Free Oil Painting Kitchen Art Prints

5 free oil painting prints perfect to use as kitchen art on countertops or any room in the house + where to find free art online.

5 free kitchen art antique oil painting prints

Whoever restarted the traditional trend of displaying framed oil paintings on countertops as kitchen art deserves a cupcake or something.

It is THE most simple, inexpensive way to add a little bit of vintage charm to a kitchen!

kitchen countertop decor and sink in front of window with vase of peonies, cutting boards, and printable kitchen artwork

Why You Should Keep Framed Kitchen Art on Countertops

Do you know why framed art on a kitchen countertop makes perfect sense? It conceals unsightly outlets while still keeping them accessible!

I know… that’s the tiniest most insignificant problem in the world, but seeing outlets on kitchen backsplashes drives me bonkers for some reason.

Plus, art is just nice to look at while you’re prepping dinner for the 1,000th time, and it’s so inexpensive to change up anyway.

hiding a kitchen backsplash outlet with framed art

5 Free Oil Painting Kitchen Artwork Prints

It’s been way too long since I added to the Bless’er House Printable Library, but I stumbled upon these beautiful antique oil paintings in the Met Museum’s archives and knew they would work beautifully in this vintage style frame.

I’ve mentioned before that it’s so easy to find free art on public domain archives!

Since old picture frames are one of the easiest things to find secondhand, it’s one of the best decor items to buy at thrift stores.

You can just print the free art right from your printer (or for a few cents at Staples / Office Depot) and stick it right in your $3 thrift store frame.

Always keep in mind if you have a real oil painting, the kitchen is the worst place to hang it. Because of smoke and grease droplets in the air from cooking, it could severely damage original art pieces. So kitchen prints rather than real paintings are a much better option.

framed landscape oil painting print as kitchen art on a countertop

I’m sharing 5 free oil painting kitchen art prints below (that you could really frame in any room) for you to print in your own home!

Whether you want to use just one art print or the entire set of five, I added them as free art access in the Bless’er House Printable Library.

You can download the art printables by clicking here or the button below to subscribe and get access:

printable access button

(If you’re already a subscriber, the direct access to the printable library with the password is in your inbox and at the bottom of every email I send.)

framed still life oil painting print as kitchen art on a countertop
framed landscape oil painting print as kitchen art on a countertop
framed landscape oil painting print as kitchen art on a countertop with bowl of peaches and tray with a plant
framed landscape oil painting print as kitchen art on a countertop with bowl of peaches and tray with a plant

What Kitchen Artwork is Best to Display?

Gone are the days of needing to display food-specific art as the main subject matter in a kitchen. In fact, the less related the subject matter of your art, the more quirky and elevated your kitchen will feel!

Some kitchen artwork ideas:

  • Preserved handwritten recipes
  • Black and white travel photography
  • A framed quote in fun typography
  • Still life watercolors
  • An old vintage sign
  • Vintage painted plates and platters
  • An abstract collage in various mediums
  • An antique portrait painting
  • Animal/bird sketches
framed handwritten recipes hung on a kitchen wall

More Art Ideas

You can find more artwork ideas for the kitchen and other rooms in the house below.


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