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Scalloped Bowl Trend Alert + Thrifted Makeover with White Spray Paint

The prettiest scalloped bowls for all budgets, where to use them to organize your home, and how to make a ruffled bowl yourself.

I have to admit, my infatuation with decorative bowls has gotten slightly out of control lately (and for good reason, I swear).

In our family’s everyday living, we’re tossers. We’ll toss keys on the kitchen table, jewelry on random countertops, and remotes on sofa cushions to be buried under pillows.

Ever since I started placing bowls strategically around our house, our frequently used small items have been easier to find. So I’m all for the scalloped bowl trend that’s been on the rise in home decor lately.

thrifted ruffled bowl

Thrifted Ruffled Bowl Makeover with White Spray Paint

The other week, I found this cute scalloped bowl (or ruffled bowl… whatever you want to call it) for $3 at the thrift store and knew instantly how to make it look like the high end versions.

Doesn’t white spray paint fix basically anything? Seriously, that’s all it needed.

Just a good cleaning, a coat of spray primer, and a coat of white spray paint in a gloss sheen (which I had still in my stash from our outdoor string light pole project).

painting a scalloped bowl with white spray paint

Scalloped Bowl Dupe Makeover After

Didn’t it turn out so cute?! Not bad for $3 and 30 minutes, huh?

To be fair, we can’t eat out of it like the store bought scalloped / ruffled bowls, but there are so many places to use decorative bowls like this around the house that don’t involve food anyway.

white ruffled bowl on a dining table with pears and vase of fall branches

Where to Use Decorative Bowls Around the Home

Any where you find small items frequently scattered around your house, a decorative bowl can usually help.

Use them on:

decorative bowl on a coffee table for holding TV remote
scalloped bowl on a dining table with pears, jam, and croissants

Favorite Scalloped Bowls for All Budgets

Honestly, some of the scalloped / ruffled bowls out there go for a pretty penny. (You won’t catch me spending $300 on a bowl. If you do, check to see if I’ve been abducted or something because… heck to the no.)

But they sure are pretty, and the craftsmanship on some of these decorative bowls really are exquisite. I love seeing the gorgeous designer versions so that I can use them as inspiration to get the look for less.

How to Make Your Own Scalloped Bowl

I’ve been tempted to try a couple of these DIY scalloped bowl craft tutorials for a while, so if you don’t have luck at the thrift store finding one to paint, these would be fun to do instead.

DIY Ruffled Bowl Made of Clay

Tutorial | How to Make a Ruffled Edge Bowl Out of Clay

DIY Ruffled Bowl from a Repurposed Vinyl Record

Tutorial | How to Make a DIY Ruffled Bowl from a Vinyl Record

scalloped fruit bowl of pears on a dining room table decorated for fall

Moral of the story? Bowls are the unsung heroes of home organizing. Or at least maybe the cure for families that toss things on tabletops everywhere (us).

If you’re lucky, maybe the perfect scalloped bowl will come along at the thrift store, in which case, have that white spray paint ready. 😉 Easiest designer dupe ever!

More Tabletop Ideas for Styling Decorative Bowls

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