Our Classic Bathroom Design Plan!

It’s only taken us all summer to come up with a plan but we finally have nailed down our classic bathroom design!

I will decorate a living room or a dining room all the live long day, but once you throw permanent decisions my way that aren’t easily changed like kitchen and bathroom remodels, I feel the effects of decision paralysis. (Hence, my obsession with making mood boards to ease the process.)

It’s especially hard when it’s for our own house and not someone else’s. What’s that about?

After narrowing in on specific details we wanted our primary bathroom to have and analyzing tons of classic bathroom designs to result in a remodel that can span across any trends that hit the scene in the next decade or so, we’re feeling really confident with this vision.

If you need a reminder, here is our bathroom that is now 90% demoed.

bathroom before
bathroom before
bathroom before

The Layout

Since this is a relatively small bathroom at 63 square feet, our contractor convinced us it’d be best to keep the current layout.

small bathroom layout

And after polling many of you about your own bathroom remodels, your answers solidified our decision that sacrificing storage and a double sink in lieu of a larger shower and water closet wasn’t the best idea (not to mention a monumental hit to an already unexpected remodel budget).

The Mood Board

classic bathroom design
classic bathroom design

When thinking “classic”, herringbone, marble, mid-toned wood, brass, and black and white immediately popped into my brain.

  • Floors – We’ve debated between real marble and marble-look porcelain tiles, but either way, we’re laying them in a herringbone pattern and I am DYING to see it happen!
  • Shower – We’ll be continuing larger marble tile into the shower with small marble hexagon on the shower floors and a frameless glass shower door with a satin brass knob.
  • Vanity – This whitewashed walnut vanity seems like the Goldilocks of vanities, not to dark, not too light, no red or blue undertones, just right. I’m hoping we can manage a high statement-making marble backsplash.
  • Walls Treatment – We’re continuing box molding into the space to save a bit of the budget to add interest to the walls without the pricier cost of wall tile.
  • Storage – I’m thinking of a black linen cabinet with reeded glass front and a wood backing with space for a pull-out hamper underneath (but that’ll be a DIY down the road once the contractors are finished).
  • Faucets & Fixtures – I love the look of wall mounted brass faucets, so we’ll be installing them to the high marble backsplash along with this brass shower system.
  • MirrorsBlack arched mirrors seemed perfect for some metal mixing and softening the lines.
  • Lighting – I’m going to attempt a DIY on a dupe of these sconce lights along with this flush mount light fixture.
  • Rug – I’m still on the hunt for a small vintage rug.

So that’s where we are. What do you think of when you hear the phrase “classic bathroom design”? Something like this-ish?

The Inspiration

Along with all of these classic bathroom design features, I keep coming back to this marble backsplash sink ledge from Atlanta Homes Mag. The bathroom design is from 2012, but it’s just proof to me that classic spans the test of time and trends. Despite being from nearly a decade ago, classic gives you the most bang for your buck.

We’re so ready to get the bathroom remodel show on the road already! What do you think of the plan so far?

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  1. It looks great guys! We are beginning the process of an owners bath and closet addition. We love the gold/brass fixtures and classic look. I love the herringbone idea for the floor. We are also going for hopefully, a timeless/classic look for our older cape. Have fun!

  2. Have you made sure of wanting marble… that is so much of it? Cleaning and staining and the etching that can happen with it…
    We have marble and are super careful we always wipe everything down and it still can spots so easily. It makes me crazy!
    There is so many cleaners you can’t even use in marble. Just a thought. It is so beautiful though and many interior decorators always use it in our clients homes and I hear many of them complain about it even.

    1. We are going with marble look porcelain for that very reason. 😉 There’s no way I want to deal with the maintenance of the real thing.

  3. Hi, I love your style and selections! I do just want to caution you to be very careful about the sink ledge and how high up you mount the mirrors along with the wall mounted faucets (so cool). Tape off the layout on the wall, maybe even hang a mirror at the planned height, then step back to the depth of the counter.
    My coworker, an architect, did this same concept in his master bath and even at 5’ 7”, I felt like I was not seeing enough of myself in the mirror. Like only seeing half to three quarters of your face… might make getting ready a challenge! He is a tall guy, but his poor wife is even shorter than me! I imagine they regret it.