10 Organization Projects You Can Do in a Day

Home organization ideas that can be accomplished in a day or less to declutter, organize, and clean your home for maximum function in less time.

I’ve got the bug, y’all! The decluttering/purging/organizing/cleaning bug! The only problem is… having the time to do it all. Yeah, that little detail.

But now that the weekend is upon us and the holiday crazy has finally settled down, I thought it would be a good idea to share 10 organization projects we’ve done in the past that can be knocked out in a day or less.

10 Organization Projects You Can Do in a Day | Home organization ideas that can be accomplished in a day or less to declutter, organize, and clean your home for maximum function in less time. 

If you feel overwhelmed about a big whole house declutter/organization overhaul, I have one great tip…

Start with just 1 drawer.

I know. That probably seems like nothing. But that’s the point.

Start by decluttering and organizing just one tiny drawer that has been driving you crazy lately, and I’ll bet that one little job that will take probably 45 minutes will snowball into you catching the organizing “bug” too.

And if not, well, hey. You organized a drawer. That’s still awesome. I hope these help!

1. How to Organize a Bathroom Vanity in 6 Quick Steps

How to organize a bathroom vanity

2. How to Declutter Your Entire House Without Losing Your Mind & Printable Checklist

Do just 1 room/space per day and by the end of the month, you’ll have a completely clutter-free house.

How to declutter your entire house in less than a month


3. 5 Tips to Create an Organized Command CenterHow to make a super functional and organized command center

4. Pantry Cabinet Organization and Free Printable Labels

pantry cabinet organization and printable labels

5. Linen Closet Organization Makeoverlinen closet organization

6. 7 Laundry Room Organizing Solutions

laundry room organizing ideas

7. Toy Organization Printable Labels and Playroom Storage

toy organization and playroom storage with printable labels

 8. How to Digitally Preserve Family Photos and Home Videos

how to preserve family photos and home videos

9. Dollar Store Spice Jar Organization & Printable Labels

spice jar organization and printable labels

10. DIY DVD Storage Closet

dvd storage and organization

Bonus: Whole House Deep Cleaning Checklist Printable

whole house deep cleaning checklist

I never want to give the impression that we have a completely clutter-free home organization because lemme tell ya… we’re always riding the struggle bus on the Hot Mess Express over here. Don’t ever compare your behind-the-scenes to our highlight reel.

We’re all just trying the best we can.

Every little closet and basket helps, so if I can help provide a small part of your peace, that’s all I could ever ask for. YOU are the reason we keep sharing and striving to do better. And I can’t begin to thank you enough for that.

So here’s to getting our lives semi-in-order and here’s to the power of a day’s accomplishment. You can do it. <3

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  1. Love your philosophy for this stressful time in our life. You have inspired me to tackle my desk now that I “get to” fit it into my schedule. I can still bingewatch The Crown while doing one drawer at a time with a large garbage bag nearby. We moved to this house six yrs ago and the desk was moved intact and has not been cleaned out since it was placed!

  2. Love your blog and your printables. Speaking of Printables, can you tell me what program you use? I’ve been experimenting with Canva and Monkey Pic. Thanks

  3. I really need to organize a guest bedroom. I have a multi entertaining Crosely set and didn’t know what to do with the records and cassette tapes to go with it. I never thought of storing them in the very roomy closet.