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Black and White Bathroom Decor Swaps for a Classic Refresh

A kids’ bathroom gets a clean and classic refresh using these simple black and white bathroom decor swaps.

This post is sponsored by Walmart.

The kids’ bathroom got a black and white bathroom decor swap in preparation for upcoming guest stays, and it feels so classic and fresh in here, we may never go back to the pink bathroom it was before.

pink girls bathroom

Okay, there’s still a little pink, but I couldn’t deprive my girls of all the frilliness. 😉

We still kept the girly tightrope walker art and pink step stools, but it feels much more like a balance between a little kid and guest bathroom with these few small changes.

Doesn’t it feel so much peaceful in here than before? It’s like an at-home spa now.

classic black and white bathroom decor with retro tile and Chippendale bamboo style vanity

Even the paint color looks a little different and it’s all because by swapping out the pink accents with inexpensive black and white bathroom decor from Walmart, it eliminated those warm tones that were reflecting on the gray walls to create a sense of serenity in here within minutes.

Walmart Home has really stepped up their game in the bathroom decor accessories department lately.

classic black and white bathroom decor with retro tile and Chippendale bamboo style vanity

It’s so easy to get stuck in the idea that in order to make a big difference in a bathroom’s style you have to paint the walls, change the light fixtures, and reinvent the tile.

But if you’re ever craving a new vibe for your bathroom, these simple bathroom decor swaps can make it happen quickly.

8 Black and White Bathroom Decor Swaps for a Classic Refresh


Remember that pink tiger and elephant art beside the sinks?

console table bathroom vanity

I found a couple of farmhouse style typography canvases at the thrift store, framed them out with some lattice stripping, and Mod Podged these vintage prints on top for a couple bucks.

black and white bathroom decor with console table vanity

Ta da! Classic, vintage, but still feminine art.

vintage meets retro black and white bathroom decor


I’m a big fan of all white towels in bathrooms. They communicate a clean and fresh feeling that makes your space feel spa-like.

I love the texture of these sculpted organic cotton towels from the Gap Home line.

apothecary jar bathroom accessories

Bathroom Canisters

To help dress up their usual plastic packaging, try putting basic bathroom toiletries like cotton swaps, cotton balls, and bath salts in apothecary jars.

Soap Dispenser

Swapping out the pink soap dispenser for this simple foaming soap pump is better suited for a neutral space.

This marble vanity tray helps prevent soap and water from spilling all over the countertop too.

bathroom accessories

Toilet Seat

This swap is kind of different from your typical bathroom decor, but swapping out your toilet’s basic white seat for a black seat feels so classic and a little bit retro!

black and white bathroom tile with kids art

It’s so simple yet makes such a big impact to help a basic toilet feel a bit more upscale.

retro bathroom with black and white tile and black toilet seat

Vase or Planter

A little greenery (even the fake kind) can add a little life to a dull bathroom. Use a simple neutral vase to keep it feeling fresh.

toilet tank decor


I especially like to have a lit candle in the bathroom when expecting guests to keep the space smelling good and provide an inviting atmosphere.

It’s nice to place a small bottle of air freshener or some feminine hygiene products for guests to use on this bamboo tray too.

black toilet seat with classic bathroom decor

Toilet Brush

It’s such a little detail, but nothing is more gross than an old, ratty toilet brush sitting right on the floor for guests to see. This marble toilet brush keeps it handy but still looking nice.

Having this decorative plunger nearby for guests (to prevent embarrassing clog moments) it’s good to have too.

Shower Curtain

If you want to change the entire look of your bathroom, start with the shower curtain.

kids bathroom with pink shower curtain

This gray seersucker shower curtain with the tassel detail still feels just slightly feminine without being over the top.

marble shower with black and white retro tile and gray shower curtain
gray shower curtain

Tub Side Stool

Having a little stool is great to have handy as a side table for soaks in the the tub or if you need a place to sit and spare your back while bathing a little one. I gave this inexpensive wooden stool a quick stain and poly for a high end designer look for less.

bathroom stool with toiletries and black and white bathroom tile
bathroom stool with toiletries

After all of the construction we’ve had these last couple of months and our entire family piling into this bathroom, this space desperately needed this refresh.

It feels so much better in here now with just these simple changes.

black and white bathroom decor with retro tile and stool beside the tub

Here is all of the bathroom decor I used in here from Walmart.

Bathroom Sources

We are almost at the finish line in our bathroom renovation too that I cannot wait to show y’all later this week! It’s SO good! Ahh!


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  1. Please, can you tell me the color of your paint on the walls, and where did you get the tile for the floor? Love this bathroom! So many great ideas!!

  2. Hi, love the look of this bathroom! Absolutely gorgeous! Can you tell me where you purchased the roman shade? Love the look of it! Thank you!

  3. Stumbled upon this post after seeing your post about turning your office into a guest room. Do you remember the name of the stain on the stool? I love the way it looks and am thinking of stealing your idea for our guest room.
    Thanks for the help!