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This week, Robert and I are gearing up for our next big project that I’m very excited (and slightly nervous) about. It’s such a huge part of everything I always wanted Bless’er House to become since this blog began nearly a decade ago.

Our friend Amber is the Coordinator at The Cottage, a year-round emergency safe shelter for homeless women, located at the Pathways Community Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina in partnership with The Life House Women’s Shelter.

When Amber asked if we could help her decorate their small conference room, I couldn’t say, “YES!” fast enough.

conference room before

The Life House Cottage provides a place where up to 35 women in need can sleep 7 nights per week, take showers, do their laundry, and get meals/snacks.

I’ve brought Olivia to volunteer with me a bit over the past year, and it has been a truly humbling experience to sit down and talk with these women who are incredibly strong and brave. 

We will be giving their conference room a makeover which they use to provide counseling, case management services, employment assistance, and financial education.

So this office meeting room will be a key component to serve women in need as they work towards becoming self-sufficient.

Conference Room Design Plan

We’re so excited to be tasked with providing a space that not only will serve those needs but will also communicate, from the moment they walk into this room, the feeling that they are loved, they are safe, and they can feel comfort here.

I cannot wait to make this design plan a reality. I’m so excited to see it all finished!

teal jewel toned meeting space mood board
conference room before

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Conference Table

Since this room will sometimes be used to meet with several women at once, we need a sturdy, large table to seat 6-8 people at a time.

These Midcentury Mod style dining chairs are compact enough for a small space but are still very comfortable.

I would love to soften the small window with a pair of jewel toned curtain panels, roll out a traditional rug to add some warmth to the industrial painted floor, and hang a plug-in pendant lamp along the drop ceiling for some cozy lighting against all of the florescent bulbs.

deep teal small conference room mood board with conference table, memo board, and desk
conference room before

Wall Decor

There is only one small window and two small doors in this room, so we plan to use art to create the feeling of more windows on the large expanse of empty walls.

I plan to adhere mural wallpaper panels to sheet metal to make two large functional memo boards that the shelter staff can use to hang up documents or important messages with magnets.

On the back wall, I’ll frame a few vintage art pieces in a gallery wall flanked with table lamps to add more cozy lighting.


To cheat the look of one large sideboard, we plan to push together three small reeded accent cabinets and set up a coffee bar on top.

Amber needs a desk, so we’ll use this secretary desk that has great storage built in for files.

meeting room coffee bar sideboard on mood board
conference room before

Reading Corner

To establish a comfortable reading corner, I’ll place an armchair with a floor lamp and maybe a large windowpane mirror to bounce some light around and help the space seem bigger.

A few plants will bring in some much needed life too.

moody teal reading nook in a meeting space
conference room before

So that’s the vision! Can you see it yet? You will… at least I hope.

Praying, hoping, and crossing all appendages that we can pull off this conference room / meeting space makeover super fast (and cost effective) so they can start using it ASAP!

I’ll share some behind-the-scenes of the process in my Instagram Stories along the way.

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  1. This is great, Lauren. You guys are awesome. What a great cause to give to. Blessings to you and to those poor ladies. ♥

  2. What a wonderful and inspiring project. One person (or couple) can make such a difference in so many other lives.

  3. Warm and cozy, probably a feeling most of these women seldom get to experience. Bless you and Robert for helping with this wonderful project!

  4. Wow! The decor will be be magnificent, and it will create such a healing space!

    I’m excited to follow the transformation.

      1. Lauren, you are so thoughtful to take this on. Your desire to not just decorate, but improve the functionality of the space is a blessing for all concerned. I will pray for you and these homeless women. Let your light shine!