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Fall Home Decor Favorites Under $40

48 of the best inexpensive fall home decor items to curate a home capsule wardrobe with earth tones and hygge details to achieve a cozy vibe.

I pulled out all of our fall home decor from storage today completely in honor of the fact that it felt rainy and fall-ish outside.

I absolutely cannot let go of summer when it’s still sunny and 90 degrees outside, but today’s bit of gloom was a gift to nudge me into the next season.

If you missed it, see my 12 simple and cheap fall decor ideas that look high end here.

fall decor on a coffee table with brass tray, amber glass candle, wood knot, books, and vase with autumn stems

The fall home decor in my stash though is not what it looked like 5+ years ago. I don’t own very many items that scream “FALL!” but rather textures, earth tones, and cozy elements that work for the autumn season but also span into other times of the year.

That’s the beauty of buying decor with a home capsule wardrobe in mind. You’re able to stretch your decor money through other seasons this way. Work and spend smarter, not harder, right?

So to stay true to the home capsule wardrobe idea, I pulled together 48 home items segmented into 12 fall-focused categories for under $40 to help guide you in compiling your own.

All of them create the feeling of a warm, cozy home for fall, but many items will span on into winter and even year-round.

Fall Home Decor Favorites Under $40

(Click the links in the list below the images to shop.)

Fall Home Decor Under $40 - terracotta, copper, wood tones, and brass



Wood Tones


Fall Home Decor Under $40 - art, pillows, blankets, and rugs

Foliage Inspired Art

Earth Tone Pillows

Cozy Blankets

Earth Tone Rugs

Fall Home Decor Under $40 - stems, fillers, lamps, and candles






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