Modern Classic Bathroom Ideas Giving Us Major Inspo for Our Remodel

5 modern classic bathroom ideas for a functional, timeless bathroom design that never goes out of style.

My head is SWIRLING with all of the bathroom remodel ideas lately now that water mitigation is finished and drywall is starting to get repaired around here. 

bathroom renovation

Pretty soon, contractors will be finishing demo in our primary bathroom and then it’s full steam ahead for the actual remodel! It’s been a long road since the water damage accident, and we’re still not as far along as I’d hoped, but we’re excited for everything these next few weeks will bring. 

One main goal I’ve had for our new bathroom design is to make it timeless. I want this bathroom renovation to last us decades! So that means classic tile, neutral colors, pieces that feel something like out of the 1920s, 1960s, and today. 

These are the modern classic bathroom inspirations that keep me coming back.

Modern Classic Bathroom Ideas

scalloped backsplash and marble sink ledge in bathroomSource: Cottages & Gardens

1. Scalloped Marble Backsplash Ledge

I love the look of a scalloped marble backsplash but the functionality of a sink ledge. This one combining both is perfect and so timeless!

picture frame molding in a bathroom with soaking tub and herringbone tileSource: Kate Abt Design

2. Shadow Box Molding

Even though we don’t have room for that gorgeous tub, I think some picture frame molding on the wall (just like the ones we did in Regan’s room and our dining room) will add a classic detail and be more cost-effective than wall tile. 

medium toned wood bathroom vanity with hexagon tile and shaded sconcesSource: Jean Stoffer Design

3. Classic Wood Vanity

I keep envisioning a medium toned wood vanity that looks like a piece of furniture. The feet will help the small space feel more open. 

bathroom shower room with door Source: Katie Martinez Design

4. Enclosed Shower Room

This feels like a good solution for a small shower without skimping on style. And according to many of you from the “Would You Rather?” Bathroom Design discussion

, it’s more warm and cozy too. That brass doorknob detail on the shower door sold me!

black linen cabinet with wood interiorSource: Greige Design

5. Black Linen Cabinet with Wood Interior

We desperately need storage in this small bathroom, and this linen cabinet seems like a great solution that will never go out of style. 

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Timeless Bathroom”? For some reason, it makes me think if Great-Gatsby-meets-James-Bond were to become a bathroom design, that’s what I’d want. 


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  1. I actually don’t believe in timeless because unfortunately every style will come and go. Everything is white now it seems which is certainly beautiful but it won’t be on trend forever. I say go with what you love now and enjoy it. No matter what you pick you’ll be ready to update at some point in the future!

  2. I”m in the process of redesigning our primary bathroom and have similar wants as you for a timeless room for our 1913 four square. My question is around tile – have you considered marble or marble alternative? I’m not thrown off by the cost (it’s not a super large room) as much as I’m thrown off by the thought of the maintence for updating. But, every room i see that I like has marble tile! and, I don’t *love* the marble looking tile – at that point i’d rather go with some classic white tiles!

    1. Hi, Nicole. As these are all from someone else’s posts and blogs, you can click the link to their page for detail information. I actually have not looked that deep into where I will get the items.

  3. There’s an Aussie designer ‘Steve Cordony’’ on Instagram. His style is very much like you’re looking for. He has just renovated 2 bathrooms in his magnificent old house/mansion. Go visit you won’t regret it!

  4. Last year we renovated our ensuite with in neutral tones of mostly grey stone and white (funnily enough for the same reason as you. We had a water leak that meant we had to rip up all the walls along the shower side of the room – days before my second child was born!).

    We did use modern tap fixtures but we figures these can be updated over the years without to much hassle for cost.

    Here in Australia bright and colourful bathrooms are trending big time but I have no regrets using a classic style for ours. We won’t need to rip it all out and start again when trends change (unless there’s another water leak).