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Home Gym Ideas Perfect for a Basement Garage or Shed

A round up of smart home gym ideas for inexpensive decor, organizing solutions, and ways to repurpose rooms to the max to create an inspiring workout space.

What started out as a “hey, wouldn’t it be fun if we…” kind of moment for our shed, quickly morphed into a massive home gym renovation! We gathered all of the home gym ideas to implement in our own and are sharing the best of the best with you.

If you have a spare bedroom, garage, shed, basement, corner of a home office, or flex space anywhere in your house, a DIY home gym would be a great addition to tackle your fitness goals in a dedicated space.

12 brilliant home gym ideas

Brilliant Home Gym Ideas

The well-designed home gyms in this post are full of inspiration for decor, organization, and design elements that will help you make the best use of any available space in your home.

Whether you have a large basement to dedicate as your entire gym or just a little floor space in your living room, gym design ideas can make any space the perfect size to move your body.

Our Repurposed DIY Home Gym Shed

UPDATE: We were so inspired, we turned our own backyard shed into a gym. We officially dubbed it the “Shred Shed” aka the “Sweat Shack”.

Take the full backyard gym shed tour here.

DIY home gym shed makeover
backyard shed before

How to Gradually Build Your Home Gym for Any Budget

Check out our Guide to Gradually Build Your Home Gym Equipment.

It’s not often that Robert gets to tap into his Exercise Science degree these days, but we thought, since our situation of owning SO MUCH gym equipment is not typical, that we could share ways to create building blocks for gradually starting your own workout setup with free weights and workout machines in the comfort of your own home.

These 12 exercise rooms, yoga studios, and home gym designs are full of smart storage solutions for exercise equipment and DIY decorating ideas to inspire your own home workout space. 

1. A Focal Wall

This home gym decor has so much more wow factor with that big back wall of pattern. 

Since it’s a wall you’ll probably be staring at during your 20th dumbbell row anyway, you might as well stare at something interesting while you muscle through the burn in your own home gym. 

workout room with focal wall
Source: HGTV

2. Workout Room Inspirational Wall Art

Pick a few motivational quotes that you can repeat to yourself to give you the extra confidence boost when you need it. Scream it so your neighbors can hear it. Make it weird. 

3. Open the Ceiling to Expose Joists

I don’t know what it is about an exposed ceiling, but it feels industrial and rugged and perfect for picking up heavy things and putting them down. Plus, it’s a great way for make a small space like a cramped shed or basement feel bigger. Even better, it provides easy access to hang a punching bag. 

home gym with exposed ceiling and large mirrors
Source: Happily Hughes

4. Go Wild With Color

A burst of a lot of different colors could give you the bit of extra energy you need to last through your entire workout routine, right? When painting your home gym, remember that color plays a key part in your mindset.

It’s one of the best basement home gym ideas when the space doesn’t have good lighting from windows. And it’s a budget-friendly solution for wall decor that only requires the cost of paint and painters tape.

home gym with bright colored accents
Source: Home With B

5. Use Pegboard for Organizing Workout Room Gear

A pegboard is a great option to store strength training accessories and most-used equipment. Using pegboard hooks and pegboard baskets is a great small home gym idea for wall mounted yoga blocks, resistance bands, yoga mats, and jump ropes if you’re tight on storage space. 

workout room with wall organizer pegboard for small workout equipment
Source: Lela Burris

6. Hang a Smart TV

A wall-mounted TV is a great idea for streaming all of your HIIT workouts via an instructor… or to watch Great British Baking Show just to drool over carbs as you get in your cardio. (Whatever helps. No judgement here.)

workout room with TV, large mirror, and rug
Source: Xolivi

7. Transform Your Garage Into a Workout Room

If you don’t have a spare room or shed to turn into a home gym, make your garage your home exercise room instead. Hang up a curtain to use as a room divider so you can still use the other side of your garage for other things, if needed. Open the curtains to give yourself a more open area when you need more space for extensive movement.

8. Use Brushstrokes for a Wallpaper Look

For a cheaper alternative to wallpaper, use any spare paint you have to make random brushstrokes on the wall. It added a dose of happy to this once boring basement space. 

home gym with brushstroke accent wall in a basement
Source: What Karly Said

9. Put Down a Padded Floor

A padded floor makes those high impact workouts so much easier on your joints. The Tractor Supply store is surprisingly a great place to get a gym floor. Just look for horse stall mats to create a padded floor inexpensively.

home gym with padded floor and weights
Source: Katie Lamb

10. Add Lockers

Keep a lookout on local classifieds for old lockers that you can use as workout equipment storage in your garage home gym and doubles as cute home gym decor. 

11. Hang Full Length Frameless Mirrors

You can usually find frameless full length mirrors for less than $100 at Lowe’s or Home Depot. It’s the best way to check your form. 

home gym with padded floor and large mirror
Source: Kailee Wright

12. Keep a Shelf Handy

Use a shelf or storage rack for placing towels, water bottles, and a smart speaker to stream music. Consider keeping a mini fridge handy for post-workout muscle recovery shakes too.

Do you have a home gym? Any other home gym ideas you would add to the list that help inspire your fit goals?

We have a gigantic mess on our hands at the moment now that the demo has started, but with a whole lot of hard work and patience, it’s going to be so cool when it’s finished. So ready!

The makeover will be a workout all on its own, that’s for sure.

Home Gym Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put on the wall of a home gym?

It’s best to have a large mirror so you can check your form. Consider hanging motivational quotes to keep you moving during intense workouts. Great creative with bright paint and painters tape to create an abstract focal wall that makes your home gym feel energetic.

How can I make a home gym with no money?

If you don’t have much space or money for a workout machine, dedicate a storage basket in your living room or bedroom to hold resistance bands, a jump rope, and some adjustable dumbbells. These three small pieces of exercise equipment can give you a full workout inexpensively.


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