Our Scalloped Marble Backsplash in the Bathroom Reno

How we saved on our dream marble backsplash and countertop, plus the marble sealer built to prevent stains and etches for 10 years!

The bathroom renovation has really come along in the past week, and the latest addition of the scalloped marble backsplash has me seeing ALL the heart eyes!

marble countertop and scalloped backsplash

We still have a long way to go with faucets still to be installed, lighting still to be put up, mirrors still to be hung, and a shower door in fabrication, but hauling in this wooden double vanity and adding the marble countertop is a huge step.

It is finally starting to feel like a bathroom!

wood double vanity in a bathroom with scalloped marble backsplash and herringbone tile floor

If you’re catching up, here’s the entire journey of this renovation from inspiration to projects:

bathroom before

How We Saved Money with a Marble Countertop

We visited several different countertop locations in the Charlotte area to find the “winner” and found the perfect marble remnant that saved us a big chunk of the budget instead of needing to purchase an entire slab.

One person’s discard pile can be another person’s treasure, and that’s definitely what happened in our case.

wood bathroom vanity

If you’re in the Charlotte area, we used Legacy Countertops. We gave one of our under mount sinks (this sink which we purchased beforehand) to the countertop fabricator so that they could cut the marble to its specifications.

Once the guys arrived with the marble countertop and marble backsplash to install on the vanity, they cut the faucet holes on site, installed the under mount sinks, and added silicone along all of the edges.

Our contractor suggested we add a portion of the same marble from our remnant to our shower ledge as well, so I’ll share that later.

wood vanity with scalloped marble backsplash in a bathroom

Sealing the Marble Countertop

After sharing a bit about our marble vs marble effect tile debate in the planning phase, a few of you guys let us know about a UV treatment that can be done to marble to protect it for 10 years and make maintenance a breeze with no concerns of staining or etching.

We were sold! So we’ll see how this marble stands up with the UV treatment and plan to report back later. Many countertop fabricators can do a UV treatment so ask about it when you visit your local stone yard.

Scalloped Marble Backsplash Height

Since our bathroom vanity is freestanding without any walls pressed against either side, a scalloped backsplash seemed like a better option than the sink ledge we’d originally thought of doing. The scallop feels like the perfect choice now!

Our marble backsplash is 12″ high to leave plenty of room for the wall mounted faucets. I really wanted this backsplash to be dramatic, so this height feels right.

wood vanity with scalloped marble backsplash and herringbone tile

Picture it with black arched mirrors, brushed brass hardware, faucets, and sconces, and a bit of molding. It has so much more character still to come.

Most of all, I’m really excited that I won’t have to step on the kids’ bath toys during my showers for much longer. 😉


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  1. Beautiful! I can relate-we are remodeling our entire house. We are almost to the counter-top phase (next week)….love what you have done. So beautiful.

  2. Interested to hear about how you decided to seal the marble. I recall being told that I needed to reseal with the product used when my marble was installed. But I’m very curious about the products you have decided to try. We used porcelain on the floors and shower in our bath but marble for the countertops and it’s time to reseal!