4 Essentials for Creating a Cozy Outdoor Space

4 types of outdoor decor every porch, patio, and backyard needs to feel cohesive and inviting. 

I’m definitely a self-described indoorsy homebody (camping tents and I… we don’t get along), but there is something about fall that makes me want to live in our outdoor spaces.

Whether you rent or own, have a big sprawling backyard or just a tiny concrete balcony, every outdoor space is worthy of being an open air escape for you and your family to enjoy.

fall outdoor dining

Right about now, the bugs have finally died down and the humidity is dialed back, and I can actually enjoy our porch and patio.

We’ve done a LOT of cozy outdoor decor makeovers since moving into this house, and every single time, my “recipe” to make it feel cohesive with a heaping dose of ambience is similar.

summer outdoor dining patio

Whenever I get questions from y’all asking how to decorate outdoor spaces, I find myself recommending the same things over and over that really are so simple but add big cozy vibes… usually something along the lines of “Add string lights and you’re good.” 😉

back porch decor fall

So if you’ve ever felt stumped on how to decorate your porch, patio, balcony, or backyard, here’s a solid guide with 4 things that never fail to make it feel cozy.

4 Essentials Every Cozy Outdoor Space Needs

1. Mood Lighting

A $20 strand of string lights can add SO much magic to virtually any space. If you don’t have an existing structure to attach them, you can even make your own using these DIY light poles that double as planters. Place a couple of lanterns on either side of your door. Gather your family around a fire pit to enjoy the outdoors after dark. Just one light addition will make a space look cohesive and overflow with ambience.

outdoor dining table fall

String Lights


Outdoor Chandeliers/Pendants

Fire Pits & Bowls

2. Seating

Consider what you think you need the most in terms of extra space around your home. Do meals feel cramped when you have guests over? Make use of your backyard with an outdoor dining table. Do you like to sip coffee on your porch in the mornings? Maybe a swing or outdoor lounge chair is more your speed.

outdoor decor summer dining table

Outdoor Dining Sets

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Conversation Sets

Lounge Chairs


3. Outdoor Textiles

Toss a throw blanket on an outdoor chair, and it immediately feels inviting for cool evenings. Use an area rug on a big patio to define a space and encourage gathering there. Have fun playing with patterns and textures and making it uniquely you.

outdoor decor on back porch for fall

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor Blankets

Outdoor Umbrellas

4. Planters

Add plants and flowers as the cherry on top because every space comes alive with just a little bit of green.

outdoor decor on front porch for summer

Window Boxes

Plant Stands


Do you have any you’d add to the list? I’m sure there are others but that’s the top contenders for me. Pick one thing from each of those 4 categories, and you’ve basically got a decorate-by-numbers formula for a pretty outdoor space.

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4 Essentials for Creating a Cozy Outdoor Space: 4 types of outdoor decor every porch, patio, and backyard needs to feel cohesive and inviting.

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