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The Best Yard Games for Backyard Barbecues

The 12 most popular, top rated yard games for adults and kids + favorite backyard decor to make your next backyard party a success.

We’ve basically been training for a Yard Games Olympics for years… the backyard makeover is proof of that. 😉

family playing a yard game at a backyard barbecue decorated for July 4th.

Top Picks for July 4th Backyard Barbecue Prep

With July 4th right around the corner and big backyard barbecues in full swing, I thought it would help to round up all of our absolute favorite yard games to play with friends and family, kids and adults alike.

Since Robert and I had such a huge focus on backyard makeovers this past year, it’s so nice that our family finally gets to enjoy the fruits of our labor like playing on our DIY bocce ball court.

We’ve poured literal sweat, blood, and tears into this outdoor space for the soul purpose of spending quality time and making everlasting memories with people we love.

backyard bocce ball court yard game behind a fire pit

Backyard Entertainment Ideas

With the prices of basically everything increasing, we’ve been spending even more unplugged time hanging on the lawn and just having quality time together.

There’s nothing better than busting out the corn hole boards (these stars and stripes bean bags are our favorites), rustling up a bocce ball match, throwing some skewers on the grill, and making unplugged memories on a summer day.

This 3-in-1 ladder toss, corn hole, washer toss we just got this year that’s easy to set and requires basic skill level is the perfect size as a kids’ classic game, minimizing the need for storage space.

We’ve slowly been adding to our stash of yard games over the years, and these are without a doubt our top favorites that also come the most highly rated and priced the best.

top rated yard games from Walmart collage

Top Rated Best Yard Games

backyard barbecue beside a pool with outdoor dining tables, outdoor kitchen, and string lights

This sectional dining set in our DIY pergola cabana that is on sale is still one of my favorite furniture pieces in our backyard because it serves perfectly on multipurpose patios for lounging AND dining.

It’s held up beautifully against all kinds of weather (and dripping wet kiddos fresh out of the pool rolling all over it) the last few months .

Backyard Barbecue Favorites

father and daughter playing backyard Giant Jenga yard game

Here’s hoping for LOTS of backyard hangouts and cookouts and joyful summer memory-making ahead! And hopefully a backyard nap or two on a lounge chair once we wear out the kids. 😉


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