Best Teal Paint Colors to Try and Why It’s Trending

The top 12 blue green teal paint colors most recommended by designers for a moody yet vibrant space in bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices.

This week, we are all about embracing teal paint in the office / conference room / multipurpose meeting space for The Cottage with The Life House Women’s Shelter in our community!

We want to create a space that feels calming, moody, but also vibrant making teal the perfect color choice.

Over the years, we have incorporated quite a few teal wall paint colors into our room makeovers because we love the feeling it evokes from the moment we walk through the door. A sense of calm and uplifting energy immediately washes over you; paint color has the power to do that!

I dove deep into the dark blue green paint rabbit hole (sounds very Alice In Wonderland-ish, doesn’t it?) in my search method for finding the perfect color, and it felt like the perfect round up to add to the favorite paint color archives.

best teal paint colors

Where to Use Teal Paint Colors

Not only is it perfect for creating a lively yet relaxing space, it is definitely trending since Glidden named the mid-tone blue green shade Vining Ivy as its paint color of the year.

After years of gray overload and an abundance of soft pastels that arose during the pandemic, many homeowners are now craving bold color with character.

Because teal is a medium to dark shade resting between blue and green, it is as calming as it is vibrant, making it a great color choice in bathrooms, bedrooms, and home offices.

In terms of color psychology, teal can promote feelings of clarity and stress relief.

Since it has strong ties to the natural world in oceans, tropical lagoons, jungles, and even peacock feathers, using the color can help any room feel soothing.

For a pop of bold color that doesn’t feel overwhelming, teal blue or teal green is a popular choice in dining rooms, living rooms, on kitchen cabinets, on front doors, or on accent walls with board and batten to add a relaxed mood with a subtle pop in an otherwise typically busy space.

12 Best Blue Green Paint Colors

We have sampled and used a countless number of dark teal paint colors over the years, so I pulled together some of our favorites, plus I researched more teal blue paint color favorites most recommended and used by designers.

Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue

dual sheen Farrow and Ball Inchyra Blue teal stairs and entryway
Source | Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball Stone Blue

high gloss Farrow and Ball Stone Blue living room
Source | Farrow & Ball

Sherwin Williams Tempe Star

Sherwin Williams Tempe Star dark teal blue cabinets in a kitchen
Source | Peppeard Design

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green teal playroom cabinets
Source | Rec Room Makeover

Sherwin Williams Seaworthy

Sherwin Williams Seaworthy in a living room
Source | Sunny Circle Studio

Sherwin Williams Riverway

Sherwin Williams Riverway teal in a bedroom
Source | Blush and Teal Bedroom Makeover

Dunn Edwards Nocturnal Sea

dark teal accent wall in a bedroom - Dunn Edwards Nocturnal Sea
Source | Ave Styles

Sherwin Williams Still Water

sherwin williams still water dark teal on shiplap wall in a family room
Source | Emily Henderson

Sherwin Williams Refuge

Magnolia Home Weekend

magnolia home weekend teal paint in a bathroom
Source | Kid’s / Guest Teal Bathroom Makeover

Romabio New Hope

We just finished painting The Cottage conference room in our own teal paint color called New Hope from the Bless’er House Color Collection with Romabio Paints.

It’s such a beautiful mid-tone chameleon color that shifts between blue and green with gray undertones that desaturate it into a soft teal. (The fluorescent lights do the color absolutely no justice, but once we cozy it up with lamps, it will look completely different.)

I can’t wait to decorate this office space now that it’s all painted! Follow along on the room makeover progress in our Instagram Stories.

Romabio New Hope teal paint color

What Color Compliments Teal Paint?

Soft White or Grey

Crisp white and soft grey pairs beautifully with teal for a simplistic, relaxed look. Try Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace or Sherwin Williams Extra White. For greys, try Benjamin Moore Gray Owl or Sherwin Williams Passive.

Warm White

When paired with a slightly cream or ivory, teal tends to look more green than blue because it is a chameleon color. Our eyes perceive teal it differently depending on which other colors (warm or cool) are nearby. Sherwin Williams Alabaster or Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee work beautifully.


In reference to teal’s complementary colors on the color wheel, a bold pink can lift a space to feel more modern. For a softer look, try a pastel pink instead. Consider adding pink accents in textiles on bedding, pillows, or draperies.


Muted red like in Persian rugs, terra cotta tile, or an exposed brick wall can add an extra depth to teal. If you want to be super bold, try a pinkish red or purplish red. Start small with color pops in just a few decor accents, but the more red tones you incorporate alongside teal, the more eclectic it will feel.


It doesn’t have to be an in-your-face mustard yellow, but a subtle yellow tone like that in rattan, sisal, bamboo, and other natural textures create the atmosphere like that of a soothing spa. If you are feeling a little more daring, teal works beautifully with a bold yellow too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is teal color green or blue?

Teal is a deep blue-green that can skew blue or green, depending on light. Both blue and green are present in the color teal. The hex code for teal is #008080.

What colors are close to teal?

Aqua, turquoise, and sea green are the most similar colors to teal.

What does the color teal symbolize?

In color theory, teal symbolizes clarity, calm, serenity, and renovation. It is helpful for stress relief, so teal is best used in rooms where you want to reel relaxed, like a bedroom.

Have you used a favorite teal paint color in the past that left you head-over-heels in love?

I’m all ears over here because it’s definitely a favorite I continue to come back to no matter what trends come along.

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