint storage closet with pegboard hooks and DIY shelves

Organize Paint Supplies By Category

We made “stations” inside of the closet for different paint supplies:

  • prep
  • paint
  • finishing
  • hand tools

Shelves hold:

  • dropcloths
  • rags
  • spackle
  • liquid sandpaper
  • primer
  • wallpaper paste
  • pry-top cans of various paint colors
  • polyurethane
DIY shelves for paint storage and organized paint supplies with pegboard hooks

I chose not to label the shelves since we wanted flexibility to move things around as needed to as we use supplies. (If you really wanted to label everything though, I use this simple label maker for a lot of things.)

DIY shelves for paint storage

Tips for Storing Old Paint

Only Keep What You Plan to Use – I usually keep the usual neutrals around: white, black, and gray in satin, eggshell, and semigloss since I use those colors and sheens the most. But it got to the point where we had probably 50 cans of partially used paint in a variety of colors and there was just no way they would be used within a couple years before it went bad. You can donate unused paint to Habitat for Humanity where it can be put to use for a good cause.

Save Just Enough for Paint Touch Ups – Before tossing/donating old paint, you can pour just a small amount in jars for touching up areas around your home to reduce the need for storing leftover paint in large amounts. I like these paint touch up cups to keep paint air tight with a room labeling system and a mixing ball to eliminate the need of a stir stick when you need a quick touch up somewhere.

organizing paint supplies with DIY shelves and pegboard hooks and baskets

DIY Paint Storage Shelves

We followed our old basic DIY closet shelving tutorial by using just scrap 1x2s and plywood we already had to build shelves to store items beside the door frame so we wouldn’t waste any of the precious space in those niches.

See that skinny section on the right where we put caulk and spray paint? That was totally unusable space until those shelves came along. Every inch counts! It was the perfect caulk storage idea since we always have tons of it.

Each shelf is dedicated to each item: spray paint, spray primer, caulk tubes, construction adhesive, spray adhesive.

pegboard organizer paint supplies

Paint Supply Storage

This pegboard organizer kit and these pegboard baskets were our saving grace in making sense of all of the paint supply things like brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, trays, sprayer, caulk guns, putty knives, etc.

organizing spray paint storage with DIY shelves

For smaller items like sanding pads, tape, and caulking tools, we placed them in the baskets. The kit had so many pegboard hangers and hooks to choose from that we were able to hang everything else on hooks.

pegboard baskets for storing project supplies

Storing the paint brushes bristles down makes a lot of sense so that after we wash them, they can hang to dry while damp and drip onto the ground rather than collect water in the brush handle.

pegboard hooks with paint brushes

For the few things like buckets and a step stool, we just keep it on the floor of the paint storage closet.

organized paint storage closet

So that’s our organized paint storage system!

It’s nothing that fancy and we didn’t bother with labeling the shelves or hooks, but I feel like I can breathe easier now even if the rest of the garage still looks like a bomb exploded on top of a train wreck in a tornado. 😉

Between this organizing this paint storage closet and the garden shed supply closet though, we’re slowly getting there.

UPDATE: See all of our garage organization tips

organized garage with bike storage, paint storage, and tool storage

Since tackling our paint closet, we had to move our water heater into the closet, which took up valuable storage space. This spray paint rack is perfect for storing tubes of caulking, adhesive, and craft paint tube storage while keeping it all easily accessible during projects.

spray paint and caulking tube storage

Progress over perfection is our mantra around here.

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  1. This looks fabulous! I’m curious about where you are now keeping the larger pieces of equipment from the before picture… some are labeled with “Dewalt”????
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Still scattered in our garage. Haha! We’re not finished organizing our garage, but we have plans to make it into a workshop. This was a step in the right direction for now. 🙂

  2. Great post! I can really relate to your before photo as we have been doing some major painting at our house and “implosion” is a good word for it. Love the after photo and how accessible and organized everything is. Thanks for great information! ~Missy

  3. I love this, but I have trouble with my paint getting too cold out in the garage leading to a gummy unusable mess so I have to keep it all inside. I’m glad you found a workable solution!