20 Best Fall Wreaths for Under $100

A round up of 20 favorite designer look live, dried, and artificial fall wreaths for front doors under $100.

I’m breaking a cardinal rule. Like the “no white after labor day” rule. Except this one is more like the “no fall before labor day” rule. Because lately I’ve had fall on the brain!

With back to school pictures on the porch and fall gatherings at home coming up soon, there’s nothing better than hanging up a pretty fall wreath for some welcoming curb appeal.

fall wreath on a front door and porch decorated with pumpkins and mums

A few days ago I found myself sucked down the pretty fall wreath rabbit hole as I was planning and pinning some ways to “fallify” our house soon (totally a word).

Adding a simple fall wreath on a front door is one of my favorite ways to decorate for fall, even if I do absolutely nothing else for the season. It’s the home’s first impression, so that one little addition of a wreath on a porch makes a pretty big impact.

The thing is it’s hard to find a good quality fall wreath when pictures online can be so deceiving to how they look in real life. So I read a bunch of ratings and reviews in the search.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite fall wreaths because there are so many gorgeous ones this year!

As much as I like the high-end designer ones, I’m not about to fork over $150 on a fall door wreath, so here are 20 wreaths that are artificial, live, or dried that still look designery without the big price tag.

A round up of 20 favorite designer look live, dried, and artificial fall wreaths for front doors under $100.

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What to Consider When Choosing Fall Wreaths for Front Doors

Picking the right wreath all depends on your front door’s size, style, and weather conditions.

Consider Front Door Color

If your door is painted dark, you don’t want to hang a dark fall wreath on it that won’t be visible from a few yards away. Choose a vibrant or light colored fall foliage harvest wreath as a visual pop instead.

Consider Your Investment

Do you want your wreath to last many years? Or do you plan to only use it for a season or two? UV protected artificial wreaths tend to last much longer than dried or live wreaths, but they will likely cost more, particularly a more high-end well made one.

Dried wreaths can sometimes last a year or two. Live wreaths usually need to be throw out when the season is over.

Consider Sustainability

Although dried or live wreaths won’t last as long as artificial, they are usually much more eco-friendly with bio-degradability so you can feel better knowing you are not contributing plastic waste into the environment.

Think About Your Front Door Weather Conditions

Does your front door get a lot of direct sunlight? If so, it’s best to go with UV protected leaves. If your front door uncovered and receives water exposure in rain, a dried wreath won’t last long.

Think About Door Size

If you have a large, statement-making front door, you want a large wreath to match. Hanging a tiny wreath on a big door can look unbalanced. The standard size for most front doors is 36 inches wide, making a 24″-26″ wide wreath the right size. Hang it about 14″ from the top of the door.

fall wreath on vintage storm door

How to Personalize a Fall Wreath

Add your own personalization to a plain store-bought fall wreath like attaching pheasant feathers, pine cones, mini white pumpkins, or corn husks between stems with floral wire (I added feathers to this plain wreath below and mixed in a few sprigs of purple fall leaves to lean more into the season).

Create a pop of color by tying a vibrant ribbon on it. Or embellish it with a unique wreath hanger.

These are some of my favorite wreath hangers:

fall wreath on a front door and porch decorated with pumpkins and mums

Fall Wreath Tips

When displaying a live wreath, apply Wilt Pruf plant spray occasionally to prolong its freshness.

If you don’t want to deal with a wreath hanger on your door, hang it from an outdoor rated Command hook instead.

I definitely don’t plan on decorating our front porch for fall this week or anything, but all of the pretty wreaths make me eager for it when September rolls around.

Do you have a favorite?

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  1. Lauren, I am right there with you! I spent probably an hour on Pinterest last night checking out Fall wreaths before turning to my husband and telling him we need to get the Fall decor bins down from the attic this weekend. He thinks I’ve lost my mind. I’m really just over Summer. But, alas we have to do school clothes shopping first. Lord, help me! Thanks for sharing these pretty wreaths. I might just have to break down and buy one or maybe two. Happy rest of the week to you! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  2. I’m with you, Lauren! As much as I love the ease and casualness of summer, I hate the humidity! Dry heat wouldn’t be so bad – but humidity! We live in Nebraska and believe it or not, a friend of ours from Florida said it is just as hot and humid here – except it is only for the summer. In Florida it lasts much longer. I imagine it does in the Carolinas too.
    ‘Just wanted to mention that our teachers started back to work today!! That’s right! August 6th! The kids go back a week from today – the 13tth! As far as I’m concerned, fall starts when school starts, so you’re not too early with the wreaths for us!!

  3. Fabulous fall is my favorite time of the year, and that is partly because it leads way to Christmas which is pretty special too. The temperatures in Texas right now are 90-100, so come on fall! The outside of our house just got repainted, so I am ready to decorate the porches for the autumn season. We even have a porch decorating contest in our neighborhood, so actually, the whole area looks pretty amazing for the holiday seasons. Love any ideas you have and have been sharing things with my daughter whose family now has their first home. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m with you! Summer has never been my favorite season. I LOVE autumn!! You just found my next fall wreath for me. Thank you

  5. I’m right there with you honey. Summer is great but some of us are not sun bathers (I’m a red head with two amputated legs so laying out in the sun or even doing the outdoor activities gets a little hot in a way little time lol). So, school is in and I’m ready for crisp, cool night’s and mild temperatures. Im ready for more color than green. Fall is my favorite time of year.