15 Ways to Transform Your Entire House with Just Paint

Our best posts for choosing the right color, when to use primer, how to paint materials in your house like brick, siding, patios, cabinets, light fixtures, furniture, doors, showers, and more.

With the rec room makeover trucking right along at the Carney project, Robert and I are ALL about the paint this week. And it got me thinking about all of the projects where paint made a massive transformation.

To be honest, I’ve lost count of how many paint projects we’ve done.

But every single one always takes my breath away. It’s the best way to make a massive visual impact for often not a whole lot of money… that is, as long as you know the “rules” and tricks of paint.

So I rounded up 15 of our best posts for choosing the right color, when to use primer, how to paint all sorts of materials in your house like brick, vinyl siding, concrete patios, cabinets, light fixtures, furniture, doors, showers & tubs, and more.

Seriously, it’s a lot. And it’s glorious.

15 Ways to Transform Your Entire House with Just Paint

1. How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color Every Time


2. Paint Furniture (even if you’re a beginner)

3. Paint Your Concrete Patio or Pool Deck

4. Transform Your Floors with a Stencil (This method works in bathrooms too.)

5. Know When You Should Use a Primer

6. Paint Your Vinyl Siding (and it lasts!)

7. Paint Your Interior Doors (something other than white… gasp!)

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8. Use This Trick to Quickly Paint Windows and French Doors

9. Limewash Your Exterior Brick

10. Use a Grout Paint Pen to Transform Your Tile

11. Paint Your Tubs, Showers, and Sinks (And yes… it works!)

12. Paint Your Faucets & Bathroom Fixtures (using this trick to make it last)

13. Paint Your Dated Wall Paneling (It just looks like vertical shiplap, which is totally en vogue.)

14. Spray Paint Your Hardware and Light Fixtures (this is my favorite modern brass spray paint)


15. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets Like a Pro

Got any others you’d add to the list?

What crazy thing have you painted? Anything is fair game around here as long as it’s standing still.

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  1. Great post!! Years and years ago I had this tan lampshade on a buffet style lamp, but I wanted it to be black with a gold lining. After looking online and around town, I could not find one for the life of me. Frustrating!! I ended up buying a can of black spray paint and a jar of metallic gold craft paint at Michael’s. I painted it and loved the look. It held up beautifully!

  2. Hello I like your interior paint door. How i can déterminé which color Will be the best ? I love black door. Is it important to paint all the door same color ?

    1. Hi. The entire door does not have to be the same color on both sides. However, I would suggest every door down a hallway, for example, to be the same. Each door within a room should be the same.

  3. Wow. I thought I knew all the crazy things that could be painted… I’m off to read a few links now. You can paint WHAT!?!?!??? Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for letting me find you! I am far older (think of the current age group supposedly being fragile and on one’s last legs) yet think I’m still 19. I LOVE paint. And once upon a time, in a different galaxy in Denver, I was married to a contractor/carpenter. We were going to flip houses before that was ever a thing. Our first flip took us 15 yrs. We never could stop fiddling.

    Well, life happened and in 2004 I found myself by myself and married later a wonderful former missionary without much tool talent. Enter: the true magic of paint.Let’s just say I have done my share of basic painting over the years and even learned how to glaze expansive walls, but cabinets? Furniture? Outdoor patio swings, etc? That always seemed daunting.

    Fast forward to 2017. We sold our blended family of four to spousal units, relocated from the wild west to a beautiful little city named Lexington, Kentucky. We may be old but we were up for an adventure! At least one more. Builder grade little (1300 sq ft, down from our first home together of 4,000 sq ft and then our darling townhome of 2500 sq ft). Our entire lives fit into a 26 ft Penske. I drove the two cats east, while my husband managed to get our goods safely to Lex.

    Did I mention builder grade? Restarting our counseling practice in a new town? Knowing absolutely no one? Praise the Lord for ZOOM and SKYPE as many clients ‘followed’ us via technobabble.

    Since that move three years ago, we started with the unfun stuff. New roof, mechanicals, windows and gutters. Our little house said ‘thank you’. Then it was time for paint. And my sweet husband learned about shiplap using underlayment flooring and nickel spacers. And a nail gun which scares the cats. And we’ve loved IKEA as long as it’s been around and well, your IKIEAIDEAs are just wonderful.

    A week ago we were measured for new quartz countertops (Iced White, which looks like nougat candy) and my currently Duck-Egg blue with antiquey glaze lowers (Annie Sloan paint) will become more of a denimy blue with a refresh of the white uppers.

    My style is similar to yours. My husband is still better on computers than with tools. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the step-by-steps you offer and the fact you list paint colors. My newest thrill after the kitchen is to consider White Dove (Benj. Moore classic) walls with a taupeyish-grey trip that matches our new lux vinyl plank old barnwood floors. I rather like the mix of darker trim on a soft white wall.

    Until I don’t. Did I mention I love paint!?! Thank you for sharing and allowing me as well. You two are fabulous. And please, tell your husband that we patriotic types thank him for his service ~ and yours as well on the classroom front lines. If you’re ever in Lexington and are itching to decorate, please consider visiting. After all, we’re even older now and really in need of budget talent!

    Blessings y’all!

    PS. my website is http://www.Lifebridgecounsel.com….the comment section below wouldn’t accept it. Said I needed a URL. Which my techsavvy spouse said I did….hhhmmmm