Creative Small Group Sleepover Ideas & Walmart+

8 simple and interactive sleepover ideas for a successful slumber party and how to make party prep easier using Walmart+.

It’s a BIG DEAL kind of week around here… because we officially have an 8 year-old in the house!! And my mama heart is not accepting the fact that Olivia is halfway to a driver’s license and a decade away from being a high school grad.

No. Cannot. Handle. It.

Over the weekend, by her request, we hosted her very first sleepover at home with her cousins and a few tight knit sisters/neighbors we’ve stayed very close with over the last few months. It seriously couldn’t have been more perfect to give her a feeling of “normal” during these times without having a gigantic gathering.

Walmart+ definitely rescued me on this one! I got all of the groceries and items for their activities delivered just in time before her small group party.

Because of course, the party prep just so happened to land smack in the middle of extremely busy days while we wrap up the McNay project. And I’ve tried to avoid spending a lot of time in stores as much as possible lately anyway.

If you haven’t heard of Walmart+ yet, it is a new membership to help save money, time, and add convenience to everyday tasks. Members get free unlimited delivery($35 minimum, restrictions apply) in as little as same day on all kinds of items that can be purchased in Walmart’s stores with the same everyday low prices.

Other benefits include member prices on fuel and mobile scan & go so you can check out with your phone as you shop in-store.

Since we had already set up our back porch as an outdoor movie theater (using our shower curtain movie screen trick), it was the perfect excuse for the girls to have an outdoor campout movie night.

8 Creative Sleepover Ideas Perfect for Small Groups

1. Outdoor movie

I found these youth air mattresses for just $16 each a while back and ordered these sheets for less than $10 (that ended up so much softer than I expected). We have so many sleepovers in our future that we plan to put each sheet set inside of the deflated air mattresses to keep in storage until we need them again.

This projector was $79 and created a magical, unique experience for the kiddos to watch a double feature of Freaky Friday and The Parent Trap out in the fresh air.

2. Picture Frame Bejeweling

The girls were entertained for nearly an hour decorating these $1.46 picture frames with colorful Sharpies, glitter glue, and craft gems. The frames dried overnight so they could take them home as their party favor the next morning.

3. Photo Booth

To go inside of their picture frames, we used this photo booth prop set and let the girls have fun taking pictures with this Polaroid-style Instax camera and colorful film packs. We stuck these foil streamers and paper lanterns on our dining room wall for an inexpensive backdrop that added a lot of sparkle.

4. Spa Facials and Manicures

There’s something nostalgic about having a spa at a sleepover. I remember doing these as a kid too. Grab a couple of tubes of colorful facial masks and face wipes, dig through your nail polish stash, and you’ve got giggly, happy girlies.

5. Toss n Talk Ball Game

As a way to calm the kids down for bed, I wrote questions/topics/”dares” all over a play ball and they tossed it around the room. Wherever their right thumb landed, they had to answer the written question. Things like, “If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?” Or “Act like a monkey.” Or “What is your dream vacation?”

6. S’mores Station

For an interactive, outdoor snack, we let the girls roast marshmallows in this fire bowl and craft different combinations of s’mores during their movie time.

7. Glow Stick Dance Party

To help the kids get tons of energy out before starting their movie, we turned off all of the lights in the house, turned on their top song requests, handed out glow sticks, and let them dance all around the living room. We even had a glow-in-the-dark limbo contest.

8. Pancake Bar

For breakfast the next morning, I heated up pre-cooked bacon and a tray full of mini frozen pancakes and spread out all kinds of toppings for the girls to customize them: Nutella, peanut butter, rainbow sprinkles, strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream, and the classic butter and syrup. They had a blast, and I didn’t even have to actually cook (bonus points).

We absolutely couldn’t have planned it better, and it helps that we are so blessed to have a tight knit group of very kind, loving girls in Olivia’s life who we have grown even closer to this year in our little circle.

If you want more info about how to get a Walmart+ membership, you can find it all here.

The service pays for itself in just two deliveries (based on the $7.95 delivery fee), and I’ve discovered I save money in the long-run with deliveries anyway because it prevents me from impulse buying.

This birthday definitely wouldn’t have been this pulled together if I didn’t have the membership to save hours of time gathering supplies.

Do you have any creative slumber party ideas to add to the list? Between Olivia and Regan (who is about to turn 2 next week), I have a feeling there are plenty more sleepovers in our future.

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