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Window Film Ideas to Create Decorative Glass Around Your Home for Less

How to transform your glass front cabinets, furniture, shower doors, windows, and glass interior doors using decorative glass window film.

reeded glass cabinet door using decorative window film in a kitchen with bowl of peaches, tray, and vintage art

Our house has a secret weapon in terms of hiding clutter behind French doors, glass closet doors, and cabinets, and I only just now realized it: decorative glass window film.

What is Decorative Window Film?

These self-adhering films come in a variety of patterns, shades, and textures, and they’re a beautiful budget-friendly way to turn plain glass into a work of art all around the home.

If you ever want to add charm to a builder basic house, decorative window films can make any glass surface look like a historical antique piece.

It’s so much cheaper than using real specialty glass and much more DIY-friendly! Plus, it’s removable if your style changes later.

Seriously. I’ve used window film a lot, around here (because let’s just say… I have a lot of “Monica Closet” situations at all times that nobody wants to see… our office gets scary sometimes and it has no business being in plain sight of guests walking through our front door).

But this week, after finally replacing the broken glass cabinet fronts in our kitchen with this reeded glass, I remembered again why decorative glass window film is so stinkin’ good!

reeded glass kitchen cabinet door with decorative window film

Where to Use Decorative Window Film Around the House

The biggest reason it’s so functional is because window film is great at concealing clutter or improving privacy behind clear glass doors, cabinets, and windows.

If you have plain glass front cabinets in your kitchen but don’t like being able to see the items inside of the cabinet, just cover the glass with film. It’s perfect for applying to a glass front door or a clear glass shower door when you need privacy.

And since it comes in many patterns and textures, it creates opportunity for a beautiful design feature in a room.

You can use decorative window film on:

reeded glass cabinet and kitchen countertop decorative tray with potted herbs, bottle of olive oil, and salt and pepper grinders

How to Apply Decorative Window Film to Glass


  • Decorative window film of your choice
  • Plain glass surface
  • Glass cleaner
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife with plenty of new, sharp razor blades
  • Old credit card or squeegee
  • Safety pin

Steps to Apply Window Film

Step 1 – Measure and Cut

Measure the dimensions of the glass portion on the cabinet or door with the tape measure.

Cut out the decorative film with scissors using those dimensions + add 4″. This will give you a little excess to cut away in the film installation process.

roll of antique mirror glass film

Step 2 – Clean Glass

Thoroughly clean the glass surface with glass cleaner and let dry.

Step 3 – Spray Window Film with Water

Roll out the window film on a flat, clean surface and spritz the backside completely with water.

roll of decorative window film sprayed with water

Step 4 – Spray Glass Surface with Water

Spritz the glass surface with water as well.

Step 5 – Press Film to Glass

Place the backside of the saturated window film to the saturated glass. Press it into place so that 1-2″ of excess film hangs off all edges of the glass surface.

glass front cabinet sprayed with water

Step 6 – Press Out Air Bubbles

Use a squeegee or old credit card to smooth out any air bubbles and press film edges into the sides and corners of the glass.

Step 7 – Trim Excess Film

Using the edge of the squeegee or credit card, press firmly into the glass edges and run a utility knife blade alongside the glass edge to remove any excess film.

IKEA pantry cabinets painted green with antique mirror glass film on cabinet doors

Step 8 – Prick Air Bubbles and Let Dry

If you have any air bubbles still underneath the window film, prick them with a safety pin to release the air and smooth it out. Let the wet glass fully dry before touching it so prevent any shifting.

That’s it!

I’ve used this stuff EVERYWHERE and it has never failed me.

Antique Mirror Glass Window Film

This antique mirror glass film was perfect for using on our IKEA pantry cabinet for obscuring our food storage.

white French bifold door with antique mirror glass film front in a bedroom

I used it on our French bifold doors for our bedroom closets too.

I love how beautifully it bounces the light in here!

white bifold French doors with antique mirror film to cover glass and crystal door knobs

Frosted Window Film

I added this frosted window film to our French doors in our home office and our foyer to help our dark entryway still feel slightly open with natural light while obscuring my often messy office work from visitors.

frosted glass film on French doors leading into a home office
frosted glass film applied onto black French doors

Frosted window film works perfectly for hiding cleaning supplies and piled up hampers in our laundry room too!

black bifold French door in a laundry room with frosted glass film

And for concealing extra decor and craft supplies in our office closets, I added more frosted window film to our bifold doors we turned into skinny French doors.

black French doors with frosted glass film in a home office with work table, rolling chair, and blue rug

Reeded Glass Film

Now that we’ve replace the broken leaded glass in our kitchen cabinets, I LOVE how this reeded glass film adds a slightly Art Deco / Mid Century Modern vibe in this space. I can’t wait to show y’all more of it!

glass front kitchen cabinet with reeded glass film and countertop decor

Vintage Style Decorative Window Film Ideas

I rounded up a few of my favorite window film designs alongside some of the ones we’ve used in our own home.

I’m dying to use this black lattice film on a window somewhere! Maybe in the living room? My wheels are turning over here just itching to find a place for it!

collage - vintage style decorative window films to add charm to plain glass

Leaded Glass Film | Antique Mirror Glass | Frosted Window Film | Black Lattice Film | Reeded Glass Film | Etched Floral Glass | Deco Etched Glass | Stained Glass Film

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  1. I LOVE this and had no idea you could do these ideas with glass film. I also wondered in the first picture of the kitchen, as I have plastic silver tile under the cabinets, did you paint those, or purchase a similar tile pattern. Thanks!

  2. I really want to try this on our front door sidelights. I love Deco Etched Glass as well as the Reeded Glass. I’m glad to see the cost isn’t too high, so I can give it a try and if I mess up I won’t be too upset. You have done a beautiful job with your french doors. And I love the cabinet mirrored glass look. Thank you for sharing your expertise.