The Best Wireless Lights from Amazon

Our favorite wireless lights, battery operated lights, and solar lights around our home to improve closets, kitchens, landscaping, hallways, and anywhere without hiring an electrician.

Nerd alert. I never thought I’d research and write an entire post about wireless lights but here we are.

The “beauty” of living in an older house is our electrician has practically become our best friend. Outlets are in weird places. Some switches in this place are still a mystery. And there are days when I think, “Why isn’t there a light here?” (Okay, actually, new houses are like that too.)

The electrician bill has added up for sure, but one thing I’ve discovered in this whole journey is battery operated lights and solar lights basically rock!

We’ve used them all over our house, and these are the absolute best based on our experience and their reviews.

The Best Battery Operated Lights and Solar Lights on Amazon

solar lights for landscaping spotlights uplighting

1. Solar Uplights

We had bad experiences with solar lights before and didn’t have high hopes for these lights but were willing to try them out. Game changer!

These solar spotlights make our house exterior look amazing at night and like we paid a landscaper big money to install wired uplights.

They’ve been going strong for a month, and so far, we haven’t had any issues.

Wireless under cabinet light in kitchen

2. Under Cabinet Lights

When the florescent lights under our cabinets started burning out in our kitchen (since I didn’t really love the look of the florescents anyway), I wanted to try a wireless rechargeable option. These work amazing!

They’re magnetic too if you want to use them on metal shelving in a workshop or pantry. My only complaint is I wish they had a remote option. But all in all, I’m happy with them.

Battery operated lights on art in a hallway

3. Battery Operated Picture Light

I really wanted a picture light above this printable art in our hallway, but I didn’t want to have permanent electricity wired in the wall. This little light worked exactly like I hoped.

I made it look antique by applying some antique gold paint to it (would have used Rub n Buff but I was out). It’s super light so it can hang with just Command strips without any wall damage.

I wish it were rechargeable and didn’t require new batteries every so often, but that’s my only complaint.

Motion sensor battery operated lights in a hallway for closet access

4. Battery Operated Motion Sensor Ceiling Light

The thing that bugs me about this little hallway nook under our stairs is there is no light to help us see inside of this closet. I stuck this light on the ceiling and it did the trick!

The cool thing is it has a motion sensor so we don’t have to worry about a switch.

Motion sensor wireless lights in a closet

5. Motion Sensor Closet Lights

I feel way fancy when I open my closet doors and the angels sing and my clothes illuminate. Okay, angels don’t sing. But the illuminating part does! Our closets feel so upscale with these lights now.

Shaded sconces in an office with battery operated wireless lights inside using the "magic light trick"

6. Remote Wireless Puck Lights

I put up these wall sconces in our office and placed these puck lights inside thinking I would eventually have them hardwired, and I never did. They work so well as wireless lights that I just left them. It’s been a little over 7 months, and I haven’t had to replace the batteries yet.

wireless lights - the top rated battery operated lights and solar lights on Amazon

  1. Favorite Picture Light
  2. Favorite Closet Lights
  3. Favorite Outdoor Spotlights
  4. Favorite Under Cabinet Lights
  5. Favorite Pathway Landscaping Lights
  6. Favorite Wireless Sconce Lights
  7. Favorite Motion Sensor Light

That’s the scoop in the light sitch. All in all, we’re fans of the wireless light.

Have you found any other battery operated light or solar light faves we should know about? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list.


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  1. Those outdoor spots make your home look fantastic! They are in my basket right now. Running electrical for outdoor lighting is not on my list but these lights look great. I live where the sun shines all day (PalmSprings Ca) so they should work nicely. Always enjoy your blog posts!!

  2. You knew what we needed. So many dark spots in our home, that I’ve been trying to get my husband to install light fixtures, but he often say, “later, I don’t have time.” This is a dream come true for me. Thank you- thank you- & thank you! I will be ordering each one of these, all because of you.

  3. Love your blog! How did you insert the puck lights into the wall sconces? I just installed a wall of bookcases and want to copy your sconces on either side.

  4. Thank you for the lighting suggestions, especially the landscape (for me) and under the counter (for my daughter). I am also sharing with my granddaughter who is in the process of designing a house to build. Your imagination is off the charts and what a blessing that your husband has your back ♥

  5. Perfect timing! We’re getting ready to move to a new home and one thing that bothers me is a long dark hallway to the bedrooms. This has given me great ideas, thanks!