Best Navy Blue Paint Colors Recommended By Designers

Navy blue paint colors are the kings of classic. Just like that perfect pair of blue jeans that goes with every color, navy is just as versatile with all colors in all different styles of interior design. But finding the perfect navy blue can be tricky.

When in doubt in situations where you want a pop of color, dark blue paint is always a safe bet. Because it can still act like a neutral.

Ever since we used navy in our home office, I’ve been determined to use it in a big way somewhere else in our home.

The best navy blue paint recommended by designers

This week, the construction dust finally settled from the water damage repairs long enough around here for us to paint our dining room. We wanted it to be bold, cozy, but most of all, we wanted it to be timeless!

I am so over the moon in love with these navy walls!

Romabio Blue Ridge Parkway - navy blue paint in dining room

We used our next paint color added to the Bless’er House paint color line with Romabio called Blue Ridge Parkway. It is an absolutely stunning dark blue paint.

If you’ve ever been baffled trying to find the perfect navy blue for your home (I especially love it on kitchen cabinets, islands, and furniture), consider this my shameless plug for Romabio Blue Ridge Parkway. BUT this list of other navy paint colors, widely recommended by designers, are real winners too.

After years of trying out swatches and using navy in our own home, this is our running list of favorites.

The 8 Best Navy Blue Paint Colors

1. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy - navy blue cabinet color in home office

2. Benjamin Moore Blue Note

3. Benjamin Moore Polo Blue

4. Sherwin Williams Naval

Sherwin Williams Naval - navy blue paint on kitchen cabinets
Sherwin Williams

5. Benjamin Moore Newportbury Blue

Benjamin Moore Newportbury Blue - Cory Connor Designs - dark blue paint in a study
Source: Cory Connor Designs

6. Behr Chimney

7. Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue

8. Farrow & Ball Hague Blue

Farrow and Ball Hague Blue - Park & Oak Design
Source: Park & Oak

What paint color sheen should I use?

Generally these are the typical recommendations for paint sheens (though rules can often be broken).

Ceilings – flat

Walls – eggshell (since eggshell can be wiped clean but isn’t shiny)

Cabinets – satin is most recommended, but semi-gloss can be used if you prefer that extra shine

Trim/doors – We typically use semigloss for a more traditional look, but satin works well for a more modern look.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy on office cabinet

How do I find which paint color is right for my space?

Sample, sample, sample.

  1. Narrow down your favorite colors to a select few from color swatch cards.
  2. Have color sample paints mixed at your local paint store to test at home.
  3. Brush the sample paint colors on 3-4 white foam poster boards and tape them up on various walls in the room. The white poster board will allow your eye to see any undertones.
  4. Look at the paint colors in the room in different lamp lighting, overhead lighting, as well as changing natural light throughout the day and night.

See more tips for how to find the best paint colors here.

sampling navy blue paint colors on a cabinet

What paint color works in every room?

That’s the kicker. There is no such thing as a paint color that works in every room because lighting in every home is always different and lighting changes our perception of color.

Do you have a favorite navy blue paint color you’d add to the list? Have you painted anything navy in your house that you’re completely in love with?!

Frequently Asked Questions

What color most complements dark blue paint colors?

Orange is the most complementary to blue because it is positioned opposite from blue on the color wheel. Yellow, pink, red, and white complement dark blue as well.

What color should I paint my front door if my house is navy blue?

Yellow and blue are the most popular front door colors when paired with navy blue exteriors.


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  1. We used Sherwin Williams Naval on the shutters on our home. They were an ugly shade of red when we bought the house last September. Something so simple, completely changed the look of the front of the house. We just love it!

  2. to each, his own! lol. but noooooo! I loved the gray/white – that’s also classic and timeless – cleaner & crisp tone. But you were ready to try something new, like you said, Seems like a color more for an office to me, but I’m glad you love it. Too man-cave for me, but since you switch your rooms so often – I’ll be anxious to see what you do with this. I see lots of white coming! lol

  3. I shall miss your beautiful gray dining room, but this looks totally AWESOME! Yes, it is a timeless, but edgy color. Best wishes. Cant wait to see how you style the room.