The Most Recommended Blush Pink Paint

8 of the best blush paint colors and room design inspirations for creating warm, rosy light in any space.

Channeling my inner Britney over here because “Oops I did it again.” Another neutral room in the house got a pop of color this time using blush pink paint, and I’m not sorry about it.

A couple of weeks ago, it was the dining room that got a massive dose of navy blue paint with our new Romabio Blue Ridge Parkway color. (And I rounded up all of the best navy blue paint colors as a result.)

This time, in preparation to turn Regan’s nursery into a toddler bedroom with a “big girl bed” she’s SO excited about (see the mood board for it here), we painted her ceiling the most gorgeous blush pink paint color from our Bless’er House x Romabio Paint Color Collection!

Romabio Barefoot Dance - blush pink paint on a ceiling

We named it Romabio Barefoot Dance since dancing barefoot in every room of the house with my little girls is our regular past time. Robert’s always in there dancing with us too because #girldad.

It’s the perfect balance of pink and nude. It’s delicate, warm, and reminds me of a kiss on a chubby little cheek in the lamplight. Oh my heart.

You might not believe this, but blush pink can really act like a neutral. I dare you to try it. Blush paint can feel like a warm beam of sunlight in a room. Plus, it’s currently climbing the trend chart.

blush paint colors

I don’t know why blush paint colors are so challenging to find the perfect one, but to simplify the process, after using many over the years, I rounded up all of my favorites along with the most widely recommended blush paint colors by interior designers.

The 8 Best Blush Pink Paint Colors

1. Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster

Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster - blush paint in a living room

Source: Reserve Home

2. Behr My Sweetheart

Behr My Sweetheart - blush paint in a girl bedroom

Used in Olivia’s Room Makeover

3. Benjamin Moore Melted Ice Cream

Benjamin Moore Melted Ice Cream - little girl bedroom with pink

Source: Studio McGee

4. Farrow and Ball Pink Ground

Farrow and Ball Pink Ground - pink paint on a door

Source: Domino

4. Sherwin Williams Intimate White

Sherwin Williams Intimate White - pink nursery

Source: Country Living Magazine

5. Behr Rosewater

Behr Rosewater - pink paint in a girl's room

Source: Cherished Bliss

6. Sherwin Williams Malted Milk

Sherwin Williams Malted Milk - blush pink paint in a nursery

Source: Jenna Sue Design

7. Clare Meet Cute

Clare Meet Cute - pink paint in a dining room

Source: Clare

8. Benjamin Moore Warm Blush

Benjamin Moore Warm Blush - blush pink paint in a living room

Source: Debra Lynn Henno Design

There are SO many good ones but those are the top for me to try out various depths with a peachy pink hue. I highly recommend using this paint color selecting guide if you sample them out.

blush paint on ceiling

So now the next steps in Regan’s little “big girl” bedroom is a little wallpaper accent. I’m dying to see how it looks with her gorgeous blush pink ceiling!

Do you have any other favorite blush pink paint colors to add to the list?


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  1. I’m also a fan of painting as a major decorating tool! There is no easier way tochange a whole room or home to update the interiors. Thanks for the pink paint choices too.

  2. I love blush pink so much!! After our daughter moved out on her own, I immediately painted her old room, now guest room, a blushy beige, and I love it. So much prettier than the bright turquoise and cotton candy pink she chose while growing up.

  3. Oh I’m so excited to see what wallpaper you pick. We’ve been looking at a blush floral from Brook & Lou for my little girls room but it is so expensive! I can’t wait to see what you have chosen. I love love the pink ceiling! Gorgeous!